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93% would recommend it to a friend
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by GeorgeC on September 22, 2018
First time here. I was disappointed. Garlic potatoes were runny. Salad was disappointing. Steak was great.
by ELPR on September 21, 2018
We had a reservation but we were given what seemed like the worst table. Tucked in the back directly behind a main service entrance. Our server was servicing another section on the opposite side of the wall so she couldn't see us and so service was slow. My fiancé and I both woke up not feeling well in the middle of the night to top it off. I had been looking forward to trying the restaurant so I was really disappointed.
by ShannonD on September 21, 2018
everything was fabulous! We were celebrating my 30th, and our server Raymond made our night fantastic!
by cpafoodie on September 20, 2018
We had shrimp cocktail that had 3 pieces of gigantic very fresh tastey shrimp. Also had French onion soup that was not quite as good as usual. The bead basket was as great as ever. We ate in the bar lounge that had live music that was way too loud and actually distorted the sound. Could not hear my wife sitting next to me. Their signature butter cake dessert was over cooked. Despite a few little problems, we had a great meal and fun time.
by OpenTable Diner on September 20, 2018
Nice birthday celebration
by CarmineA on September 19, 2018
Typical high end steakhouse that hits the mark. Waitstaff was friendly and professional. We were lucky enough to have Michael as our server. Great date night atmosphere. Food was prepared well and presentation was great.
by ArtH on September 19, 2018
food is great as always. service is good as well. was peeved though that i requested a "quiet table" as complex business material being discussed and it was difficult to hear my colleague
by TravisC on September 18, 2018
Came here with my fiance for our birthdays and had an amazing time. Live band on a Tuesday, excellent service, and great food. Would definitely come back.
by JimN on September 18, 2018
If I could only eat at Maestro's every day. Best Martini's!
by BarbaraAnnQ on September 18, 2018
Everything was good, well prepared... however the mashed potatoes arrive and were served almost entirely cold. As I was looking forward to that side particularly and must have food intended to be served hot actually be hot, I was quite disappointed... and I never had the chance to tell our waiter, because after serving the main meal, he never came back to ask how it was! I found that extremely unusual, as it was the eve of Yom Kipur and the restaurant was not that busy. And even if it were, it is not acceptable service! I wonder why the Chef doesn't send the mashed potatoes out in a hot plate? Although I expect we will one day return to Mastro's T.O., I would be disinclined to accept that same waiter as our server! Best, Barbara Ann Quinlan-Gallwey (818) 515-98723
by Karyn on September 17, 2018
We had horrible service. Our waitress was nice, but we waited over an hour for our guests’ dinner in the bar for my husband‘s birthday. We were told it was because the Rams were there and I don’t see why that should matter. I don’t think that the Rams’ money should be more important than ours and I don’t think that their dinner should be more important than our birthday dinner, which was really impacted by the length of time it took for us to get our meal. We were brought two desserts on the house, but honestly, what we really wanted was good service !
by LisaW on September 14, 2018
Perfect dinner, wait staff was amazing. A wonderful evening was had by all.
by VictorG on September 13, 2018
Great service. Great food. Perfectly prepared steaks. Just a good overall time
by Enjoy on September 12, 2018
Great service! The food was fantastic! Great for really special occasions!
by Malibujim on September 9, 2018
My attorney had $500 gift card and invited me and another friend (both clients). The food is outstanding but extraordinarily expensive. Loved sharing an outstanding porterhouse and lobster mashed potatoes. The chopped wedge salad was excellent and both red and white wine were commendable; although at 35 and 70 dollars were among cheapest on list. We finished with a fine cream brûlée. The service was impeccable, but tables are a bit crowded for the price. The 3 of us basically exhausted the gift card and had enjoyable evening, but if it was my money, I would go elsewhere.
by OpenTable Diner on September 8, 2018
We are regular Mastro’s customers. Food was awful. Steaks were way undercooked, Brussel sprouts were over cooked, we had to pour our own wine, and just not the quality of meal that we’ve come to expect, and enjoy, from Mastro’s. Very, very disappointing.
by SamH on September 8, 2018
Go to Mastros (TO and Malibu) 4-5 times a year. Always Excellent.
