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96% would recommend it to a friend
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by OpenTable Diner on July 19, 2018
A fine dining experience where the quality of food and service far exceed expectations.
by Stark13 on July 14, 2018
We've been going to Mastros for over 15 years now. The service a the Thousand Oaks location specifically is AMAZING! I wouldnt recommend the Malibu Club location to anyone but the TO location is staffed with attentive and kind folks who take the time to know you and go out of their way to make you happy with your visit/meal.
by OpenTable Diner on July 14, 2018
All around great as usual
by WilliamM on July 14, 2018
Every single course was a special treat. Both the drinks and the food were really perfect. A very memorable meal.
by OpenTable Diner on July 14, 2018
Michael did a great job explaining things and never missed a beat. I even learned something new from him about my favorite drink. The food was better than Michael explained and the ambiance was excellent. I look forward to visiting again!
by OpenTable Diner on July 13, 2018
Amazing as always. Best steak around and great atmosphere!
by OpenTable Diner on July 13, 2018
Average steak house fair for the exorbitant price. Live music in the bar was a nice touch.
by GabrielaA on July 13, 2018
Service and food was amazing! Supriesed us with an anniversary dessert.
by Juan on July 12, 2018
We went to Mastro's to celebrate my twin daughters' birthday. They always want to go to there because it's their favorite restaurant and Mastro's delivered. Mastro's served up excellent food, outstanding and friendly service in a refined but relaxed atmosphere. I'm already looking forward to celebrating the next special occasion at Mastro's.
by GloriaR on July 10, 2018
First time having dinner there and I loved it! The ambiance, the food, the service....everything was perfect for my birthday! Will definitely come again 😊
by SLNye on July 8, 2018
Amazing! Every time.
by DeymaD on July 7, 2018
Very good food, excellent service. I took my husband there to celebrate his birthday and he totally loved it! The waitress was super sweet!
by OpenTable Diner on July 7, 2018
Everything was amazing! Ask for Raymond as he was exceptional and really made the night special! Thank you Raymond for taking care of my family!
by CindyJ on July 7, 2018
Outstanding service (Tony), outstanding food - Had the Wagyu Chop and it was cooked exactly the way we asked for it. Delicious roasted Brussels sprouts. Shrimp cocktail serviced with dry ice! So elegant!
by LargeGreenHippo on July 7, 2018
Tried it once, and that was more than enough.
by OpenTable Diner on July 6, 2018
Anniversary and it was very special service was great! We compared it to the Washington DC location which is where we spent our last Anniversary and both locations were fabulous!
by 2martinis on July 6, 2018
Followed servers dinner recommendations and they were delicious. Service is always excellent.
by OpenTable Diner on July 5, 2018
Great meal, menu/quality consistent with other Mastro's locations. A little harder to find off the street, it comes up quickly.
by FoodDoctor on July 4, 2018
Love Mastro's food/service. Always a "go to" for good dining. Steaks are fantastic.
by Elliott on July 3, 2018
As usual, the very best in fine dining. Best service (Erin is the best (both Erin’s)), food is the best! Our favorite restaurant!!
by OpenTable Diner on July 2, 2018
Anniversary done right! Service was amazing as always!!
by JoelD on July 2, 2018
While it looks pretty much like other upscale steakhouses, Mastro's manages to distinguish itself through its food, impressive wine list, service and live music. The portions are large and seem pricey, but there's more than enough to share and for hte five of us, that kept the costs lower and value higher. The service by our waiter, Michael, was excellent-well-paced and with clear explanations of the dishes presented very personably. Most important, the food was incredibly good- tender juicy steaks cooked to perfection just as requested; very delicious side dishes of Brussels sprouts, scalloped potatoes and onion rings all served family-style and an incredibly delicious dessert, their signature butter cake. Mastro's was a wonderful dining experience for all of us.
by giam on June 30, 2018
Told on phone and then my husband got up to let waiter know that it was a birthday and no acknowledgment. We ordered two desserts ... none arrived with a candle or anything. Also ordered a steak with pepper and blue cheese crust .. nothing was done to my filet. Pretty rushed waiter.. no hello ... take your time ... bummer
by 2003hockeydad on June 29, 2018
Dined here many times, almost always for a special occasion. Every experience has been excellent until this one. The occasion for this dinner was to celebrate my birthday with my wife and my best friends who dine here regularly. Service was less than adequate and borderline poor. We had a server who my "regular" friends didn't recognize and in her defense she had admitted she was just part time. It was not a busy time as we expected, as a walk-in was seated before we were, even though we had a reservation. The salads came out and had very poor quality lettuce, the rest of the food took forever, my water was empty most of the night and when the food did come out it was rushed and thrown on the table. Unlike usual, the food runners did not serve the a-la-carte plates right away, we waited a bit until the waitress rushed over when she realized they rushed to leave and didn't serve them up like normal and we were waiting. The steak was just mediocre, a bit overcooked and not what I have come to expect from past experiences. I don't remember ever having to poor my own wine here, but we did have to other than the first pour. Our "regular" friends were pretty appalled and shocked at the poor service and I am pretty sure they are going to reach out to the management. Overall, I am willing to chalk this up to a bad visit, and not disavow this restaurant forever. But for what you pay to dine here, it is just never acceptable in my opinion to have just a borderline poor experience.
by yoo122 on June 29, 2018
Great place to eat!
