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95% would recommend it to a friend
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by OpenTable Diner on December 10, 2017
Drag Brunch is fun. Service good. Finding the host to check in is sometimes a challenge. Queens are great! Brunch and show can last 2 1/2 hours.
by Simon on December 10, 2017
Brunch was such a pleasant surprise. The food was fantastic, the drinks were never ending and the entertainment was top notch! Loved it and I’ll be back every time I am in Miami!!!
by BeeM on December 03, 2017
It was a great time for my friend and i. For a south beach brunch it was pretty decent. They kept the mimosas coming and the food was decent. I would definitely go back
by OpenTable Diner on July 04, 2017
The mac and cheese are the best so sad that it's closing going to miss it
by DigitalEngel on July 04, 2017
It was palace's last brunch before closing its doors. I'm going to miss this place.
by OpenTable Diner on July 04, 2017
AMAZING PLACE!!! Highly recommend!! I can't wait for Palace to reopen.
by Foodiegeek on July 02, 2017
Overall the show was very entertaining. However, the staff was pretty rude. The hostess came up to us (after our waiter complained) telling us that this Is Miami and people are popping bottles. So if we aren't then we would be moved. I found this strange because no where did it say that you must purchase bottles to reserve a table. We ordered food and were enjoying the atmosphere. However, we wont be coming back. I am from Houston not some small town and the way the talked to us as if we were beneath them was crazy!
by OpenTable Diner on July 01, 2017
Love everything about Palace. Great food, amazing staff and performers.
by LaTasha on June 25, 2017
So much fun. Food not great but the performers make up for the food
by OpenTable Diner on June 24, 2017
Fun brunch experience!!
by OpenTable Diner on June 23, 2017
horrible food and service and took forever to get our meal
by tofu713 on June 22, 2017
So fun! Our server was great. I can't wait to visit again the next time I'm in town.
by JohnDavid on June 18, 2017
Had a wonderful time at the palace grill will definitely miss it !
by OpenTable Diner on June 18, 2017
We enjoyed the drag show during the endless mimosa brunch. The food, service and of course, the ladies were all fabulous.
by OpenTable Diner on June 11, 2017
Had such a good birthday celebration!! Thank you for such a great day!
by OpenTable Diner on June 11, 2017
Great show, great food all around good energy a must do brunch at least once in your life if in Miami...the mimosa could have been a little stronger meaning more champ less oj, but everything was good.
by Zaxe on June 11, 2017
by OpenTable Diner on June 11, 2017
Amazing time celebrating a bachelorette!!! Thank you queens!
by OpenTable Diner on June 10, 2017
I really enjoyed the food and show. It's very entertaining. I came 2 years ago and made sure that wen I come back I will see the show again. Keep up the good work.
by OpenTable Diner on June 10, 2017
The food was nothing to rave about, service was great, entertainment was superb, out of this world! Definitely go before they close down; this place is a Miami institution! Loved every minute we spent there!
by BarbievsBitch on June 04, 2017
This drag show was awesome! I had so much fun. It was an amazing experience. It made my trip to Miami Beach so much cooler. The food was awesome & our waiter was so attentive.
by DavidS on June 04, 2017
Worst mimosas we have ever had. Food barely edible but the ambiance and the service were great. Wont go back for brunch though.
by BintaD on June 04, 2017
Dazzling performance, bottomless mimosas, and so much fun!
by mpenn16 on May 29, 2017
Great time! but I don't think they stick to their reservations, it's much more casual. walk in and grab a drink and find a table when you can. Bring $1 bills too.
by OpenTable Diner on May 28, 2017
The palace bar is a great place for friends to get together. The live show is one of a kind and its worth the money.
by OpenTable Diner on May 21, 2017
We had a magical time!
by AnnE on May 20, 2017
My group and I went there for the drag queen brunch as part of a bachelorette weekend and we had a blast!! Food was much better than I expected, however, I rated it 3 star because it definitely did not fall into 4 or 5 star category. The experience was so much fun and service was great. Our waiter came around constantly to refill mimosas and water. Price comes to just over $50 per person with tax and gratuity, which is a little pricey but I'd say for the experience it's worth it for something you won't do often.
by OpenTable Diner on May 14, 2017
The most fun you will ever have at a Sunday brunch. This was a must do during my visit to Miami and it didn't disappoint!! The performers were amazing!!! Next time I'm in Miami I will be back.
by OpenTable Diner on May 13, 2017
The best Drag in Miami!
by Julie on May 13, 2017
It was super fun and the food was very tasty. The area for the show is a little small and people passing through blocked my view sometimes. Also, I don't like drag shows with jump lip syncing because it's a bit boring. A drag called Alice was great because she did a lot of acrobatic movements and it was very entertaining.
