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92% would recommend it to a friend
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by SarahG on November 15, 2018
Service was not good. My husband didn't get his cocktail when he ordered it. They finally brought his cocktail and never asked to refill my empty wine glass. Food was ok. Feels like a factory. Get them in and get them out. Very sad.
by AriD on November 15, 2018
Wonderful service, amazing food, and butter cake is a must!
by Mike on November 15, 2018
My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed our dining experience. The food and service were outstanding. We plan on trying the other Mastro’s locations because we enjoyed it so much.
by DeniseD on November 14, 2018
Mastro’s never disappoints. Have been going to the Ocean Club for years and it is one of my favorite restaurants AND the best of the Mastro’s for me. I love sitting in the bar. It was my son’s birthday the other night. We had reservations, were seated earlier than expected in the bar and enjoyed our evening with Carley our server. The food is always excellent. Thank you for another memorable evening!
by AnthonyD on November 14, 2018
Wonderful employees!!!
by OpenTable Diner on November 13, 2018
Was fantastic!
by Barala on November 13, 2018
Fabulous experience celebrating my girlfriend’s birthday. Great vibe, outstanding live music, food to die for, attentive and welcoming staff. We’ll be back.
by 180jax on November 12, 2018
Outstanding as usual
by JimmyN on November 12, 2018
The food and service are excellent especially Rachel (the waitress). She took a good care of us. 5 stars.
by MichaelR on November 11, 2018
Mastro's has always been a favorite destination for myself. This was the first time I was able to experience their Ocean Club off PCH. The experience was absolutely divine, and I cannot thank the staff enough at Mastro's for making each occasion special. Whether I am there for a celebration, or even a last minute dinner they have always treated myself with care, compassion and enthusiasm. Truly feels like a family owned business.
by OpenTable Diner on November 11, 2018
I have been there several times. My 2 favorite servers are Fernando and Rachael. They truly know how to take care of you.
by CarrolJ on November 11, 2018
we had 6 ppl in our party. Ordered main dishes and my cousin and her 7 year old daughter each ordered Sprite. Her daughter was saving her drink by sipping it little by little and when the bus boy came to refill our glasses with water, he actually poured a lot of water into her Sprite glass. He imediately apologized and brought another bottle of Sprite to fill it in a new glass. I didn’t go thru my receipt at the reataurant because it was so dark that I couldn’t see it well so trusted them. but when I came home to go over the receipt, I realized they had charged us the Sprite that he brought to replace the one he accidently pour watee i to. So got charged for 3 Sprites instead of 2! I called the restaurant to ask for a refund and the host told me all the supervisors were busy and that one of the supervisor will get back to me but it’s been 2 days and jo one has reached out to me yet. A bottle of soda doesn’t cost much but it’s the principle and I am really disappointed at this reataurant.
by OpenTable Diner on November 9, 2018
Was there for a birthday had a great time, the only problem is we requested a booth by the bar and they sat us at a table instead
by OpenTable Diner on November 9, 2018
Best Stake and best see food appetizer !!
by OpenTable Diner on November 9, 2018
Excellent food and service! Sat on the covered patio and watched the sunset.
by Gaitan on November 8, 2018
The Mastro's experience excelled our expectations even with our bias perception of how amazing it was going to be. When you are expecting a restaurant experience to be above standard, you are only setting yourself up for approval dismay. Our experience was exquisite in every category and we are pleased to say that we will in fact be returning very soon. We have worked in the restaurant industry for many years in our past as servers and management figures enough to have obtained quite the particular palate. We expect consistency in flavor profiles as well as five star dinner service. Dinner service should be approached by all faculty with selective selling and nightly feature presentations. Whether it be recommending specific wine or appetizers, or even as simple as personal favorite items that are offered in the menu. When you are handed a menu, essentially you are given a map to a possibly extraordinary event. It is up to your server to enhance that aspect of your journey. Unfortunately, we weren't taken down that road of recommendations, but our server was vastly personable nontheless. Ancillary staff, such as the back waiters and food runners, were greatly poised. A service training program amongst all front of the house members would be greatly useful in consistencies that would benefit not only sales, but general attitude when approaching dinner guests. A smile goes a long way and we unfortunately saw less teeth from back waiters and food runners than a Stephen King horror novel. The sound from the live entertainment was at a much appreciated acceptable decibel. The food was outstanding, but the real test is how will it hold up for future visits. The trend is still to be determined in that category. In conclusion, we loved the ambiance and were very pleased with our experience.
