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88% would recommend it to a friend
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by dwlit on July 16, 2018
Delicious meal, but kitchen was VERY slow. If we hadnt ordered garlic bread appetizer it would have been very unsatisfactory. Waitress apologized. Another waitress asked if we would like dessert, thinking we had finished our meal.
by NEHooligan on July 15, 2018
Our server provided an excellent wine recommendation that I am pleased to have taken. Food (I had the lasagna; my daughter had the pasta primavera) was well prepared and seemed authentic to my recollections of northern Italian fare ( I lived in Italy for 3 years). The restaurant was pretty empty for a noon Sunday lunch. Prices a bit above average for Colorado Springs. Maybe not for every day -- but a great place to celebrate special occasions
by OpenTable Diner on July 6, 2018
Once again a wonderful meal , this is still my fiancé and my favorite Italian place....going anywhere else for Italian would be like cheating. Truly wonderful family run restaurant and we always leave satisfied.... We will continue to come here for our date nights.❤️
by JerseyGirl on June 27, 2018
We showed up a few minutes early for our 7:30 reservation. We sat in the entrance by the desk and waited for quite a while. We then stood by the desk in full view of the restaurant. No one even acknowledged us. It looked like a one man show, waiting on all the tables, etc. Wondering just how long it might take to get dinner, we left.
by BobbieJ on June 22, 2018
The experience was amazing and I definitely would go to Dats Italian again. The desserts are on on point the food was so amazing. The entire family is generous and nice. I absolutely would recommend dats italian!
by OpenTable Diner on June 20, 2018
Made a reservation for a party of four. Showed up early and had to wait 15 mins to get a table. They were not busy. The waitress asked if we wanted an appetizer. We politely declined and had to wait another 10 mins to get water. The service was absolutely terrible. My husband ordered the Chicken Parmesan. The chicken was so rubbery he could not eat it. I ordered the Calms Terenette In White Wine Sauce. When it came out it was a bowl of butter with over cooked clams and a few noodles. The prices are not the same as the prices posted on open table where we booked the reservations. Needless to say we walked out hungry with a hefty bill and will never be back.
by DaveJ on June 17, 2018
This restaurant is family owned and operated. The food is made fresh on site and offers many gluten free options as my wife is gluten intolerant. Our meals were absolutely delicious (the marinara is made at the restaurant from fresh tomatoes). I highly recommend Dat's Italian for any family get-together.
by AmyC on May 19, 2018
Raw bacon in carbonara that tasted like spaghetti noodles and alfredo. I didn't like that a salad or bread wasn't served with or before meal without an additional fee. It was warm and stuffy along with a noisy soda machine and annoying waiter.
by ScottW on May 18, 2018
My wife and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary there and don't regret a minute of it. Fantastic food romantic table friendly service. Nothing to complain about. Would highly recommend it!
by Tiffany on May 18, 2018
Good food and ambiance. Not too noisy. Massive portions. (However our waters were forgotten a little bit.)
by NickV on May 13, 2018
Not just any restaurant. From the moment that we approached the entrance, we all knew that we were in a great restaurant. A courteous gentleman, greeted us at the entrance and offered to escort us to our seating. The waitress was just as pleasant as the gentleman. A few minutes into our experience, we knew that we will be looking forward to be back. And we will.
by GeorgeM on May 13, 2018
Family owned, family ran, amazing service and food. The best tiramisu we have found in Colorado Springs. Most if not all of the noodles are scratch made on site. If there is a better Italian restaurant in Colorado Springs we haven't found it and we've looked. We would highly recommend Dat's Italian.
by MikeM on May 13, 2018
This was our second time eating there. We have enjoyed it very much both visits. It’s a really nice family owned restaurant. We take our teenage kids with us and they love it too.
by MegH on May 5, 2018
We had tried to book a reservation at another restaurant and couldn't. We thought we'd give Dat's Italian a try. Boy were we glad we did. Everyone was pleasant. The food was fantastic. We recommended this restaurant to several of our friends (we were here for the Dalmatian National Specialty) and they were glad they went. We would definitely go back when we're in the area.
