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92% would recommend it to a friend
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by JBaker on October 13, 2018
As usual the food was wonderful. However the service was spotty and slow. One of our appetizers was not served until after our entrees were served and this was after asking the server a couple of times where it was. One of our shared dishes was never even delivered.
by ladydi on October 13, 2018
Wonderful staff, cuisine and location- it never disappoints!
by RCSC on October 11, 2018
Perfectly prepared, delicious food and drinks
by Leslie on October 9, 2018
Best view. Best oysters. Great Martinis. And it has more!
by freidas on October 7, 2018
Wonderful mixture of unique flavours in all the dishes we had. Beautiful to dine on outside patio with glistening lights on the Bay Bridge in the background.
by JONATHANW on October 7, 2018
The Waterbar was great great customer service great waiter rooms great food Great environment I just loved me and my fiancé all while we loved it and we want to thank y’all there at the Waterbar for showing great customer service
by Paaele on October 7, 2018
I was very disappointed in the menu choices and service. My first choice not available. Waiter suggested fish dish served over rice and beans. Rice and beans were cold and tasteless, fish was overcooked and also tasteless. Sent meal back and got tri tip. It was covered with bleu cheese which made it too salty. A little bleu cheese would have been fine. I don't know why the pepperoncinis were part of the plate. They didn't go with the meal and there were far too many on the plate. My guest ordered the pork chop that had large rectangular cake on it. Don't know why that was on the plate. It did nothing for it. Also far too many baby carrots around the plate. Very unappetizing and unappealing plates. Someone needs to check what's coming out of the kitchen. I had to remind the waiter that we still had not received the broccolini. It came when we were almost finished with the main course. The highlights were the ceviche appetizer and baked oyster appetizer we ordered. I had such a wonderful experience when I first came last April. There was a pre-fixe brunch for $50. Excellent concoctions that made me want to come back. We were celebrating birthday and I could not have been more embarrassed this time.
by StephanieB on October 6, 2018
Average. Server was great but food was just a average. Did not live up to the hype.
by KIMBERLYP on October 6, 2018
Very limited menu. View was nice. Messed up reservation. Didnt enknowledge us after claiming we didnt have reservation.
by JanH on October 6, 2018
My husband and I live in the same area as Waterbar and it's a favorite for special occasions. Despite living in the area, we never tire of the view, the staff are wonderful, and the food is superb. Definitely worth a visit!
by HeatherP on October 6, 2018
Waterbar has been a special place for us since it opened, but it had been a while since we had been (I was looking forward to a special dinner out!). The staff were warm, friendly, and professional. They did a wonderful job of making a special evening for us, but the food was a bit below what I expected. The dishes were good, with excellent ingredients, but awkwardly put together in a way that detracted from the experience. I hope this was just a quirky moment for Waterbar. The ambiance and the view of the stunning Bridge lights more than made up for the quirky food though.
by Nickname on October 5, 2018
Great ambience, great service, ok food. Too ambitious. Should just keep it simple. Gnocchi was confusing and oversalted. Tuna overcooked. Wines by glass way overpriced. Go for a drink and appetzers and enjoy the great atmosphere. Skip dinner.
by DeneenB on October 5, 2018
Food was delicious. Waitress was attentive but not hovering. Loved the atmosphere!
by rose56 on October 5, 2018
Celebrated my Birthday with great freinds, great cocktails food was good. Love the view and energy, food is pricey!
by OpenTable Diner on October 5, 2018
The Oyster during the happy hour was great. The other foods were also tasteful, since we do prefer plain dishes. Eric was very kind and had the right recommendations for us. Will definitely go again in the future.
by OpenTable Diner on October 4, 2018
Very limited menu, Dry high prices
by OpenTable Diner on October 4, 2018
Great food and great window view of the bay and the Blue Angels. Server Walker was great.
by lalisasf on October 4, 2018
Always a pleasure going to the Waterbar, view is amazing one of the best InSF...
by GloriaA on October 3, 2018
One of our best dining experiences. Great food and service.
by MaryH on October 2, 2018
Wonderful meal and great service--celebration for defending doctoral dissertation. Our server, Steven, was very thoughtful. Thank you!