by DanS on November 7, 2018
very good meal. overpriced, but expected. a bit loud, so be ready for lively atmosphere.
by OpenTable Diner on November 7, 2018
Yum. Yum. Yum.
by DianeG on November 7, 2018
Great experience for biz or personal. A tad loud but hey thats what happens when so many people enjoy themselves!
by OpenTable Diner on November 3, 2018
Had to wait 30 min for my reserved table. Food and service were good.
by SusanL on November 3, 2018
We enjoyed a wonderful evening dining with great service.
by DavidS on November 3, 2018
Disaster night with mael being sadly negatively affected by server knocking over wine glass onto steak and lobster and in my daughters lap. Manager did all the right things to recover the mishap, but of course meal could not be replaced in time and our annual reunion with my daughter was unfortunately not as flawless as id hoped. The four top we were seated at was just too tightly fit into the space and most likely contributed to the mishap. All elese was perfect as per my usual experience. We will be back
by OpenTable Diner on November 3, 2018
Amazing food and amazing service
by Alang on November 3, 2018
Almost everything was terrific as usual except for the service. When seated , we had to wait too long to be recognized. Several waiters would look at us seated with no acknowledgement. We were very surprised bc this is not the norm. Also, when we finished dessert, we were not asked if we would like to order anything else. I was planning on ordering coffee.
by DP22 on November 3, 2018
Went to Mastro’s Ocean Club to celebrate our 22nd Wedding Anniversary. The over hour drive from Rancho Cucamonga was worth it. Food, drinks and service was outstanding not to mention the Ocean View. In top three of meals I have ever had. Appetizers, sides and main entree were all perfect.
by KyleP on November 3, 2018
Amazing one of the best dining experiences of our lives
by MarkK on November 2, 2018
Fantastic as always
by Roma on November 2, 2018
A great dining experience. The waiters and wait staff were excellent! Suggestions from the waiter were on point and the food was excellent! Loved my Cosmopolitan! Front desk needs work., Did not like the live music in the bar. It equated to making the noise level to the point of annoyance. The duo playing did not fit in with the general ambiance. Instead, they should play upbeat background music from different genres.
by SteveL on November 2, 2018
Great dinner & service!!! The chef, Magellan is amazing! We had a table by the window with a gorgeous red sunset. Great ambiance.
by MonaMikhael on October 31, 2018
Food was great and tasty, service was more than excellent, the new manager Kathy was so sweet and very warm welcoming, we felt the personal touch in mastro’s ocean club this last visit
by MrsCortes on October 30, 2018
Went for our 11 year anniversary. Our waiter was excellent and food was great as usual.
by OpenTable Diner on October 30, 2018
Birthday for sons
by WiliamH on October 30, 2018
Our waitress was outstanding including throwing in a free desert when our mushrooms came to table a little late. We eat at many high-end restaurants and I can honestly say the customer service is second to none
by NoreenD on October 28, 2018
Great night
by JasonC on October 28, 2018
We’ve been to Maestros Ocean Club many times. The menu isn’t unique but they do a great job with everything on it. We were SO happy that they had east coast oysters and they were fresh and delicious. The steaks are amazing and side veggies always perfectly cooked (steamed or sauteed). The drinks are generous perfectly mixed and lots of choices. We didn’t have dessert this time but the emphasis is usually on deliciousness and not “healthy” (as it should be). Only disappointment this time was the Caesar salad was good but not on par with everything else.
