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76% would recommend it to a friend
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by HelenB on November 23, 2018
My friends and I had an amazing, exciting, energetic time. I mean non stop dancing and the food was wonderful. Our server was so attentive. We never had to look for our server for a refill. We ate and danced the night away. The band "Random Acis Band" was amazing and so energetic. First time being there and it won't be our last. Oh and it was so cute and exciting to see our pictures on the screens. We took a lot of
by BobbyJ on November 21, 2018
Had a Fantastic Time! Told family and friends, sent out pictures and video. Highly recommend for a birthday celebration and nightlife.
by theDon on November 21, 2018
I usually attend alone and sit at the bar, order food, and listen to live music. Wednesday was a special evening because Emerald City Band was performing. I made a reservation through Open Table, brought a friend and fan of the band. Since I know the layout very well, a request for a table location was made. Unfortunately, we were seated at least 6-7 tables away from the one (s) requested and got to stare at the restrooms and didn't get the desired enjoyment or view of the band's performance. If a specific request cannot be honored by making a reservation through Open Table two (2) days in advance, next time I'll just go it alone. Food was good and service was exceptional since I knew the waitperson and some staff from many previous enjoyable evenings at Sambuca 360.
by OpenTable Diner on November 21, 2018
Great service. Great music
by JesusC on November 21, 2018
Nice restaurant ....but I thought I was at Hooters after seeing the way some of the women were dressed..there was one who was wearing a bra outside her top....not right attire for this restaurant.
by JamesN on November 17, 2018
My wife and I were out celebrating her birthday. We enjoyed the live music and the atmosphere. The food was awesome and our server made the experience outstanding. Definitely going back soon.
by disney on November 3, 2018
We sat out on the patio. Great for people watching. Good and service was great!
by KimR on October 20, 2018
Food is over priced and didn't taste good at all. In fact had to send one meal back due to the amount of salt that was used. The staff harassed my husband and friend and we decided to leave because of that. I will not go back here or recommend it to anyone!
by RonS on October 5, 2018
Very loud and obnoxious. Not good for a date. We were there to celebrate my birthday and it was a big disappointment.
by LatarshaK on September 29, 2018
Reserved this location for my spouses birthday, the host were friendly. We were seated on time and the servers were very patient and helpful. Great service!
by JessicaT on September 29, 2018
Enjoyed the live music and had good food with friends to celebrate my birthday. Had a great time!!!
by TaeC on September 21, 2018
Was exciting! Not at all what I had planned but angood time was had by everyone in our group. We will be back but now we know the scene better. More of a nightclub than a dining establishment with a band, as I expected.
by Eric on September 21, 2018
Drinks and Food are very expensive. Too loud music in dinning area. Good place to just go and enjoy live music. Avoid drink and Food.
by SaeedW on September 21, 2018
Place was much louder than I expected but it didn’t matter. We had a great time and will consider it for future events.
by BlkGyrlJe on September 7, 2018
I took my significant other to Sambuca 360 for her 39th Birthday. From the moment we walked in, our waitress was AMAZING and Chance, the Mgr on Duty, gave us free drinks. Amazing atmosphere and Live Band!!
by NancyE on September 1, 2018
Wasn't told until less than 5 hours of confirm confirmation that there is a certain dollar amount required to spend on food per person for someone who has Diet dietary restrictions this did not work well with us very disappointed as there were many other options once we got seated no one paid any attention to us for a good 20 minutes to even bring us water or ask for a drink then we had to show our ID and they had to scan our driver's license saying it was a club we thought we were going to a restaurant that plays music had we known this we would have likely sought out other options as there are many more around this place
by YvetteL on September 1, 2018
My daughter was visiting and wanted a place we could enjoy a good meal and live music. This was the place! Christine was a great Server! We had a good time aside from men old enough to be her father asking her to dance. At least , they were not too pushy.