by ChristyF on September 7, 2018
We sat in the bar the seat unfortunately was by the wait staff was not ideal next time would prefer not to be seated there Our server Kelly was awesome though
by ShellyT on September 7, 2018
First we showed up and we parked in the handicapped spot. However, they were parking people in that spot taking up part of the spot that were not handicapped which crowded us in the parking spot. I thought handicapped meant having a plate or placard ? Apparently this is not the case at this restaurant. We had a reservation and were seated fairly quickly. We were seated in the back room, This is a terrible area when it is hot and humid. It was the most uncomfortable area to be seated in.The air conditioner apparently was not hooked up in this back room. I went to the front desk area and asked them if they could please open the windows more or turn up the air conditioner. The 2 girls up front stated they would take care of it but they never did. It was the most uncomfortable experience at a dinner that I have ever had. For the amount of money , 300.00 for 4 people dining, at least it could have been comfortable. I had to keep getting up to walk into the bar area to cool down. My husband would text me when our food arrived. On another note The food was fabulous ! I cannot complain in that area !. The waiter was very good ! The staff otherwise was very good. Would I recommend ? Yes but make sure you do not sit in that back room. The noise level is high. It is very uncomfortable if it is hot outside . I am not sure if we were placed there because we made a reservation through open table ? Just not sure.
by TheDoctor on September 6, 2018
Kelly is fantastic, and always takes great care of us.
by Gregums on September 4, 2018
The waiter was dry and lagged when telling the menu. I tuned him out after the first 5 minutes. We didn’t order a lot of drinks or food and he seemed bothered by it. The food was fantastic nonetheless. The filet was amazing. It better be for that price! Also, they ask if you want bread but don’t say it’s an extra charge. Anyway. The waiter perked up because we got the special cake for dessert. Which was heavenly.
by GUNNARS on September 2, 2018
I ordered my rack of lamb to be cooked medium. It came out bloody and raw in the center. My son's steak was the same and both needed to go back. However, the Lobster Bisque was the best I have had because it was full of sweet lobster and the Bisque was absolutely delicious. Our waiter was very good and attentive. The noise level was very high and not conducive to conversation. Our overall experience was fine but not exceptional for the price.
by Lisa on September 2, 2018
When we first arrived our party had changed from five people to six. The hostess seemed a little taken back, but very promptly sat us at a nice table. After we sat down it was a good 10 to 15 minutes before a waiter came over to take our drink order. No big deal, we were just chatting away. Our drink order came separately, meaning, the iced teas came about two minutes after the rest of the drinks which consisted of soda and wine. Still, nothing to worry about on our side. Then came the disaster. The waitress did not take our order down on paper, she did it off memory. Our mushroom appetizer never arrived. My daughters salad order was wrong. She is vegan and does not have meat or dairy and after the third time of being wrong, they finally got it right. Unfortunately, the salad was her dinner and we were halfway done with our steaks by the time They got her salad right. After all was said and done, the bill was wrong and we had to talk to the manager about that. I will say that the manager was a class act and she made up for the fact that our dinner was one big mess. We usually go to the Malibu masters and it has always been a pleasant experience. This one was just pure chaos and a lot of waiting and waiting and waiting for our drink order, our food order and then to get the bill. Our reservations are at 5:30 PM so not sure why it was so disorganized. The reason I didn’t give it one star was because the manager was phenomenal. The hostesses were very pleasant as well.
by MarkW on September 2, 2018
It is always a great experience at Mastro's in Thousand Oaks. Bailee was outstanding taking care of us in the bar. She made it special for us.
by Mauigirl on September 1, 2018
We’re Mastro’s regulars, but this visit was frustrating. The bus staff were off their game! So disappointing. Bread didn’t arrive until after entrees. Asked for it twice with our soup and salad. Asked for more water. It never came. Iced tea was never refilled. Waiter was running, counting on his bus staff, I’m sure. They were busy, clustered in a corner sharing stories.
by madison1223 on August 31, 2018
Service wasn’t the same the last 2 times and the food wasn’t as great. This place seems to have lost their consistency which is sad. Waited 45 min past our reservation time to be seated.
by OpenTable Diner on August 31, 2018
Good overall - great steak and seafood tower - pricey
by JamesR on August 31, 2018
We had reservations for dinner. We arrived early, had a drink in the bar. Decided to stay in the bar for dinner. Very cool vibe among patrons and staff. From the reception desk to the bar to the piano player and singer, to our very attentive server, we could not have asked for a better evening.
by cynthiai on August 31, 2018
I am always impressed at not only the quality of food, including the side vegetables, but the service. Our waiter, Tim, was on top of all details all evening. A great experience all around.
by KristenE on August 31, 2018
Incredible dining experience! I took my son and his girlfriend here to celebrate his birthday.
by Jerry on August 30, 2018
Maesto's Thousand Oaks is by far the very best restaurant in Ventura County , California . I went there on the 30th of August for my joint Birthday and 4th wedding Anniversary and I literally cried due to their thoughtfulness and outstanding service . The wonderful waitress nonchalantly give my wife and I a specially printed menu listing the entrees with our names and 4th Anniversary printed on the top of the menu. The waitress discreetly fooled me into reading the menu , as I already knew what I wanted and purposely didn't want to look at a menu. When I saw that on the menu , it brought me to tears. I had never experienced that before or had employees of any restaurant go to such lengths to make me and my beautiful bride feel so very special. Thank- You Maestro's Thousand Oaks ! I will keep that menu until the day I die and remember that wonderful experience in 2018.