by Sharon on April 27, 2018
The food was wonderful. Our server, Hannah, was friendly and was spot on with her recommendations. Would highly recommend for either a romantic dinner, family dinner or casual lunch. Great experience and we will definitely be back!
by VickiL on April 22, 2018
Wonderful Italian food and friendly personal service.
by JohnnyC on April 21, 2018
The food was excellent. I would come back again and again. The service was great. The food came out at a reasonably time. The enviroment was cozy, romantic and friendly. Overall, definitely a place to eat at.
by ThomasH on April 21, 2018
The service was great, the food not. Sadly to say but had better food at Olive garden. Overall I would say Dat's not very good.
by dwlit on April 8, 2018
Family owned, family recipes. Delicious food, ample servings , excellent service. Will definitely return soon.
by JenniferC on March 3, 2018
The food was incredible and the service was impeccable. Anyone looking for good Italian in Colorado Springs should check them out.
by Nicky on March 3, 2018
Arrived happy and looking forward to a nice meal. Left tense and agitated with a headache.
by JanellC on March 3, 2018
Great service from the owner. Kinda awkward table arrangement, but we made it work. Way too much whole garlic cloves in Pasta Primavera. Over 10 in one plated serving! Had been here fun a lunch, but first time in the eve for pre theater outing.
by gatorgurl on March 2, 2018
This is the best authentic Italian restaurant in Colorado Springs. Great, family owned business.
by OpenTable Diner on March 2, 2018
As always.... wonderful. We love coming here!!
by MaggieH on February 25, 2018
Dat's Italian is amazing! I live out of the city so when I asked my friend for food options, she said that this was really good Italian. The food was really, really good. The bar tender was very friendly and had a fun energetic personality. I look forward to coming to Dat'z when I am in the Springs again.
by AllieJ on February 24, 2018
AMAZING! We really enjoyed the lasagna and spaghetti pie.
by ValerieM on February 17, 2018
Pleasant cozy atmosphere. Attentive wait staff. Excellent food, plenty of choices. Don’t pass up the lemon cream cake for dessert!!
by OpenTable Diner on February 14, 2018
They are always outstanding, fantastic place , best Italian in the city
by JulieP on February 14, 2018
The food is fantastic and the waitstaff is very friendly. This is a wonderful family owned business with delicious homemade food. We love this place!
by AshleyR on February 10, 2018
My husband and I went for our anniversary. They went above and beyond to give us the most romantic night together. And as always the food was spectacular.
by LisaR on February 3, 2018
Dennis has greeted us at every visit and made our experience special! The staff is always friendly, knowledgeable on the menu (love their suggestions) and accommodating to our needs. Best place for any occasion, they definitely make you feel special- thank you!
by ChristopherL on February 3, 2018
A terrific restaurant. Food and service was awesome! We will be back.
by OpenTable Diner on February 2, 2018
The most authentic Italian cuisine you'll find in Colorado Springs!
by OpenTable Diner on January 21, 2018
I lived in Europe for almost 10 years and Dat's Italian is the most authentic Italian restaurant I've been to outside of The Boot. The ambiance is perfect and will make you feel like you've journeyed across the pond rather than down to Old Colorado City. The service is spot on; very knowledgeable and worth taking recommendations from. The gent, who you could obviously tell was personally invested in the family business, was pleasant, let us take out time, and provided advice on what tuned out to be two exceptional wines and matching entrees. I've sampled enough Lambrusco to float the Dante Alighieri around and must say, what I had at Dat's Italian was some of the finest. The same can be said for the Chianti which was clean, complex, and left you wanting one more sip each time. Both the lasagna and eggplant Parmesan were served in heaping portions and were not doubt, the finest to be had on the Front Range. Do yourself a favor and head over to OCC's hidden gem for an evening of international splendor. One last note: The tiramisu, don't even dare question if you want it.
by OpenTable Diner on January 20, 2018
Dat’s Italian is our favorite Italian spot in Colorado Springs. It’s our Go To place for a quiet date. First, the ambiance is perfect. Quiet, cozy, and dim. Second, the wait staff is always impeccable. They’re always very polite and attentive. Third, THE FOOD. It is always Amazing. So many of their ingredients are made from scratch which does contribute to a bit longer wait than you may be used to, but it is most definitely worth it.