by NataliaAlzate051516sv on May 13, 2017
I really like this place energy people were so crazy and fun
by JocheHeard on May 13, 2017
I genuinely enjoyed my birthday brunch at the palace. The star deduction is for the bathroom and lack of modifications able to be used on their brunch menu. I had the Steak and eggs with home fries and a strawberry mint mojito. I wanted to do bottomless mimosas, however I honestly did not like the taste. The mojito was SO good. It could've been larger for $15, but the bartender did a great job. I definitely had a buzz. I had my steak medium well and it could've had a little more salt but other than that it was really tasty with the eggs and home fries. I loved the home fries. We also had water that had a nice fresh taste with lemons and limes. My friend had the Strawberry French toast and enjoyed it. The shows are really worth it. I danced with Ms. Poison Ivy and that was the highlight of my birthday. My entree and mojito with sales tax and gratuity came up to $51. I definitely recommend for your girls trip or bday or bachelorette party. The host was very interactive and had dirty jokes and was willing to mingle with Everyone. The queens were talented and put Atlanta Queens to shame I loved it. They are moving to a new location.
by OpenTable Diner on May 07, 2017
The drag queen brunch is a lot of fun and highly entertaining. Service and staff is very good. for sure I will come back
by OpenTable Diner on May 07, 2017
Loved everything about it. Best drag show with wonderful service and food.
by OpenTable Diner on May 06, 2017
I brought a group of 11 here for brunch after a long night of partying. We were all struggling when we arrived but as soon as the first drag came out and literally started back flipping off tables we were instantly reenergized! The show was like drag cirque du Soleil! All of our minds were blown with the talented and beautiful women! It really set the tone for the rest of our day and everyone was still buzzing with excitement the whole day. This was by far a highlight of our trip. Oh and the bottomless mimosas and steak and eggs were in point! And the servers were and patient with our chaotic table. I 110% recommend this to anyone wanting an over the top brunch party!
by OpenTable Diner on May 06, 2017
Our server was terrible, but the rest of the staff, the performers, and management more than made up for what he lacked. They were Phenomenal. The performances were extraordinary, the food was delicious, and again all of the staff (except that guy) were so very friendly and helpful. I would definitely come back again, and I would certainly recommend it to everyone I know traveling through that area!
by Chicagoans on May 05, 2017
Fun night with drag queen shows
by OpenTable Diner on April 30, 2017
Went to Miami for a bachelorette and I booked the drag brunch as a surprise for my girlfriend(the bride). So happy I did, it was the best time and exceeded my expectations! Definitely book in advance to secure your spot! We went to the 2 o'clock show and then afterwards walked across the street to where the beach is and spent the rest of our day there! Non stop laughs and the unlimited mimosas didn't hurt either! The service was amazing, my glass was always full!!! Thanks again to everyone who made this one of our most memorable parts of our trip!
by ash12 on April 30, 2017
Best Drag Brunch I have ever been too- i dont live in South Betch but would come back just to do Sunday Drag Brunch here one more time. LOVEEEEE
by OpenTable Diner on April 29, 2017
Amazing experience! Loved the food and the performers. I really hope Palace Bar is able to stay open
by OpenTable Diner on April 29, 2017
Amazing. The performances were to die, and Palace Bar knows how to do bottomless mimosas! My glass was never empty!! Highly recommend.
by OpenTable Diner on April 28, 2017
It Was supposed that they were be projecting a show at 8pm on Friday and they did not do it. We asked and the answer Was not nice
by Tishaw on April 23, 2017
My best friend and I were in Miami for the weekend for the Birthday and had the BEST time at the palace bar, the QUEENS were fierce!!! I can't wait to get back!!
by anonymous on April 22, 2017
We went for a special occasion. The entertainment was great. The server was also efficient and fun at the same time.
by OpenTable Diner on April 16, 2017
This place has repeated exceptional service. The server was amazing and the entertainment is outstanding. I will be back.
by OpenTable Diner on April 16, 2017
Had the biscuits and gravy. Brings home fries and scrambled eggs. Decent. It's not really about the food though, it's about the entertainment.
by Christopher on April 15, 2017
Love Palace Bar - it is a staple every time we come to South Beach. Great food, stupendous drinks and amazing drag performers!!!
by OpenTable Diner on April 13, 2017
We had the time of our life!!! The drag show was Everything!!! Will return.
by Lillykitty123 on April 13, 2017
A really fun place with tasty food and attentive staff.
by OpenTable Diner on April 09, 2017
I made a reservation online for the pride parade, thinking that it was the all you can drink mimosas on Sundays. To my surprise it was a 150$ per person for pne bottle of wine and an entree. No where online did it mention this nor the two times that I called into the restaurant to edit my reservation did they mention it to me. Not only this bit it took 20 mins to get us WATER and then our waiter was no were to be found for most of the service. Except when he three not dropped the check on the table the moment that the parade ended.(even though we were still enjoying or 150 champagne.) I spoke with management and his explanation was that I should feel lucky because next door the brunch was 300 per person. I understand that miscommunication happen but that just poured salt in the wound. I work in a restaurant and have never seen someone having such a horrible experience let alone experienced one first hand. I will NEVER go back and I will tell everyone about this experience. This is the epitome of failed customer service
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