by OpenTable Diner on August 29, 2018
We were sitting with a lot of groups and it was very loud! We had 3 different servers trading off doing the best they could but our drinks were wrong which they took care of. It wasn’t a relaxing meal.
by Steven on August 26, 2018
Only ordered two sides, Gnocci and Brussel sprouts....they forgot the Brussel sprouts but brought them out just in time to collect the plates. Water was given to people who sat after us long before we were noticed...maybe it’s because I didn’t wear a tie? 🙄
by TwoJs on August 26, 2018
There was a very different vibe at Mastro’s last night. It was more crowded and noisier, with several families seeming to send their children off to school. This was not an especially good night for couples or a romantic evening. Our server was quite busy; it took longer than in the past to order and receive our meal. As usual, the food was fabulous. Mastro’s is still one of my favorites, and we will be back.
by JustinD on August 26, 2018
My girl friend and myself went for the chefs cut 33oz steak. Upon driving to Thousand Oaks from Culver City and sitting down we were informed the 33oz steak was not available. The replacement steak was the 32 oz tomahawk which was roughly $35 more. My girlfriend and I bummed about this as this is why we drove there. The tomahawk steak was amazing! But we just would of liked to be informed prior that one of the main steaks is not available. Especially after emails and phone calls making sure we were coming to the reservation. They could of emailed or included in the phone call that the 33 oz steak was not available. Overall we had a wonderful time and would definitely go back.
by LoriM on August 25, 2018
Wonderful, fun, great food and entertainment. I have been here over a hundred times, this place is consistently a winner. I suggest you work an extra shift if possible, to afford the buttercake and fabulous large martini's along with your meal. Expensive.
by steveb on August 25, 2018
Great spot, food and people, thanks very much for a good evening
by AndreaR on August 25, 2018
Service was wonderful and the food delicious . Our waitress was terrific and helpful. The steak was superb!
by OpenTable Diner on August 24, 2018
We had reservations but still waited for the table. And the noise level was too high and the place was very cold. Otherwise it was great
by AngelaF on August 24, 2018
We had a 7:45 reservation and waited 35 minutes to be seated and honestly they did not seem to care . Our waiter was nice. I think for the money we spent $600 it was not work waiting to eat so late.
by ASher on August 24, 2018
A bit disappointing. I had heard great things about the food. The place was dated, crowded and cramped -- and you had to navigate gingerly behind seats, disturbing other guests to get to your table. About the only positive thing was the service provided by Janis, our Australian waitress. Everything else, was really very average. All in all, there are far better steak restaurants. Perhaps not in Thousand Oaks -- so that must be their secret.
by Ralph45 on August 24, 2018
First timer..........the noise level was over the top too loud.....couldn't carry on a conversation with others in our party. Food and service was great probably won't go back because of the excessive noise.
by LasagnaLover on August 20, 2018
As usual this restaurant is excellent in food and service. However, they raised their prices on everything! I couldn't believe we were charged $19.00 for a pomegranate martini. Fortunately I don't drink; it was for my husband. The Rib eye steak used to be around $50 it was now $62, the sides seemed a bit smaller than before and they were now $14.00. I ordered the mashed potatoes, my husband ordered a side of mushrooms. Fortunately Ruth Chris, Fleming's and Morton's are just a quick trip to the valley, so we will probably go there from now on. Plus Ruth Chris has no valet parking fee.
by RobertC on August 20, 2018
Always good our only place to go for special occasions. Yesterday celebrated our 51st anniversary
by MeridethS on August 19, 2018
Mastros is very expensive but for special occasions it is totally worth the splurge. Our meals was cooked, prepared, and served meticulously. Raymond was our server who made us feel very comfortable and he was very professional, however not stuffy and easily approachable.
by Luckyfuso on August 19, 2018
As always, the food was excellent. Although we have been eating there since they opened, we had never met our server, Raymond. He was superb! He is knowledgeable, attentive but not hovering, helpful but not pushy, and really nice. Halfway through dinner we asked a manager to update our profile so that Raymond is automatically requested as our server on future visits.
by JCtodine on August 18, 2018
Mastro's in thousands oaks was great. The manager was very helpful with our table, our waiter Michael was awesome, the food was great always, and it was my daughter's 13th birthday and Michael made her feel like a princess.
by ChassieP on August 17, 2018
The service was really excellent! The food was amazing!
by MaryT on August 17, 2018
The crab cakes were out of this world. The steak was cooked to perfection. The lobster mashed potato's were amazing and the butter cake I could not resist. Thank you for a wonderful dinner!
by SteveR on August 17, 2018
Always great food, great service and ambiance here
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