by OpenTable Diner on January 20, 2018
Wonderful food and service as always, but the diners seating next to my husband and I️ were disrespectful and cursed a lot..... Our food was amazing as it always has been in the past and our server Nole was great, wonderful people that work there...
by OpenTable Diner on January 5, 2018
The staff, service, lasagna and dessert was delicious! We will definitely be back.
by hpsooner on December 23, 2017
It was next to being a horrible evening. First off I had an argument with the Owner /Manager of the restaurant about the size of the table. It was a nice 4 top... problem was, there were 5 adults, and no room for everyone's plates, glasses, and condiments. I asked for a larger table and was told, NO!!! those are reserved. Well, ours was reserved also via Open Table, and being told that's what he always uses for 5 people doesn't hold water. We were uncomfortable and should have left but didn't. As a Sommelier I was totally disappointed by the wine selection. Being told that one of the best wines available was a 2016 Chianti, was not what I wanted, but we ordered it anyway, and it was way to young to serve, let along drink. Food wise, the main courses left much to be desired. I order the Chicken Parm... it actually should have been called "Chick Parm," as there was only about 3 bites of chicken. There were also 2 orders of Veal Parm, and while one was editable, they other really required a saw to get through the veal. As far as recommending this restaurant, I would not and could not, plus I assure you, we will NEVER RETURN. Macaroni Grill in Colorado Springs offers better service, better food, and much better wine.
by OpenTable Diner on December 16, 2017
The food was wonderful and such a friendly staff. I would highly recommend this restaurant!
by OpenTable Diner on December 15, 2017
Great family restaurant. Our waitress was part of the family and did a great job. The lasagna was amazing. We will be back!
by Gman on December 8, 2017
Good italian food. The tables can be small for fitting everything on, the service can take a while (10 minutes until they took drink order this last time - but nice personality servers, just need more of them). When not in a hurry it is a place I go back to.
by JimL on December 8, 2017
We enjoyed the good food and friendly service
by KeithW on November 16, 2017
Waiter was quite personable, making our experience very enjoyable.
by Bobby on November 15, 2017
The food and service was excellent. Would recommend for anytime you have a craving for authentic Italian cuisine.
by OpenTable Diner on November 7, 2017
Enjoy celebrating a birthday here. Service attentive and food tasty. would recommend
by OpenTable Diner on November 4, 2017
Our meals were all excellent. All five of us had something different and each was very good. Our party of five was seated at a table really better for four, a bit cramped. The restaurant is "cozy small". Cocktail selection was more limited than expected, no Irish whiskey, no Beefeater gin, etc. Our birthday girl wanted Cappuccino and they did not have that, very odd for and Italian restaurant. My wife ordered lemon cake for desert and said it had very little lemon taste. But over all we had a very nice evening.
by Pshelk on October 28, 2017
I overheard our waiter tell another staff member that their bagged lettuce is freezing because of where they were placed in the cooler. Sure enough our waiter tried to pawn frozen wilted salads to our table , we refused the messy plates. My wife and I also heard the wait staff talking about how much money they are taking in for that evening thus far. The spaghetti is blanched prior to the dinner service, I know this because I saw the chef(cook) in the kitchen grabbing handfuls and submersing the portions into boiling water(yes his hands were not gloved) pre blanching pasta dries it out . yes it was very noticeable. OK we are foodies I admit , that being said however, we will not be back...
by AnonDiner on October 27, 2017
Very unfortunate experience at this restaurant. Awfully slow service (waited an hour and a half for our food) and no compensation in any way on the restaurant's end.
by OpenTable Diner on October 26, 2017
Dats Italian is by far the best restaurant I have ever been to from the atmosphere to the delicious food. Me n my girlfriend have been looking for a place to go to get away from the kids. We will be going there a lot n the day I propose to her will definitely be at this remarkable restaurant
by Shearz on October 18, 2017
Food was very good. Lasagna was excellent. Wait staff was friendly and talkative but not to the point of intrusive.
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