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86% would recommend it to a friend
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by LouieS on July 20, 2018
First time and we will be back. Great food, service, and experience. A real treat to yourself to a special evening place.
by Ranwil on July 16, 2018
It was our 42nd anniversary and the server was too busy with the bartender or something else.
by OpenTable Diner on July 15, 2018
Birthday celebration.
by OpenTable Diner on July 14, 2018
Such amazing service as always! Phil, the manager always makes us feel special and our server was so sweet and always there to take care of our large party. (I’m blanking in her name). The music is always fun. We sat in the bar which is my favorite place.
by Danielle on July 14, 2018
Excellent choice! Food is worth the price! Excellent service and fabulous champagne! If you choose this restaurant you will not be disappointed!
by OpenTable Diner on July 14, 2018
Had my birthday here great food
by DrRachel on July 13, 2018
We flew in from Michigan for a celebration as my daughter was receiving her PhD from Arizona State University The food and service were outstanding. The music was wonderful but was so loud we could not carry on a table conversation.
by Lindy on July 13, 2018
I was concerned in the bar when I ordered a champagne, a d I watched the bartender pour some into a glass,and then open a new bottle. I told her that I saw this,and she got defensive statimg to me that they cork the bottle,and it is ok to serve.. It was my birthday, and I wanted to see bubbles. I dd not see them. I ordered another one,and she charged me for both. I am appalled by this. we have been customers for years. The waiter in the dining room was excellelnt, I forget his name, but the bartender should be spoken to. We should not have left a tip.
by OpenTable Diner on July 12, 2018
Fabulous food and amazing service made for a wonderful experience. The birthday cake they brought out at the end was the perfect end to a great celebratory dinner.
by OpenTable Diner on July 11, 2018
Favourite restaurant. We are from Vancouver Canada. Need to open one in Vancouver
by RAMFR on July 7, 2018
Management was extremely accommodating when we asked for a different table. Food and Service always outstanding at Ocean Club. They goal is to please you. A bit of a drive and a bit pricey, but worth it.
by Eatingout on July 7, 2018
by RJS10 on July 7, 2018
Lobster tails were half cooked. Not impressed with the Cesare Salad.. Scalloped potatoes were runny and no flavor.. Halibut was blah.. Complained to waiter and manager never came over to apologize.. We will never eat here again or recommend this place!
by Decent on July 6, 2018
Everything was fantastic, start to finish.
by Kathie on July 5, 2018
Been many times before, food usually excellent not this time, basket of bread hard, heirloom 🍅 that I was told were delicious, over ripe, halibut beautiful piece of fish, no flavor. Excellent cocktail.
by OpenTable Diner on July 3, 2018
We splurged for a special celebration and our expectations were exceeded. Everything was wonderful from the service to the quality food.
by DanR on July 3, 2018
Sea bass was excellent as always. The grouper special was slightly undercooked and the filet was a little over cooked. Brussel sprouts were half charred and half perfect. Other sides were very good. Service was excellent as always.
by JamesC on July 3, 2018
Bar, Restaurant Service and Ambience was outstanding. Food was excellent with unique offerings in preparation and flavoring. Probably a little pricey for a regular dinner spot, but well-worth the visit for an occasional great night out.
by OpenTable Diner on June 30, 2018
Always good
by Sandisanwich on June 30, 2018
Beautiful place. Outstanding service. Food was mediocre and certainly below reputation and expectation. Halibut was bland and undercooked so needed to be sent back. Wedge salad was watery and tomatoes were mushy and tasted old. Shrimp cocktail was good as were the button mushrooms. NY Strip steak was adequate but lacked great flavor and did not melt in your mouth as expected from higher end restaurant. Noise level was so high we could not carry on a conversation with the other 5 people at our table. Overall it was a big disappointment - especially since previous experience was fantastic.
by OpenTable Diner on June 29, 2018
15th anniversary and they made our experience one to remember
by AraJ on June 29, 2018
We was there for my Mom birthday, the first time I saw the service is bad, we waiting 15 min for water and order food, I like restaurant because before we have good time but this time I’m very sad
by OpenTable Diner on June 29, 2018
Awesome as usual.
by dinealot on June 29, 2018
Food was very good. The service was excellent. The staff was very attentive and courteous.
by OpenTable Diner on June 28, 2018
Went for our 49th wedding anniversary. Service was outstanding !
by OpenTable Diner on June 26, 2018
Great food and service
by troyp on June 25, 2018
The service was outstanding and friendly. I liked the quiet atmosphere as I have a hard time hearing, and too much ambient sound makes it worse. A++ on atmosphere. I was in town on business and my co-worker joined me for dinner on my recommendation. He was also very pleased as he is a foodie. I had the arctic char with black truffle mushrooms. The mushrooms were deliciously rich, but the char was slightly overdone. The waiter agreed, or at least he did not insult my intelligence with debate. (It’s worth noting that I did not bring it up until after the meal.) Even though the char could have been better, I would definitely recommend Mastero’s to anyone looking to splurge or impress.
by OpenTable Diner on June 23, 2018
We were here for our anniversary dinner on June 23. We normally go to Flemings but thought it was time to give Mastros a try. Unfortunately, the experience was a great disappointment. A great dinner experience combines fantastic ambience, food, and service. Mastro's that evening failed dramatically in each category. Ambience: The dining room has no special qualities. Table next to a window looking out on the street. But the real problem was the noise level. Extremely loud music from the bar. It was impossible to have a decent conversation. Food: nothing great. No pop like you have with Flemings. I had a filet that was truly rubbery. Service: R2D2 would have more personality. The busboy did smile, but other than that no friendliness at all. As I had indicated online that we were celebrating our anniversary, the server did bring a great piece of chocolate cake, set it on the table and shuffled off. We will go to Flemings next year -- Much better experience in all three categories. Now, I must admit that the place was packed, so lots of people seem happy with experiences such as ours. But certainly not our style.
