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93% would recommend it to a friend
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by OpenTable Diner on September 22, 2018
Fantastic food and great service.
by GaryS on September 22, 2018
Good food but felt like I was being rushed to eat.
by OpenTable Diner on September 22, 2018
Excellent service and the food was fantastic. The ahi tartare had just the right “kick” to it; steaks were mouth-wateringly good; sides of brussel sprouts and garlic mashed potatoes were delicious. The best was the butter cake. Well worth trying to save room for dessert. Alison our server was friendly and attentive. If you are on a romantic date, would recommend sitting side by side instead of across the table, as it is loud.
by OpenTable Diner on September 21, 2018
Excellent food and service. Bit noisy in
by AnthonyG on September 21, 2018
I've lived in AZ for 15 years and this is by far the best restaurant in the Phoenix area for fine dining. The food is consistently outstanding and the service is sharp. They are very well run. We have had many meals here and the GM Jess Smith took it upon himself to recognize we were frequent diners and has made every experience perfect. They will go above and beyond to make sure you have a great dining experience. I love a good dinner and City Hall is on par with anything you find in NYC, Vegas, Chicago or LA. The dinner will not be cheap and this is one of the few restaurants in Scottsdale where you get what you pay for and them some. Highly recommended.
by CharlesT on September 21, 2018
I ordered my steak medium, it arrived medium rarish. My server offered to fire it up a bit more. It wasnt an option for me to grill more, because I cut the steak down the middle. Nothing else was done. The server did not get a manager to speak with me. At over 60 a steak, they should be prepared as ordered. If not, then there should be some type of compensation. The day after my mesl, I received a call from the restaurant to check on my dining experience as is customary. I relayed the situation and was told a manager would call me. No one called me back yet.
by Golfgirl on September 20, 2018
We ate in the bar, great service food was excellent it was a very good dinner
by RonH on September 17, 2018
Great food and service as always!!
by OpenTable Diner on September 15, 2018
Very good food!! A little noisy in the bar area but overall a wonderful experience as always.
by BrianD on September 15, 2018
Excellent! That is all that needs to be said about food, atmosphere and service. It is as we all know one of the most expensive restaurants in all of The Valley, but worth it! We will be back more frequently!
by Pattydlp on September 15, 2018
We were seated at a table in the back and there was no ambiance in ther. They just set up tables there when they dont have space in the main dining room.
by DarrinB on September 15, 2018
I'm a stickler for customer experience and I must say, from the time I made reservations to the day after we visited, the level of service was impeccable. Thanks for making our anniversary memorable; especially for my wife!
by Horrible on September 15, 2018
One of the best meals we've had. Christian is the best!!!!
by MikeW on September 14, 2018
Great food and excellent service by Tommy plus we were offered a nice customer relations incentive. We will be back.
by Anitarina on September 13, 2018
I had the best petit filet ever! The meal was pricey and we didn't order alcoholic beverages or dessert and coffee. Ouch!
by JTB1 on September 12, 2018
Hostess was rude and had a reservation but still waited 20 minutes to be seated. Servers were good and food was good. There are other places better for same price
by OpenTable Diner on September 8, 2018
Fabulous experience right from the start! Incredible steaks cooked to perfection!
by OpenTable Diner on September 7, 2018
Amazing time at mastros last night with the boys. Are server Ally was amazing and I would go back in a heartbeat. Food was great as well.
by TerryE on September 6, 2018
This is one of my top five favorite restaurants every time I go we are always treated very well, great food great ambiance fabulous keep up the good work thank you.
by MaestrosMack on September 5, 2018
The food, service and ambiance was all phenomenal. I would recommend to all my friends.
by WilliamL on September 5, 2018
Really loud. Had to speak loud to hear. Food was very good. Did not care for the scalloped potatoes. I'm not sure it was because of the hot plate, but they just tasted like cheese. Good overall.
by lauren on September 4, 2018
Best evening ever! So enjoyed my birthday celebration with my husband and 3 teenage children. Our waiter went above and beyond to make our evening exceptional. All my kids were thrilled with the service and never-ending specialty bread. thank you.
by SherriJ on September 1, 2018
Way too dark. No one could read the menu without getting out the cell phone light. Also, way too loud. Could not have a conversation with someone one person away from me without shouting.
by MarkO on August 31, 2018
Overall, a good steakhouse, but during this particular visit there were a few flaws. We were seated along the back wall at a table for two that was sandwiched between other tables in a long row. The tables were far too close to each other. We felt like we were part of the conversation taking place on either side of us and I'm sure the tables near us felt the same way. Lesson learned - if I return to the restaurant I'll ask for a more private table. I ordered the Japanese A5 Wagyu steak - something I order whenever I see it on the menu, so I'm very familiar with the taste. In this case, I'm almost certain that the kitchen made a mistake and served the Snake River Farms "American Wagyu". I mentioned it to the waiter, who brought the manager over. They offered a free desert, which was a nice gesture. The cost of the steak and the fact it was no where near the quality of the A5 Wagyu served at comparable steak houses was a disappointment.