by SammyP on June 29, 2018
Checked in with the hostess and she said it would be a few min. We went to the bar to get a drink and 30 min later i went to see how much longer for our table and the hostess said we texted you a while ago. We will see what table we have now. I never was told that i was going to be texted when my table was a available and upon checking my phone after she said that there wasn’t a text sent to my phone. She did find is a table and everything after that was up to Mastro standards. But being that the restaurant isn’t that big i don’t feel texting when the table is available is what they should do. It’s loud in there and not everyone is glued to their phone when they are out on a date.
by VikkiD on June 29, 2018
Another fantastic dinner at Mastro’s. Our waiter Marco was wonderful and very informative. I have been going to Mastro’s for years and never knew until this time that they have a wine bottled just for them. Had to try it and it was delicious. Only restaurant I have been to in the U.S that knows how to properly prepare Foie gras. The steaks and sides where delicious! Will definitely be back soon.
by EdLe on June 28, 2018
Fantastic as always...... I recommend you visit soon,,,,All items I have had have been very tasty...The options are endless...
by tonys on June 28, 2018
is what we expected very good, noise level high, takes away from meal and friends
by OpenTable Diner on June 26, 2018
Was totally not what was expected according to reviews, service was shocking and after complaining FOUR times, I was ready to leave. I was filled up with sparkling water, received starters before we got our wine.... Waited 40 minutes for our wine then starters a minute after, It was so noisy I had to ask to move tables... service appalling!!! Will never be back, no matter what is offered! Very expensive for what you get, I don’t mind paying for service, it was the most painful, annoying dinner due to bad service. I’m totally embarrassed to my guest I invited from abroad!
by randink on June 25, 2018
Once again a great meal with the family! Best steak period
by MSR70 on June 24, 2018
Excellent venue very attentive service staff and steaks cooked to perfection
by OpenTable Diner on June 24, 2018
It was another great experience. We will be back soon for another great experience
by LeslieC on June 23, 2018
JP was our waiter and he is fantastic! Excellent service
by LarryM on June 22, 2018
Excellent steaks and seafood. Side dishes were perfect. The service was appropriately attentive. The live music in the bar was far too loud though and carried throughout the restaurant.
by Porsche on June 22, 2018
As always the food was delicious. They where great, changed my reservation three times in a very short time and they still found me a great table. Thank you
by BlairM on June 22, 2018
Food and service was great. Our waiter was informative and paid extra attention to us. Loved our bone-in tomahawk rib-eye. Sides were delicious as well! Butter cake was superb! Would highly recommend!
by OpenTable Diner on June 21, 2018
Always amazing experience. Excellent food and service. Been a birthday tradition for nearly a decade.
by CherylS on June 17, 2018
We had such an amazing dining experience at our recent visit. We went for a double celebration for Father's Day and our son's Birthday. Our waiter was so friendly and energetic. He was so accommodating and offered so many options for drinks, menu items, and even the perfect suggestions for the recommended cooking time for my son's fish. Everything we ordered from the drinks to the food, was absolutely amazing. If you are going there for dinner, I would recommend the side room, as the music in the bar and main dining area can be quite loud and not fitting the atmosphere for a quiet/romantic dining. It definitely exceeded our expectations and we will definitely be going back.
by ArleenG on June 17, 2018
As always the food was delicious and service by Wesley impeccable. It’s always nice to go to a restaurant and know that dinner will always be outstanding!
by bdcinrio5 on June 17, 2018
We went to celebrate, Father's day and my oldest son comes back to America. He found a nice meal rack of Lamb, and we got, steak, scallops, and veggies. I didn't know they have this kind a private secluded area. Overall was good.
by OpenTable Diner on June 16, 2018
Waited over 40 minutes past our reservation time. The restaurant did give us a free desert, but 2 of the four in our party couldn’t eat it due to food allergy. It was a nice gesture, would have appreciated being able to make a choice of dessert.
by JimS on June 16, 2018
This is one of our favorite restaurants for special occasions. The service, food, quality and QUANTITY are always exceptional. It was a busy weekend being the end of graduations and the day before Father's Day but the tables were too crowded. There were just two of us and we were seated in an area that many people passed and bumped into my chair. Just not great for a restaurant of this caliber.
by OpenTable Diner on June 16, 2018
Delicious food, excellent service!
by JohnM on June 16, 2018
Never been disappointed with any of the restaurants in the Mastro’s chain
by OpenTable Diner on June 16, 2018
We went for our anniversary and it was great it’s our favorite place. Great service and great food overall so nice to get out and enjoy a meal for two parents that have their hands full.
by OpenTable Diner on June 15, 2018
The host up front who is a tall young gentlemen with blonde hair is always so polite and respectful, he seated us as soon as we came in from valet, also had us choose which table to sit at since we asked for a little more space. Then our server came and his name was Tim we had him once before and he was amazing, and nothing changed he is still is- always so inviting and very informational, just a great guy with knowledge on food and perfect with customer service he is not pushy and relaxes and takes orders at the right time, he always makes our date nights fun and makes us laugh.
by anutty01 on June 15, 2018
The food and ambiance as always was great. The service was really terrible on this occasion. I never got the salad that I ordered. The entree was missing a requested and suggested item, and the service was very slow. This was most unusual and upsetting.
by OpenTable Diner on June 14, 2018
Dinner was great and the wait staff was great too!
by OpenTable Diner on June 13, 2018
The service and food was excellent. Our waiter Micheal helped make our night one to rave about.
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