by JiggerF2 on October 2, 2018
Very disappointed. Too long for server to come to table (~10 min); too long to receive the first cocktail (~30 min). Jigger size for the cocktail was good. We selected two menu items: the white sturgeon caviar and Waterbar's grand (seafood) platter. It was obvious that the restaurant had limited knowledge in the presentation of caviar, when what appeared to be over-dried Texas Toast was used for the toast points. Setting that aside, the caviar was good. The biggest disappointment came with the grand platter. Lobster was over-cooked, dungenous crab was great, clams not edible, oysters pungent, prawns were fine, and the ceviche left such an unpleasant taste that several teeth brushings could not get rid of the taste. The restaurant was noisy, tables stacked on one-another so closely that a conversation with your dinner guest on the opposite side of the table was shared with those around you. The staff was "snobby" - our guess is that it was because we chose not to select wine in favor of the bar. This restaurant is geared for over-paid 20 and 30 year olds who have no clue of to indulgences of fine dining.
by NoSoMuch on October 1, 2018
There's no question about it--the view of the lit-up Bay Bridge at night is great from Waterbar. So if you want a restaurant with a view--it's highly recommended. Plus the interior is beautiful. All of that is two-stars-worth. The absence of other stars has to do with the food. We ordered a whole fish, Bass I believe, from the "Share" selection. It cost $80...which would have been reasonable for a fairly upscale restaurant. But the fish was, in a word, skimpy. After deboning, it was not much more than an appetizer's worth for the two of us. And speaking of appetizers, we ordered the crab starter for $22 each. My wife and I are both crab aficionados and for us this crab tasted decidedly canned. There surely would have been better crab further down The Embarcadero at one of the tourist crab shacks for half the cost. This is my very first critical review on OpenTable after years as a member. And I believe it is deserved.
by OpenTable Diner on October 1, 2018
So disappointing, had family visiting out of town for their 30th anniversary!! They said I would have the best table outside given the fact there were no more reservations inside. Dinner was ok... over priced for a salad and added crab, barely any...we were also told they would do a celebratory dessert. They gave us 4 pieces of some gelatin weird texture thing. Gross Not going back. So sad that it was not what we had hoped for.. the view was the only good part of the night
by Nutmeg on September 30, 2018
The food was amazing, especially the shared lobster special. Dessert was also delicious. Our server had good recommendations and portions were good. Our only disappointment was the location of our table. The views are amazing but we were seated in the bottom dining room against the back wall. I wish we could've been in the upper dining room and/or closer to the windows.
by OpenTable Diner on September 30, 2018
Beautiful place but food is just fine
by JeanS on September 29, 2018
Great food. Great service. Great atmosphere! We absolutely loved it!
by Michi on September 29, 2018
What a wonderful experience. Great views. Delicious food and drinks. Exceptional service.
by karlaa on September 29, 2018
Amazing food, scenic views and service. They made our anniversary one to remember. We will continue or anniversary tradition of eating at Waterbar.
by Mangia on September 28, 2018
I made a reservation several weeks in advance as we had friends coming from Australia to visit and it was a special birthday as well. I specifically asked for a window table. I followed up the day before the reservation and again emphasized that we would like a window table. When I got there they wanted to seat us three rows bk. from the window when there was an empty table that was right next to the window. When I asked to have that table I was told that it was reserved for a regular guest who always wants that table and we could wait at the bar until another table opened up that was just finishing up; which I went along with because we had friends with us and did not want to make a scene. We were put at a the bar and 20 mins. later shown to a table two rows bk. from the window. If this was going to be the case, I wish you would have informed us and we would have gone some where else for dinner. VERY DISAPPOINTING.
by Jorge on September 27, 2018
Had a good time - noisy but festive - food was overpriced but good - beautiful setting!!
by AndyC on September 26, 2018
For the price, the food was only so-so. Menu was limited and my halibut was overdone. Tuna was also overdone about medium not medium rare. Service and Ambiance were excellent. Drinks were good, but for $13/ea. they should be. Desert was very good.