by 7even on September 1, 2018
At first we were contacted and told that we have to order a minimum of 21 per person to be able to reserve the table no problem. Then she said that is not including drinks sir still no problem. Upon arival the table was not ready once we were seated all 9 of my quest ordered a round of drinks food ECT. Ok things are going ok drinks too 30 min between ordering to get a drink a few of us went to the bed to get quicker service. We asked for our ticket each couple paid for there ticket plus tip which should of been part of. The party over 8 but we still gave6 a tip before we was leaving waitress asked me to go to the back and demanded more money on her tip i said did you not get a substabtial tip from each of us she said yes she wants more. Now i don't know who these people think they are but i told her she can't demand more money from any one good is paid for you were given a tip anything else is a gift of consideration but there is no law that says I have to give you more just because you want more the manager came over and got in my face and. Said give her more money so ofcourse i corrected him and the whole establishment cursed them out and yes they escorted me out but i made my point. I say all this because it is the responsibility of the event to add the gratuity when there is a party and no one can demand more money just because they feel so and threat will alwaya resort in a problem. That being said don't go unless you make it clear that you want gratuity don't go if you. Not ready to deal with attitudes and threats.
by PeteyDFW on August 11, 2018
Really great time. Nice meal...great menu. Fun music after dinner.
by OliviaB on August 9, 2018
Nice dinner.wish the tortilla soup was broth based.but loved the pizza and gyro.beautiful dining area!cozy and romantic atmosphere.
by Anne on July 28, 2018
The music was great however the service was awful. The waitress had way to many tables. It took 1 1/2 hours to get another drink. They need more help. Everything takes way to long to get.
by johnr on July 27, 2018
We came to hear Emerald City. We loved the restaurant and the band. Some people behind us splashed their drink on me, and I don’t drink alcohol so it wasn’t favorable. The club atmosphere was not our thing but we had a fun time!
by doneagleman on July 21, 2018
We had not been to a Sambuca 360 in quite some time. Very first time was at their location in Deep Ellum (no longer there) a number of years ago. Arrived at 6pm, very quiet and found out that due to the nature of the "club" things did not really get charged up until around 9pm, which is fine with us...we just wanted a quiet dinner and maybe some quiet entertainment. Did not have the entertainment...a piano or similar would have been nice. Food was super and our waitperson, Liz was just outstanding! Personable, great service, helpful and more. Kudos to Sambuca for having Liz on your staff, both my wife and me enjoyed her!! We will be back for sure.
by DoloresG on July 19, 2018
Super nice place . Elizabeth was a great server!! Had fun
by LanieW on July 13, 2018
The food was excellent and the service was fantastic! It was moderately loud early in the evening- very easy to carry on a conversation. But as we got closer to the live music starting it did get loud as expected. We had a fantastic night!
by OpenTable Diner on June 29, 2018
Omg!! What an amazing night. The live band with Michael HIX was the it!!!!
by OpenTable Diner on June 23, 2018
I did not feel that this place had a good ambiance. The food was mediocre.
by OmmNommNomm on June 9, 2018
Went out on a last minute whim. The lady had fish tacos and said they were very tasty. I had the chicken fried ribeye. The ribeye seemed to be a little too "done" for my taste. It was still good, just a bit over-done. Everything else was spot on.
by Rich on June 2, 2018
We had a 6:30 reservation, well before the night time entertainment and crowd. It was very enjoyable, servers were very nice.
by EastTexasDiner on June 1, 2018
Sambuca was a blast, it's always fun but food was great too, it was a fun night.
by OpenTable Diner on May 25, 2018
Our food, drinks and service was good! We had booked reservations weeks in advance and when we arrived- we learned the band we had planned on seeing had cancelled and the table we reserved had other people at it. We ended up having a great time- the substitute band was awesome and our table was fine too- near the back but out of the way of craziness as the night got later. Overall we had a fun time dancing and listening to great music by Friday Night Fights. They are a great band! We had pizza and salad- super good and fresh! Drinks not bad either.
by OpenTable Diner on May 25, 2018
Food was great, music was on point and drinks exceptional! Had a great night!
by HenryG on May 25, 2018
Very pleasant, quiet, efficient service, good though not exceptional food, convivial atmosphere, unhurried, relaxing experience. Skip the bread pudding, which isn’t.
by KristiJ on May 3, 2018
Love this place. All employees are awesome and they hire some great bands.
