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88% would recommend it to a friend
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by OpenTable Diner on September 22, 2018
Amazing food and exceptional service!
by OskarP on September 22, 2018
A great place with tasty food. We will go back to this amazing restaurant.
by ElizabethS on September 22, 2018
Every thing was fine. Not special, too much salad dressing on the Caesar
by dashelamet on September 22, 2018
We hadn’t been to Mastro’s before, but my husband chose it for his birthday dinner this year, and we were both looking forward to going. The food was good; not memorable. The issues we had were with the service and the noise from the valet and speakers. When we walked in, there were six or so people standing against the wall—reminded me of a Sizzler. The hallway is so narrow, there’s nowhere to go while waiting to be seated. We were taken to a table on the patio. I didn’t know there was one. I wouldn’t have requested to be seated there ... why were we out here with the noise from the valet station cars? Our waiter: bored, and annoyed that he had to recite the new customer spiel for us. When he asked about drinks, he took my husband's order but never acknowledged me. One could assume he thought my husband would have ordered for me, but he didn’t even look at me! The same thing happened with dessert. My water was never refilled—my glass was empty. I was finally able to ask for some when our server brought our bill. With the many servers who squeezed by our table, not one looked at us, and I never saw a water pitcher go by, except right after we arrived. The person who seemed to be the busser walked by my husband’s empty plate many times but never stopped to take it away or fill our water glasses. The music was nice; not too loud and good songs. That is, until a different song came blaring through the speaker above us. I kept telling my husband there were two songs playing at the same time: the original and the new, loud one. It was really bothering me. Then the loud song ended and the other was still playing. Finally, someone was fumbling with something by the patio entrance and we were back to the quieter, original music. All in all, I did not enjoy my experience. The service was minimal and I felt ignored. Also, I’d indicated it was my husband’s birthday on our reservation. He was disappointed that it wasn’t acknowledged at all. So was I.
by OpenTable Diner on September 21, 2018
Good food. Service slow, had to wait a few times for water or ask.
by Tramluu on September 20, 2018
Great place for friends and family or your love ones.
by OpenTable Diner on September 20, 2018
Food was wonderful, but the waitress ignored us after she checked how food was. Suit came up after he could see I was waiting/ looking for someone, anyone. He asked if I wanted another beer. I said ahh no the check. He did not ask if everything was ok, did not even ask my friend if he would like water refilled on his empty glass. My friends water never got refilled. The waitress finally came back 10 min after suit dropped off bill. I asked her where have u been? She started to make some excuse and I said my friends water has been empty for a while. I had to ask to doggy bag, never had to ask before. We wanted to order dessert but did not wanted wait forever.
by OpenTable Diner on September 18, 2018
High end staff. Love the tux and bow tie old school style. Dark, classic steakhouse ambiance. Food was impeccable.
by CarolP on September 16, 2018
We were given a private dining room, which made our celebration so much more special. Wonderful staff and fantastic meal.
by OpenTable Diner on September 15, 2018
One word "Superb"
by Rj11 on September 15, 2018
Great service great food . Live music is good too.
by Jasmine on September 15, 2018
Celebrated a friend’s bday and it was an amazing experience. We love coming here
by DHC0906 on September 14, 2018
What a surprising disappointment in virtually all facets of an expected fine dining experience. The dining room was dark to the point of needing a light to read the menu. It was loud due to the adjacent bar with live music. The steak was over cooked; the Bearnaise sauce was bland; the creamed spinach was less appealing than Stouffers. I am baffled at how this place could stay open at such a premium price point.
by UrsulaC on September 14, 2018
My seabass was fishy and not fresh. The scalloped potatoes were greasy and tasteless. The rosemary and garlic mushrooms were great. I did reorder a petite filet it was good,I guess I should have just ordered that in the first place.
by DorelB on September 14, 2018
Reservation went well, quick and easy. I received a follow up call from the restaurant to inquire is there is a special occasion for the dinner. Very thoughtful gesture from the restaurant management.
by MandieC on September 14, 2018
First of all, the good: Service was outstanding. The cocktail was fabulous as was the wine. It was my birthday, and they presented me with a complimentary piece of chocolate cake. The bad: My halibut had no flavor. Typically a good piece of fish does not need tartar sauce with it, which is how they served it. We make a better steak at home than what my husband had. Lobster claw in lobster mashed potatoes had shell all in it. We do not mind paying top dollar for a top dollar meal, however we were highly disappointed in the food. I would not go back.
by OpenTable Diner on September 11, 2018
My food was too rare. My waiter tried to fix it with a hot plate but it wasn’t good enough. On of the bus boys seems to have a bit of an attitude. I just packed my food and left.
