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91% would recommend it to a friend
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by HarryS on September 23, 2018
Mastro's in Malibu is a special experience. The view of the ocean, the service and the well prepared and exceptional food are part of a great dining experience.
by ginger on September 23, 2018
We celebrated a birthday and as usual it was well worth the drive to go to Mastro's in Malibu for brunch. The View overlooking the water is gorgeous... the Ambiance is great.. and the food is very good. everything we had was great from the Bloody Marys to the house,seafood omelette to the dessert. great place to celebrate a special occasion.
by WillGrace on September 22, 2018
Patrick was our waiter. He was amazing! He made sure to explain the menu and frequently check on us. Thank you Patrick, your the best!
by OpenTable Diner on September 22, 2018
Everything was great except that we had our food boxed up and did not get our New York strip steak, which was literally a little over half left. Instead we got someone’s mushroom side... disappointing considering that’s over $30 wasted...
by VickieF on September 22, 2018
Great experience. Somewhat pricy but it’s Maestros. We did wait a few minutes but they did get us an excellent window seating table with a great view. Enjoyed he experience and would def go back and recommend
by Mary on September 22, 2018
We love it here and come a few times a year. The view of the ocean is great, food is over priced for the quality and presentation but so was the Chart House, its predecessor. You're paying for the view. Notably unattractive patrons, much older crowd. Focus on the view and your guests and enjoy!!
by BarryH on September 22, 2018
The food was stellar. The scallops and the steak were amongst the best I've had in LA/Malibu areas, the lobstser bisque was amazing. The staff showed great care in dealing with a food allergy and discussing alternative menu options. The service was attentive yet not overbearing. Overall I highly recommend this restaurant if you're willing to spend over $100 per person including drinks/apps/entrees. We typically only spring for that sort of price on food for special occasions. For this price point I find it hard to find anything that is better, only a couple of options that are close to being as good.
by JonathanM on September 21, 2018
Amazing time at Mastro’s for my birthday/ anniversary with my beautiful girl. Planning on going back soon.
by lawcat on September 20, 2018
Fantastic food, slightly choppy service, loud and crowded inside, patio more spacious and less loud. Drinks were great, this is a place for meat or seafood
by OpenTable Diner on September 20, 2018
Great! Got seats with a great view as requested! Food was amazing as usual!
by CasinoCowboy on September 20, 2018
We had a great view on top of a wonderful anniversary dinner. Mastro's never disappoints!
by DianneS on September 20, 2018
The food is wonderful BUtT the minute you sit down the upsell and the hurry up and order starts It was obnoxious!! Our bill was 300 dollars and we tipped 75 dollars We had to keep telling our server to back off with the. Are You Ready yet? Every 5 minutes. Now the ray of sunshine was the assistant Pablo. A kind gentl person. We tipped him in cash almost as much ch as our “server” Eric!!! Will never be back!!!!
by StephanieG on September 19, 2018
I have been to many mastros and have never been disappointed ... until I came to this location. It was something I planned on my trip and was looking forward to for a while. But I was sadly disappointed. Food was not up to the standards. Medium steak served rare... tuna wasn’t great. Sushi roll was eh.
by LoriC on September 19, 2018
A5 wagu was out of this world. Yellow tail sashimi was beyond. Obviously get the butter cake to end the meal... 5 stars
by OpenTable Diner on September 19, 2018
Amazing dinner and great customer service! Both steaks were amazing, lobster mashed potatoes was a great side dish. We’ll be back for sure.
by theprgirl on September 18, 2018
I love Mastros in BH, LV and in Boston.... but this one needs to step up its game. Food is amazing.... waitstaff very junior and PUSHY. Almost embarrassingly so. Waiter poured Pelligrino and I said no thank you... I don’t like bubbles and he came back with a flat bottle and when i said I had regular water he argued with me and said I said flat. Aye! Aye! Aye! My date was put off by the way people were dressed... not maintainnng the dress code of BH or LV.. and the gentleman at podium, who it turns out was Asst. MGR.... just stared at him as he said how turned off he was at looking at jeans hanging off behinds showing underwear and more as well as woman in Bra... no top and others in tank tops and sneakers. If I had not been here many times I would question going back.
by Barley on September 16, 2018
Always a fantastic experience! From the friendliness of the hostess to the servers, bartenders and management - couldn't have a better time. The view is breathtaking, the cuisine was outstanding, the dessert- yikes! and the music so fun. Can't wait to go back!
by NadineJ on September 16, 2018
Loved it! Always recommend it to my Four Seasons guests!!! Thank you Nadine Jurchynsky
by KathleenO on September 16, 2018
Outstanding! Made for a perfect day. Can’t wait to return.
by Claud on September 15, 2018
The food is excellent. The building is an older building, it is not as nice as other Mastro's inside. The view is beautiful, the dining areas is a little crowded, not much room.
by TracyM on September 15, 2018
I went to the restaurant to celebrate my birthday. The restaurant atmosphere was exceptional as well as the staff. The food was phenomenal and I cannot wait to go again. I have been to the Beverly Hills and Palm Desert locations and this location is my favorite.
by AllisonW on September 13, 2018
Delicious food & amazing cocktails. Great waiter always around for us. Had a great night.
by OpenTable Diner on September 12, 2018
Got sat at a table with a beautiful view of the ocean. The food itself, including dessert, was amazing!
by JustinL on September 12, 2018
It was amazing. The food is incredible. One of a kind experience. Look forward to going again very very soon!
by DougP on September 12, 2018
Our server, Patrick, was incredible. His timing was perfect, wasn't pushy. Very knowledgeable, friendly and efficient. Food and setting were excellent. Pricey, but worth it for a special occasion.