by OpenTable Diner on September 26, 2018
Everythibg about this place was amazing from the service to the view of the bay and the food is outstanding. Highly recommend.
by Loh9 on September 26, 2018
Wonderful food, staff and happy hour! Highly recommend all oysters, clam chowder and sangria for a lunch treat!
by Judy on September 26, 2018
The food was unusual and excellent. Everything was perfectly presented and very flavorful. Service was terrific and low key. I will definitely come back. Specifically, the mahi-mahi was outstanding. This is a meal that can be easily overcooked. The fish was perfect. Also a great fan of the soup with creme fraiche.
by mark99k on September 25, 2018
Can't beat the location and view. Friendly & knowledgeable servers. Really good food though some portions seemed a bit on the small side.
by RebeccaR on September 24, 2018
Beautiful outdoor patio with sweeping views of the bay. Wonderful fresh oysters. Appetizers and main courses did not disappoint - particularly enjoyed pan-seared mahi-mahi.
by MarioD on September 23, 2018
My worst dinner experience at SFO. I had dined here many times and it was always good, but the management team changed, the waiters and the manager are new. They all do not have the experience to manage a place like this I waited 30 minutes for a cocktail, ordered three times a bottle of wine and after 30 minutes they brought it, 2 of the 5 started plates never came. We talked to the manager (Elliot Savio) who did not show interest in his feedback I'm a Gold member of Open Table, I travel around the world and I visit more than 150 restaurants a year. That is MY WORST EXPERIENCE EVER I paid my bill as always but I will never return Mario Diaz
by OpenTable Diner on September 23, 2018
The environment was amazing! Inside was such a fun experience, and the view of the Bay Bridge was incredible at night! The service was great and the food was excellent!
by Eddie on September 23, 2018
Loved it. Was busy so slow service but it was Such good food and a pretty place
by OpenTable Diner on September 22, 2018
Birthday dinner
by AliciaP on September 22, 2018
This was a special night and it couldn't have been a nicer atmosphere.
by OpenTable Diner on September 22, 2018
Service was intrusive and rude. The food was fantastic and the views amazing but the meal was ruined by the bad server. We complained to the management too.
by OpenTable Diner on September 22, 2018
by Brookec24 on September 21, 2018
The best meal I’ve ever had! The halibut was flavorful, uniquely paired with almonds, squash, and nothing short of perfection! Great wine list, view of the bridge, perfect date night spot!
by lalisasf on September 21, 2018
This is one of my favorite San Francisco go to places as always it’s just picture perfect weather was great food awesome the manager came by and is always slow when we come in again seafood and salad keep the palate amazed...so so fresh and good...
by JanelleC on September 20, 2018
Pricing high service great Hundred dollars a person for lunch. Step for what we had
by DavidF on September 19, 2018
I was disappointed in the sparse choice of main courses (4), the incredibly small portion size of the sashimi appetizer st $17 and in general the quality of the main dish (whole fish). Wine was good. In general not worth the money.
by OpenTable Diner on September 18, 2018
I and my wife enjoyed the meal at the restaurant very much. Tast was very good.
by gourmetgal on September 18, 2018
This is one of our favorites along the San Francisco waterfront. The decor and cuisine are creative and the service is very accommodating. Plus you get that amazing view.
by ThomasB on September 17, 2018
I typically reserve at EPIC as WaterBar has not been available. As luck would have it, family visit from the midwest was in town and I was able to get an early reservation at WaterBar for my first experience. We were seated in a lower level which was a bit of a downgrade from the main seating at the entrance. The waitress we had was fantastic, accommodating and very polite. The menu was extremely limited with only 4 main courses. No salad selection to choose from and a limited selection of appetizers. That said, without calamari on the menu, our waitress suggested the roasted octopus. Presentation was great, bu the cranberry bean puree had a crusted film and the octopus was only slightly warm; appeared the dish was plated an hour earlier before being served. No bread was brought to the table. The mains (Halibut and Ahi Tuna) were fine; nothing extravagant for a $40 dish. I was under impressed with the overall experience for a $110pp check. Next time, I will wait for Epic.
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