by GeorgeR on September 8, 2018
The boneless rib eye steak was good. The cream corn and cream spinach sides dishes were poorly made. The $35 cork fee per bottle was extremely excessive considering the dinner was not the best. I felt we were packed into the restaurant like sardines. I came to the conclusion that Mastro's Steakhouse is just like any other chain restaurant, which is more concern about its bottom line. I was disappointed with my dinning experience.
by PSILoveFood on September 8, 2018
Great steak!!!
by OpenTable Diner on September 8, 2018
As usual Mastro's did not disappoint. From our cantaloupe martinis to our warm butter cake everything we ordered was perfection. Service was impeccable. They have added to their steak menu to now include wagyu and organic choices. The only downside was that they seem to have raised their already high prices, and they only had 3 1/2 lb lobsters available.
by OpenTable Diner on September 7, 2018
Just one of my favorites. Food and service are always great, just gotta pay!
by JuliusAugustus on September 7, 2018
Our server was amazing. The ambience was great. The food was good taste wise and quality wise. However my food was a little on the cold side. The server warned us about hot plates but mine was not hot at all. It tasted great but the temp was a bit of a let down.
by BillS on September 7, 2018
Food and service were outstanding. definitely a place for carnivores. Expensive. Ambiance was OK as the room is quite dark (we used the phone flashlight to read the menu) and somewhat noisy. But the steaks and rack of lamb were great. Get the chocolate layer cake for dessert - you won't be disappointed.
by OpenTable Diner on September 6, 2018
by MikeC on September 5, 2018
There were 6 if us for a birthday celebration. It almost half an hour for our server to take our orders. Two people in our party order meat. The petit fillet came on a gigantic plate all by itself. It was probably 4 inches across and cost about $50. It is a totally a la carte restaurant. The only thing you get without paying is the bread and water. I would never have gone here except for the fact that I had a gift card. Incredibly overpriced. The birthday girl did get a piece of cake free and the waiter mentioned the free part about three times. So much for any Birthday surprise!
by daa2202 on September 4, 2018
First time at Mastro's after dining at many, many east coast steakhouses. The food and service at Mastro's were top notch. Prices are high, but that wasn't a surprise. There are some things on the menu (like a selection of sushi) that you don't commonly see at steakhouses. Live music was good quality and not too loud to prevent conversation. Really, the only quibble is that it's quite dark in there - too dark, my wife thought; it's definitely difficult to read the menu (and the small font size on the menu didn't help.) But other than that, everything was excellent.
by MarissaKouracos on September 3, 2018
We enjoyed our evening very much and always looking forward to eating at your restaurant. Unfortunately, our waiter was very condescending to me and my friend who was celebrating a birthday. He asked for my driver license since I ordered a glass of wine to which I accidentally gave him an expired license. Instead of telling me that I gave him an expired license he handed it back to me gripping it very hard, and when I tried to take my license back from him my fingers slipped off of it. He then told me that my license was expired and that I needed a new one. He did not ask if I had a new license and the way he went about telling me it was expired was embarrassing. When we were ordering our food we had questions regarding things we possibly wanted to order, but instead of answering them in a kind way, he treated us very condescending and not giving us any information. He unfortunately did not come by our table while we were eating to ask if everything was okay even though I would have like a re-fill of my wine. I understand that one person does not reflect the restaurant as a whole, but the front line does make the biggest impression on a guest. Hopefully if I decide to come back it will be a much better experience service-wise. Thank you!
by pinay12read on September 3, 2018
Everything from making my reservation to receiving a phone call the next day was an absolute great experience. It was our 1st time here but definitely not our last. Highly recommend the lobster mashed potatoes, porterhouse steak, and the Butter cake - OH MY GOD! We're still talking about those specific items ordered today :)
by OpenTable Diner on September 2, 2018
Amazing as always, simply first class dining.
by OpenTable Diner on September 2, 2018
Celebrating my wife’s birthday, mothers day and marriage anniversary!
by Dinningwithkids on September 2, 2018
This was our first attempt at fine dining with our 7 and 10 year old boys and it couldn’t have been better! The timing of the food and the service, everything was perfect. Mastro’s is their new favorite restaurant!
by SteveS on September 2, 2018
If you are looking for an upscale steakhouse this is the place to go. Excellent and attentive service, and an outstanding menu. If you are a steak connoisseur Mastro's is a must try. The 40 oz. American Wagu Tomahawk steak was exquisite! The 3 and a 1/2 pound Maine lobster was shelled and served table side. And the sauteed mushrooms were a perfect match for the steak. The lobster mashed potatoes were amazing there was over a pound of large chunks of lobster in a very creamy mashed potato base. Our waiter, Chris, was very patient and informative and made sure we had everything we needed including packaging up and keeping our left over food for us when we went to a show at The Segerstrom Center so that we could get it on our way back to the hotel. After the show we stopped back in for dessert in the bar and were treated to live music and a very rich and delicious Key Lime pie. Because it was my wife's birthday they even comped her dessert. All in all my wife and I agreed it was one of the best dining experiences we have ever had. We will start saving up for our next trip to Mastro's!