by ScottS on June 23, 2018
Food was great. The noise level got a little larger as the night progressed but still talking and nice. Jesse was a great Waiter...
by SilvioV on June 23, 2018
We have been at Mastro's Restaurants perhaps 50 times over the years and Ocean Club at least 10 times and have always loved it until now: Perhaps it is new chefs, new servers, the lack of a floor manager now as we never saw one this visit; but the experience was poor at best. The Shrimp cocktail was great as it always has been, the scalloped potatoes were good as ever but the Escargot was a little salty this time. The Ribeye was bad (we asked for medium and got rare/bloody) and the Salmon undercooked. The F-Fries were terrible (dry, overcooked potato sticks), the Asparagus was old (stringy-dry and chewy) and the Brussels sprouts were tough and dry with no spice/sauce of any kind. Although the server did his job as required the lack of personality was evident. Not at all what one expects from a $130 per person Restaurant.
by OpenTable Diner on June 23, 2018
Brandon was an excellent waiter
by ScottM on June 23, 2018
First let me start with the positive, Service was outstanding and our waitress was very attentive and knew the menu really well..We started with the Blue Point Oysters which were fresh and delishess. We next had the Lobster Bisque and we found it was really good as well..We shared the Sole with their house preparation, It was tough and tasteless, the filets were so thin that I believe it would have been difficult to not overlook it and have it be dry. That is why it only got 3 stars from me, it is a Seafood Restaraunt and you would think that they would get the fish right. We finished with the butter cake and it was really so good..
by OpenTable Diner on June 22, 2018
Great service and food presentation. Food was excellently prepared. Music was loud and disruptive to the table conversation. We asked our waiter to reduce the music. Some improvement still too much background noise.
by WineGuy13 on June 20, 2018
Normally I have had enjoyable experiences at Ocean Club as well as other Mastro's restaurants but very surprisingly 2 of the 3 in our party got ill after dining there and after reaching out to management and never hearing back from them, I am rethinking our loyalty to this restaurant group. They are very happy to collect a high price from your dining experience ($450 was our tab this particular evening) but turn a blind eye if they fall short and in this particular experience they fell drastically short. Very disappointing!
by OpenTable Diner on June 20, 2018
Usually service is spot-on at Mastro’s but we were disappointed tonight.... service was a bit slow. Perhaps that’s just the deal with summer in Scottsdale??
by JenniferC on June 19, 2018
The food was amazing. I definitely recommend lobster mashed potatoes and the butter cream cake. If you never get dessert— make sure to eat dessert here.
by SuzanneC on June 17, 2018
This was my husband's first time here. They had a live band in the lounge that made it difficult to hear in the dining area. Austin was our waiter. He was outstanding. Explained everything on the menu. Gave tips and tricks for ordering. Asked about our outing. He was fantastic. Other than the high noise volume, everything else was perfect!
by JuanCTC on June 17, 2018
Worse service that I had ever
by Mandersin on June 16, 2018
We wanted a guaranteed amazing anniversary dinner from start to finish and that’s why we chose Mastros. It was fantastic.
by Robert on June 16, 2018
Masters never disappoints. Always a great experience. Expensive but worth it.
by JanetB on June 16, 2018
Second time we were there great experience both times!
by OpenTable Diner on June 16, 2018
Everything was amazing. We always love coming here, from the food to the staff they always give top service. Tommy and staff were wonderful and we can’t wait to come back!!!
by alexandrae on June 15, 2018
Went to The Ocean club as it was recommended by family for a fancy night out with my fiancé. The service, ambiance and food was outstanding; we truly felt like we left Arizona and went to the East Coast. However, we were very disappointed with the table we were sat at. Our reservation was at 8pm so not too busy of a time, but we were sat right next to the bus boy/cleaning station and curtain. Although they tried to make the area look nicer with a curtain, all of the waiters and bus boys loitered in the area while we were trying to enjoy our evening. In the entire place, it just would have been more special to have been sat like we were actually in the dinning area and not in the back like it was the forgotten table.
by FredW on June 15, 2018
Great combination steak and seafood house with all of the various associated sides and sauces available. For martini lovers, the best poor I've ever had from full shaker that remains at the table. Impeccable service that accommodates whatever adjustments requested in a friendly and competent manner. Will definitely return to this spot when next in Scottsdale
by OpenTable Diner on June 15, 2018
Overall very good. Everything is made using gobs of butter so everything is very rich. While it was very good, it still didn’t rock my standard for best. They also neglected to award our Open Table points:(
by OpenTable Diner on June 14, 2018
amazing. ty so much!!
by Janell on June 12, 2018
My husband was dreading this date night as I asked him to dress up and he’s a burly forest service firefighter. He did it because he loves, but!... as we sat down, I saw him relax. I casually asked about the environment and he said “it’s actually not bad!” He spoke to liking that it was a bit louder because he was nervous about the white table cloth thing. Ten minutes into our meal, he was raving how awesome his Sea Bass was (cooked at house recommendation) and we got the pan seared broccoli, and Mac and cheese. He complimented each thing he tried and by the end he said “this is my favorite of all of our spots, to date” and he said we will definitely be coming back! I am so excited he was so thrilled with the whole experience!
by OpenTable Diner on June 12, 2018
Just too expensive for the quality of the food and experience. I won’t go back.
by ScottT on June 12, 2018
Excellent service and food! Best dessert (butter cake) we have had all year!
by Fancy on June 9, 2018
The food is always delicious and the atmosphere is definitely a pleasure. If you’re looking for some great quality food with great service you want to eat here.
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