by OpenTable Diner on April 29, 2018
Everything at this location was terrible. Took 45 minutes to get good. They were out of majority of items on brunch menu. My friends brunch had hair in the potatoes. Mimosas didn’t taste good at all. Waiter walked out mid dining. Second time I’ve been to this location and I will not be coming back. Uptown location is far better. They only had 1 waitress covering 6-7 parties and the other one left during our meal.
by Cece on April 29, 2018
This was our third time trying to go here and maybe that should have been a sign. Our waitress was super sweet, but seemed new to waiting tables and it showed. The service was slow and it wasn’t busy. Brunch started at 11 and by 1230 I was told that they were out of waffle mix and didn’t have jelly or jam. It took a while for our drinks to get refilled and food out. I didn’t see management at any tables to see how their experience and food were. The only time I saw management was when our tickets had to be corrected. The bartender seemed to be the most knowledgeable of any of the employees and should have been waiting the tables and had to help our waitress ALOT. They should stick to just being a night club.
by OpenTable Diner on April 21, 2018
We were looking forward to seeing a specific band but when we got there, a different band was on stage. When we asked if the band we went there to see was coming on later, our waitress informed us that the owner didn’t like that band, so the owner cancelled that band and replaced them with this other band (which was a bland, tired band). It would have been nice if there had been some indication of this cancellation, instead, the screens on the side of the stage still had them listed as playing that night (bait and switch). At the very least, we hoped that the food and drinks would be good... wrong! We ordered five appetizers, only one of which tasted decent. The drinks were weak and everything was overpriced! Tables are too close together and when people are up dancing, there’s no room for people to walk through. The one positive from the whole experience was our waitress. She was attentive and friendly. We’re never going back.
by ToddM on April 1, 2018
Seems like it would be a good nighttime spot but not so much for Easter brunch. Food was okay but not great. They ran out of some items on the buffet while we were there. Seating was tight where we were seated, although there were areas with open tables as well. I might go back for an evening but not for Sunday brunch.
by LoriL on April 1, 2018
It was Easter Sunday Brunch Buffet. The buffet was average tasting at best. I have eaten at this restaurant and would recommend food from their menu - just skip the buffet brunch. The music was good and there was great atmosphere....I wish I would have held out for a better brunch menu though.
by WilliamB on March 31, 2018
The food was just okay. Got the blackened snapper etouffee. Fish was overcooked and not very blackened, but acceptable. The drinks were spot on and the band/dj were really good. We danced quite a bit. There was a long line to get in when we left at 11 pm. We'll go back for sure.
by Foodie on March 30, 2018
The wait staff was great. The food was mediocre at best. It was quite a disappointing experience. This was my third and last experience at Sambuca360. My previous brunch experiences were the same.
by SonjaD on March 24, 2018
The area was a nice place to enjoy listening to music while we ate our dinner.
by Jody on March 17, 2018
Poor service staff. Only one server and one bartender. How can you operate a restaurant like that?? They could not keep up with the customer requests.
by Uran on March 16, 2018
Very lively environment. Had a great time. The live music after 9:30 pm was very good.
by RoyK on March 10, 2018
We had a wonderful night at Sambuca, the hostess Jennifer was very curtious and made sure we were happy with the table. The food and the drinks were excellent. The band had the dance floor packed with in 15 minuets. I would have to say we had a great time.
by LanieW on March 2, 2018
We had dinner before the band started- noise level was very moderate and easy to have a conversation. After dinner we stayed for the band and as expected, it did get loud - but super high energy fun!!! We had an exceptional time!!!
by THarr on February 24, 2018
Really great service, really great waitstaff. However my credit card was given to another patron at the end of the night and I was contacted via facebook the next day from the couple who had my credit card. Unfortunately that means I have to cancel and replace my card and that did not leave me very happy.
by AngelesS on February 17, 2018
Excellent place to go with friends and have a good time
by BroddyP on February 16, 2018
This place was amazing for the type of night I wanted to have. It was my wife and I first Valentine’s Day as a married couple. So this particular place was great. Great Dance floor/music, Good food, Good service. Great price. My wife got the shrimp while I had a pizza. She drank. I watched her drink. It was a great night. I’ll deff be returning w/ more people.
by OpenTable Diner on February 16, 2018
Excellent service. Fantastic food. Sambuca 360 never disappoints.
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