by steveS on September 10, 2018
Awesome as usual! Mastro’s rarely disappoints- lemon drop was on point and the bone in ribeye was delish
by ElizaO on September 9, 2018
Good place to enjoy quality food, and atmosphere. bar is excellent to look at FULL of quality drinks with vibrant colors
by calgirl2013 on September 8, 2018
I made the reservation to celebrate my birthday with my parents. We were seated near the window facing the ocean. We had dined at the Thousand Oaks location so I knew that the food would be fantastic. The beautiful view only added to the delicious meal. This will be a birthday to remember.
by RachelG on September 8, 2018
This place never fails to impress. Delicious meal, impeccable service and the view is breathtaking! Great for a romantic night out or for a celebration. Get the smoking martini, so delicious!
by kylem on September 8, 2018
Drinks were meh but the food was amazing
by BruceV on September 7, 2018
Outstanding service, Outstanding food quality, Beautiful setting!
by PamelaL on September 7, 2018
This is our absolute favorite restaurant. We celebrate all of our special occasions here. We love the location, the ocean views and the food is excellent. We’ve tried many items on the menu and have never been disappointed. The butter cake is a must every time we dine here. The staff is extremely well trained and very attentive. It starts with the valet, continues to the hostess desk and onto the waiters and staff. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming. It is always a perfect evening for us.
by Jaguirre on September 7, 2018
First time at Mastro's and it did not disappoint. Our table was right by the window that gave us a beautiful view of the sunset on the water. Dress code is pretty lax. Lots of people came in for dinner in shorts and flip flops. Our server, Robert, was exceptionally attentive and gave us great recommendations for our first visit. We ordered a shrimp tempura roll, clear lobster roll, and a 22oz bone in ribeye to share. The chef sliced the steak prior to serving so we were able to each grab the portion we wanted to eat. Everything was delicious! We cleaned the plates. And since we were there to celebrate my husband's birthday, we were served a complimentary butter cake for dessert. So rich and decadent. No wonder it was one of LA's top rated desserts. It is a bit pricey for frequent visits but definitely worth its value for the ambience, food quality, and service. It is now my new favorite place to visit for special occasions and i can't wait to visit again!
by DanielleS on September 6, 2018
Bad service. Good wasn’t as good as Beverly Hills, Newport or New York locations. Asparagus arrived cold.
by RandS on September 6, 2018
Our son recommended Mastro's for our dinner with out of town family. We were given the window table I requested, the service was terrific and the food was great, AND our guests paid. So really, I have no idea what the final tab was and don't really know if it was a good value. We've lived in West LA for 50 years and I had no idea there was a fine dining option with ocean view. We will return.
by MICHAELT on September 4, 2018
My wife and I went there for our 25th anniversary. Jay, our waiter, was fantastic. He was just about the only good thing about the restaurant. Our table was WAY too small. I had absolutely no elbow room. If I opened the menu, I would knock over the glass of water in front of me. At one point they had to put the bread basket on the ledge above our table to make room for our appetizer. The people cleaning the adjacent tables were so amazingly loud that my wife and I could not hear each other when they were collecting the plates. I guess they thought they had to throw the plates and the flatware onto the tray, rather than placing them. My fish was undercooked, and my wife's steak was way too dry. I was very disappointed. Very.
by Hin77 on September 2, 2018
Ran out of butter cake & it was for my birthday. Steak I asked for medium plus & it was red.
by MichaelG on September 2, 2018
Service was superb! View of the ocean is beautiful! Cocktails were high quality! The food was scrumptious! Without asking, they treated us to a complimentary slice of chocolate cake with “Happy Anniversay” beautifully written in chocolate syrup on the plate! It was a nice touch to end our celebratory dinner!
by ArtO on September 2, 2018
Mastro's never disappoints, and every single team member goes the extra mile.
by Kimg on September 2, 2018
We have been to Mastro's Malibu Ocean Club many times but yesterday and the last time we were there, we were very disappointed. At more than $100 per person, I am not planning to go back.
by OpenTable Diner on August 31, 2018
Everything was amazing from the appetizers drinks and main dinner
by shopper on August 31, 2018
We go to this restaurant a few times a year. It never disappoints. The food here is excellent. The best steaks in town. The servers are attentive and friendly. The ocean views are wonderful and calming. And, the ambiance of the entire room is comfortable.
by OpenTable Diner on August 31, 2018
Had a good time food was exceptional.
by OpenTable Diner on August 31, 2018
Great food, service and beautiful views
by Love2eatout on August 30, 2018
Mastros never disappoints! While you can expect to spend a good amount of money, the servic, view and quality are more than worthy!!
by Pailfoodie on August 27, 2018
Love this place, alway consistently good. Service, food and wine is always on point. Our coffees took more time to get to the table as they should. The manager and our server took the time to apologize for the inconvenience and comped our desserts, coffee and brought 2 more glasses of milk for our kids. It that level of attention that will keep us coming back to Mastro’s time after time.
by GailB on August 27, 2018
Robert our server was outstanding ,and the view was fantastic
by Sucho on August 26, 2018
Most of the waiter white jackets were filthy. Presentation has to get better and the host ladies in front are pretty bad !!!! Made us wait when there were plenty of tables and what’s the point of having a reservation ?!!!!
by stevenl on August 26, 2018
The view alone made me return to Mastro's Malibu on a visit to LA. Good food and spectacular service
by OpenTable Diner on August 25, 2018
It was a great experience with a great staff and amazing food. The price is totally worth it.
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