by MicahS on August 31, 2018
This was the best dinner experience I’ve ever had! The service was incredible, the dinner was pure perfection, the dessert (butter cake) was mind blowing!
by MelissaA on August 30, 2018
As a special treat on our vacation, we came here with our boys. Not only was the food absolutely exceptional, but the staff made it an incredible experience for them. They were funny and encouraging and kind - exactly what you would hope for on your children’s first experience at a steakhouse of this kind and quality. Try the lobster mashed potatoes! And my 9 year old won’t stop raving about the Gorgonzola Mac & Cheese.
by JF12 on August 28, 2018
Great food and service, best in town. But the bar stinks, literally. The bar area smells mildewy and has a bad stench. The water and rags you wipe the bar down with needs to be cleaned and changed often. Yuck.
by OpenTable Diner on August 25, 2018
Date night with the hubby 😍
by OpenTable Diner on August 25, 2018
A wonderful experience for our anniversary! Great food, staff and environment.
by PrashantP on August 25, 2018
All service staff and food was excellent as usual! Thank you for a great bday celebration!
by BeeRad on August 24, 2018
Food quality and presentation was terrific creamed spinach best I have ever had. Atmosphere was loud AF, sat next to a rowdy party of 12 doing shots and raising some hell. All was good about that, I am not a prude, but damn were they loud and vulgar. Would he embarrassed if we had our parents with us, lol!
by OpenTable Diner on August 24, 2018
Terrible service.
by MikeM on August 23, 2018
as with every time i goto mastros it is TOP NOTCH and amazing.
by OpenTable Diner on August 22, 2018
Food was fantastic. Service was great until we paid our bill. Once the check was paid all wait staff disappeared for the 20 minutes after while we finished our wine. No water refills were offered, no one asked if we changed our minds about dessert, there was zero interaction after the check and tip were paid. It was as if we didn’t exist. Disappointing for the level of restaurant I thought we were at.
by cynthiaa on August 19, 2018
We went for our anniversary lemon drop martini was over priced but was double so price wasn’t that bad ...Butter cake was awesome!!
by OpenTable Diner on August 18, 2018
Food and service were amazing!! My new favorite restaurant !
by DemetriusF on August 18, 2018
The noise level needs to be improved. Less tables so closely together.
by RodneyW on August 18, 2018
One of the best restaurant experiences we have had in Phoenix/Scottsdale!
by WP00 on August 18, 2018
Our waiter was rude and the over-priced cocktails had too much ice, not to mention our side dishes were cold.
by Localfoodie on August 17, 2018
Haven't had a filet done that perfectly for a long time. Atmosphere is as great as usual. Recommend this restaurant to everyone who wants great food.
by MichelleH on August 17, 2018
We got sat early even though we were early to our reservation. The ambiance was quiet and nice and the service was great! My steak came out a little undercooked, they gladly took it back and cooked it some more and it was amazing. The butter cake is to die for! Definitely will go back again!
by OpenTable Diner on August 17, 2018
Our man Randy was so polite and friendly. The food was pretty much the best. Best filet I’ve ever had! It was melt in your mouth good! We also shared a wedge salad which was delicious and I loved that the wedge was already chopped and easy to eat! Delicious! The lobster mash was heaven and we topped it all off with the butter cake. I’d say the meal was a perfect 10!
by Leesy on August 16, 2018
As always, impeccable service and excellent food. We have been having special occasion meals here for years. My only criticism is that the decor is getting a bit shabby. There was a large, unpainted patch on the foyer ceiling and the glass chandelier in that are was visibly in need of cleaning. We will be back for our annual holiday dinner with friends.
by TimH on August 15, 2018
The food wasn't what I would anticipate. Certainly not worth the price.
by Foodie on August 14, 2018
Wonderful family birthday celebration and start to senior year at ASU!! All food great but the birthday cake was phenomenal!! Thanks so much!!
by oviee on August 11, 2018
we come here every year on our anniversary since we discovered it (the last 5+yrs) and to date and has always been a great experience(except when they had us in the back room) my one beef with my meal was the salmon fillet. it seems as the years have gone by the size of the fillet has gotten much smaller(<8oz), for the price ... it could be much larger (16-20oz)
by StaceyG on August 11, 2018
Took our daughters here for the first time! They did not disappoint! Food and service were both amazing.
by TerrenceP on August 10, 2018
Great food, fast service everyone was super attentive
by Dad3Boys on August 10, 2018
great food, great service, fantastic experience.
by foodie on August 10, 2018
My party of 10 was seated in a private dining adjacent to the kitchen. The service, food and experience was 5 stars.
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