by MatthewJ on October 28, 2018
Spectacular restaurant. Really top notch in every way. Food and service and ambiance are all Michelin 3 star. And you get what you pay for. Prices are commensurate with the quality of the meal.
by Nickoass86 on October 27, 2018
My wife and I have come to Mastro’s many times and each experience is different and better than the first. The cocktail drinks and quality of food is absolutely amazing. My wife and I have a very busy life with work and kids are we are not able to find the time to get out as often as we like to. When we do find the time, we make it a priority to come to Mastro’s and Mastro’s makes us feel like the priority.
by SHARIR on October 27, 2018
I have to say that we have been to Mastro's Ocean Club several times and to the Other Mastro's many times. Our server was amazing as was everyone else helping her. Most of our food was excellent! My husband and I go for the steaks and the seafood. That evening we were both hungry for Steak. We decided to get two different cuts and to share them. He ordered the 12oz Filet and I ordered one of the specialty Rib Eye's at approximately $60+. The Filet was very good and cooked to perfection. The Rib Eye which was supposed to be cooked the same way as the Filet was not. I ordered medium+ and to say that it was the most rare piece of meat I have ever been served would not be exaggerating. I usually just make due but my husband insisted that I send it back. When the steak was finally returned to me it was so over done I could barely chew it. Well at this point we decided to just take it home to the dogs. I didn't say anything else because the service was very good and the rest of the food was perfect as always. I just wanted you to know because I feel like you should have a better experience than that at Mastro's. We will definitely go back and I still raved about our dinner to friends but it was a shame that we had this experience. Thank you for your time!
by LauraC on October 26, 2018
I had a great experience, they were very accomadating in every way. Definitely will be back soon
by OpenTable Diner on October 26, 2018
Classic American steak house with option for Pacific Ocean view ( only a few tables have that option) great food and wine selection, classic steak and seafood menu, good service, very good ambiance.
by OpenTable Diner on October 25, 2018
Flew in from Houston for a business meeting. Everything you’d expect from Mastros
by CarmenC on October 24, 2018
The experience at Mastro’s is always excellent. You can never go wrong with the combination of outstanding service and delicious food.
by Eric1 on October 23, 2018
Steaks a bit pricey compared to Ruth, Fleming, Morton’s but not relatively better. I’d say RC has better tasting steaks. Particularly NY strip. But satisfying nonetheless. I’ll try. One in KC strip next time.
by Claudia112 on October 22, 2018
Food was good !!But service was soooo slow..we were the last ones there and our reservation was at 8 pm took forever to get greeted and drinks too a long time ..Our Server was nice but way way to slow :(the whole process was slow ..we felt uncomfortable at the end when we had desert because the restaurant was closing down ..Everyone was cleaning up and we everyone around us where gone..:(
by tomr on October 21, 2018
Great Bar Scene and very friendly and knowledgeable bar staff
by OpenTable Diner on October 21, 2018
Wife birthday
by MonicaA on October 20, 2018
Always love to eat there employees always very personable and light music is great.
by AnnaL on October 20, 2018
Mastros has great service and the food is good. It is a classic steakhouse with great steak choices.
by Saramckinnon on October 20, 2018
The halogen light above the table was so obnoxious. We had to ask 5x to have something done about it. Server was very nice and tried his best to help remedy the situation. We’ve dined at Mastro’s several times before and honestly I thought the food was subpar this visit. Scallops were cooked in advance and literally drowning in cream sauce. Wasn’t a great experience.
by sungeahn on October 20, 2018
Normally Mastro's is a 4.5, but this experience was a little disappointing- very loud, seated at table next to 2 waiter stations table was pretty small for a party of 8, we were constantly moving dishes & glasses around to eat our meal. Service was good but too hectic. We will be back but more clear with respect to our preferences!
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