by GracielaA on September 1, 2018
I went for my birthday on Sept. 1st. Food was delicious, the host guy is amazing! Ambiance was great. Noise level was good. It was a bit and one of my friends were sweating lol. It was a little embarrassing and disappointing when they brought out my cake and instead if happy birthday it said happy anniversary. But other than those two things it was a great night.
by VicteriG on August 31, 2018
I would have gave the resturant a few more stars, if the service didn't suck. My companion and I ordered 2 mastro margaritas. The drink was served in a shaker full of ice and barely filled the martini syle glass. Disappointment 2, we ordered 2 more in regular glasses without the ice shaker and it took 20 minutes to received. In the process of waiting,we never received bread. People who were seated after us received bread, and I call one of the bus boy over to inquire about the bread and he told me he could help me and would tell my waiter. 5 minutes later our waiter came with our drinks and we ordered appretizers and requested bread. We ordered crab cakes, ahituna tartare and sauted shrimp. We eventually received our appetizers but still NO Bread.... Crazy.. Finally he came to take our order for the main course, and I request bread for the third time. So ridiculous... I don't understand why the waiters have assistants if they just stand around stuck on stupid. I've never had an issue at Capital Grill, in which is directly around the corner and the Lamb chops that we ordered for dinner was not close to the quality at CG... I just don't know if I'll return for a while.
by marleneb on August 30, 2018
Service was impeccable. Food was good but very salty...and I love my salt. All the entrees on the menu were very large. The sides were shareable which is nice when the steaks were $55 and up and everything is a la carte. I would probably not go there again for two reasons. The noise level made it hard to hold a conversation with our family of four. The tables were very close together. Our chairs were less than 3 inches from the tables behind us.
by MrBGB on August 30, 2018
Bday dinner
by NolanM on August 30, 2018
Food and service incredible. Very pricy but worth it.
by LisaG on August 30, 2018
This is a favorite before we go to the Theatre! Always good food and location is walking distance which works out great.
by OpenTable Diner on August 29, 2018
Food was good as usual. Service was horrible. Order was incorrect...a few times. After the waiter brought out the correct items, he tried to bill us for additional sides. After all that, the waiter said he would comp us dessert. He forgot to do that as well! I didnt even bother bringing it up. He clearly was not even paying attention to what was going on. The last few times I've been to mastros, seems like the service keeps getting worse.
by JanT on August 28, 2018
I brought my family to Mastros to celebrate my parents 64th wedding anniversary. Our server, Daniel, was wonderful. He was very attentive without being overbearing. The food was delicious. I highly recommend the roasted brussel sprouts and rosemary and garlic mushrooms. We also enjoyed the gorgonzola macaroni and cheese. Our filet mignon was delicious and cooked to perfection. My daughter had the salmon and thoroughly enjoyed it. This is a high end restaurant that I cannot afford frequently, but it is definitely on my list for special occasions.
by Nancy on August 26, 2018
Everything was wonderful except that you need a flash light to read the menu and see your food.
by Nicole on August 25, 2018
Nothing less than Perfect as usual! Outstanding service and Food. Great band that night.
by ThomasV on August 25, 2018
Your food is outstanding, the best I’ve had in a up scale restaurant, and some other cities. I was disappointed in the seating, we were seated right behind the bar area, it was noisy my wife and I couldn’t hear each other talk, we waited a good ten minutes just for coffee. Overall we would go back to have a good dinner. Hopefully sit in a different area. Thank you
by ChristyD on August 25, 2018
Disappointed in this last trip to Mastros. Our favorite was always the butter cake and it just was ok this time, cake was overcooked and dry, my father in law had some not so great Oysters, garlic mashed were really good, but scalloped potatoes were not.
by TWW3 on August 25, 2018
Mastro's is a notch above the other premium steak places in OC, and never disappoints. If you have never been, save up and splurge to experience the best bite of steak you will ever have.
by WilliamK on August 24, 2018
Outstanding is all there needs to be said for this magnificent establishment!!!
by OpenTable Diner on August 24, 2018
Servers were very attentive and worked well with our pace of eating and visiting. Nice job!
by OpenTable Diner on August 22, 2018
Everything was excellent, except for large party belligerently loud, so ambiance was not great.
by PaulaC on August 20, 2018
Great food and service it’s always a treat when we are able to eat there.
by AntonioR on August 19, 2018
Food was cooked to perfection. Waiter was poliet and on top of his job. Clean restroom and live music was a plus. Will recommend to anyone.
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