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92% would recommend it to a friend
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by OpenTable Diner on September 23, 2018
Amazing food, service, and ambiance.
by OpenTable Diner on September 23, 2018
Great time. The ribeye was excellent. Love the buttercake
by Toblerone on September 23, 2018
Impeccable service! Courtney was the nicest, most accommodating and best server. She was simply awesome. The steak was delicious and I loved the scalloped potatoes. It’s very dim lighting and romantic inside so this would be a great place for a date. Legendary steaks. Try the Wagyu beef!
by DalarH on September 22, 2018
We had reservations for 8:45 and got seated about 9:30 so we were standing around a super crowded bar area for 45 mins. The table area was crowded and not comfortable. My food was ok- nothing special but my husband asked for medium rare steak but when he cut it the inside was all raw meat. We showed the waitress and she apologized and said they will bring a cook a new one right away. Our whole party was finished eating by the time my husband got his second steak which he asked for to be cooked to medium and it still was raw in the middle! Will never eat here again. Nothing special.
by Terence on September 22, 2018
Everything was incredible and amazing!!! The service was outstanding the food was unbelievably excellent ALL worth while!!!
by LISAO on September 22, 2018
Food was great!!! stake unbelievable! Drinks big and good They filled water glass all night Some how we didn’t get our appetizer —- brought dinner out We asked to cancel appetizers. But they boxed it up for use to take home. And didn’t charge us .
by ChiliG on September 22, 2018
The service is great and the food is amazing! Service is important to me, therefore I will keep going back!
by AramA on September 21, 2018
Our service was not the greatest and I was seated 30-minutes after my reservation time. The entrance was packed with confused and drunk people and we uncomfortably stood there for half-an-hour more than we were supposed to. People were yelling and screaming, no sense of control. The doormen were having an amazing, deep conversation with each other with absolutely no regard for anyone there. I requested second-floor seating and was taken to the first floor, and then had to wait another 10-minutes for second-floor seating. The food was amazing, and I feel the ambiance of the restaurant did not complement it. Very disappointed in everything except the taste of the food, and I will not return.
by OpenTable Diner on September 21, 2018
Great food s service
by OpenTable Diner on September 21, 2018
We passed on a table and sat/ate at the bar. Friendly hostess and bartender was great. Food was perfect, great vibe.
by susanc on September 21, 2018
We enjoyed the delicious food from the bread basket, to appetizers, to salads, to streaks, to sides to dessert. They have a nice wine list and the service was superb. Mastro’s is always a hit. They made my husband’s birthday night very memorable and I would recommend Mastro’s to anyone. I’ve been here more times than I can count and it’s always impressive. Hands down, Mastro’s is the best steak house across the board.
by itsClint on September 21, 2018
Love eating here but I prefer the brighter Ocean Club. The 2nd floor has musicians performing so it can get loud. The steaks are always done right. Must have the lobster mash and Mac and cheese as your sides! What else can you say, this is a well known establishment and the food is great!
by OpenTable Diner on September 20, 2018
I ordered Wagyu A5 Steak, but it was not what expected. Majority of the meat was fat and I had a heart burn in the middle of the night. I've had A5 steak many times in Japan and none of the restaurants would serve that much fat in a steak. Very disappointed with the steak. But rest of the food was very delicious.
by OpenTable Diner on September 19, 2018
Great! Thank you! We had a wonderful night celebrating our Anniversary there.
by AboutLastNight on September 19, 2018
Great steak. If you want a perfect steak, this is the place. The acoustics are not great though, so it can be loud and you will have to talk loud to be heard. Also, I was disappointed that Mastro’s feels the need to give large portions. The dessert was huge, and rich, so even between 2 of us we couldn’t even eat 1/2 of it. The side of fresh cream was enough to cover a whole cake.
by JinyongL on September 16, 2018
For the price, the food was so so. The ambient light is too dark such that it is hard to see the ice interior that was boasted in the pictures. Also the photos taken here were bad due to the illumination.
by OpenTable Diner on September 15, 2018
I went solo for some ZmE time and I enjoyed my own company!!
by NicoleT on September 15, 2018
Mastros is great! Love their food and service. So tasty and their staff is very nice. It’s very loud on a Saturday night just as a heads up so you should expect that with your dinner— which is great if you want to be loud too!
by TyKeciaH on September 15, 2018
It was my first time at Mastro's and I must say, it was PHENOMENAL! Excellent food, service, company, & all around ambiance. I will be returning with my mother :)
by YusraF on September 15, 2018
The food was amazing and so was the service. However, we had to wait to be seated inspite of having a reservation. People who came after us were still seated.
by JeremyV on September 15, 2018
Absolutely loved our dinner at Mastro’s! Amazing service, food and ambience
by Unhappy8 on September 13, 2018
I did this reservation for my husband and his best friend from out of town to celebrate his friend’s birthday we are regulars at Mastro’s love everything on menu they had a great time except the server knew it was a birthday and didn’t bring your regular cake for our guest so I was disappointed
by MoniqueR on September 12, 2018
It was both my husband and I first time and the experience we shared together was simply amazing. The waitress was awesome!!! The food was mouth watering. I can’t wait until we return.
by OpenTable Diner on September 9, 2018
Everything was amazing! If you looking for a restaurant with really good steaks this the place. Pretty pricey but really good
by OpenTable Diner on September 9, 2018
By far the greatest service I’ve ever revived. I’ve visited various steakhouses around the country. However, Mastros has been the greatest.
by FineFood4Life on September 8, 2018
My steak was cook wrong. Lobster mashed potatoes was cool. Our waiter wasn't very attentive. Next people seating next to our table got there after we did and their food was served first than our food.
by OpenTable Diner on September 8, 2018
It was extremely loud because they had a live band playing. I couldn’t hear my wife’s conversation without her yelling or repeating herself. The tables are too close to each other so there’s very little privacy. The food was ok, nothing really to brag about. Considering I paid over $350 for our meals, I expected a better experience. I’d rather go to LA PRIME or Morton’s steakhouse.
by AndrewW on September 8, 2018
Great service they were running a little late with our main course. The manager came out to apologize and surprised us with desserts for everyone. However, we didn't even notice that the meal was taking a long time. We were having such a great time it was a bonus to have a free delicious deserts. Thank you for taking such great care of us.
by OpenTable Diner on September 8, 2018
Loved every part of it, but was not thrilled about the location of our seat as we were celebrating a birthday and we sat right by the door to the kitchen.
by OpenTable Diner on September 8, 2018
Being from the south, I am VERY particular about steak, and steakhouses. Mastro's does an excellent job. Every course was excellent, though their filet was the high point of the evening.
by Glenn on September 7, 2018
Deeply disappointed in the experience last night. Brought clients who had never been and they commented after why the hype about Maestro’s. Food quality not up to the quality I have experienced before.
by OpenTable Diner on September 7, 2018
Dinner with family
by OpenTable Diner on September 6, 2018
The service and food is great. The live music is too loud.
by NinaC on September 6, 2018
Awesome as always. They have an awesome staff. Inside of establishment and outside.
by RobertH on September 4, 2018
Always a standard that’s constlantly packed. The food is very good as is the service but the prices are on the high range.
by OpenTable Diner on September 3, 2018
Our waiter was excellent. He was super knowledge
by Strange on September 2, 2018
We went there for our engagement party and it couldn't have been better! Great service and the food was amazing! You won't be disappointed!
by OpenTable Diner on September 2, 2018
Never a disappointment.
by OpenTable Diner on September 1, 2018
Loved the food. Great service.
by OpenTable Diner on September 1, 2018
Overall experience was bad went to have a good time and enjoy dinner for my lady birthday and the experience went down the drain as soon as we arrived first thing they separated my party of 11 we all couldn’t sit with each other on top of that all of our orders was wrong and not cook as expected I was served a steak that wasn’t hot felt like it was sitting for a while before they brought it out to me it wasn’t as good as I expected the service was horrible and that’s a shame with how much money we spent to just have a good time and eat never again will I come back that was just unacceptable
by QueA on September 1, 2018
I was celebrating my wife 40th birthday and i requested a window seat , front desk ask me to wait 15 mins and i agreed but when i was seated it was 4 seat from the window, the time ordering my wife order some onion rings and they were cold and i told the waiter and it took almost 30mins for more onion ring about that we were done with our meal, and they brought out a chocolate cake and my doesnt like chocolate if i would have know i would have purchased a cake, this was the worst first experience i ever had
by OpenTable Diner on September 1, 2018
We took my wife's sister for her birthday. Everything from being greeted by security to our last bite of the Butter Cake was first class. I must say that The Wagyu Tomahawk was just incredible!! Can't wait to go back!!
by BeniB on September 1, 2018
This was my first time along with my wife in attending Mastro's. The quality of food and service was exceptional. We indulged in recommended mix drinks which were generous in taste and quality. In the effort to taste the most that we could, I ordered a Chilean Sea Bass while my wife ordered the Kansas City steak. Both dishes were amazing. The sea bass literally melted in your mouth, while the steak was juicy and tender. Overall, the experience was beyond what I expected and hope to celebrate there at the next occasion.
by runr986 on August 31, 2018
Excellent service. Friendly, attentive, & personable wait staff. Had the 22 oz bone-in ribeye, med-rare, this visit. Cooked perfectly to med-rare, no taste/flavor this visit.
by MarshallA on August 31, 2018
Good as usual. They just get it. Thanks for the great meal.
by OpenTable Diner on August 31, 2018
Incredible!!! Everything was perfect!!!!!!
by TonyetteM on August 31, 2018
As always, Mastro's hit a home run. This was my mothers 1st time and she enjoyed the ambiance and the food. Thanks!
by JennaL on August 30, 2018
Extremely disappointed experience. We went there to celebrate a birthday, 4 people dinner at 5 p.m. First, it was so dark that you could not see the plate in front of you, after the dinner we realized that the reason for it is so people cannot see the food that is being served because the food is bad. We ordered several starters and all were below average in quality, seared tune, crab stuffed mushrooms, foie gras, crab cakes, all disappointing. For main course, the men had steaks, both said that they steaks were over cooked, not the type that were ordered. The women ordered sea bass, also disappointing, below average quality. The lobster mashed potatoes were also not good, they were too runny, we didn't order potato soup, we ordered mashed potatoes, and they just did not seem fresh and good quality. Finally, the only dish that was somewhat good was the creamed corn. Finally, without asking for desert, they brought out a cheap chocolate cake as a birthday special, it was dry and not particularly good, just like out of a pre-made box. What a disappointing experience and all that for a total of $500.
by GabrielaM on August 29, 2018
Excellent food, excellent service. Always the best.
by ClarissaG on August 27, 2018
The service was impeccable. The cost a little too pricey - when you pay $18 for just the rub on your steak. After all, it's in Beverly Hills, so you expect some of that. The ambiance was nice, needed to have a flashlight though to read the menu. The live band music was good. Wish we were closer to the music or had a drink at the bar, just to see the entertainment. Food was very good and had plenty to take home. Beautiful setting, comfortable seating, great for special occasions such as mine.
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