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70% would recommend it to a friend
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by MelissaH on August 11, 2018
The service was excellent and the people who work there were fantastic, but I saw two cockroaches. That’s the reason for giving it less stars. The food was pretty decent and not too overpriced for the area, but I do not enjoy seeing giant bugs while out to eat.
by HarryK on August 4, 2018
Open Table needs to add another "good for" - Pre Theater. It has an excellent "Pre_Theater" price fix memu.
by billp on August 3, 2018
Going out in the theater district is often a risky business. It was even more surprising than to find a good French restaurant at a reasonable price.
by Eddy on July 28, 2018
They were able to accommodate us at last minute. The food was very good although my husband returned his meal because he was not happy with it. No more questions asked, no issues, they got him a new dish. Excellent service. Our cocktails were very good also and definitively plenty of alcohol in them. Overall we were happy with out experience. Definitively will go back.
by OliverTC on July 28, 2018
We went to Brasserie Athenee before a broadway musical because it was difficult to find many places open at 6pm that saturday and the menu looked good. The negative reviews were mostly about breakfast and brunch; if for dinner, people mentioned particular things they liked or disliked. So we decided to use that as a guide. A lot of people mentioned poor service but we saw almost none of that; our waitress was quick and attentive. However, the food could have been better. The lamb chops were good altho were a bit more steamed than grilled. The steak frites was ok but not very grilled. The duck confit was not so good: overcooked and rather dry. Dessert was lemon tart with a good center but thick and hard crust. So over all they need to step up their game. The place itself is very conveniently located for broadway shows and is a pretty nice bistro and not too loud. Just wish the food had been better.
by SarahB on July 28, 2018
We were 8 people including 4 kids for breakfast. The food was very tasty but still simple options available for kids. Service was friendly and atmosphere was fun. We had a great table by the window. Great option for bigger groups, family meals, breakfast/brunch.
by OpenTable Diner on July 27, 2018
It was closed. They should not accept reservations if they plan on being shut. Location was locked and not a soul in site. We paid for a cab from 15m away to get there in time.
by Interjewel on July 26, 2018
Your staff was so kind and friendly to us during our entire visit. Our orders came out perfect. She also made sure to keep our iced water glasses filled as it was an extra hot day out there in NYC! I am already planning my next visit back.
by frequentdiner on July 25, 2018
A great value. Food is excellent and moderately priced. Wide variety of food to choose from. A wonderful, quiet French bistro vibe in food and ambiance.
by Marilou on July 24, 2018
The restaurant was bright because of glass windows around and there was a positive energy when we entered. The hostess and waitstaff had friendly smiles and were helpful. Food was delicious and reasonably priced. We do plan to return for another meal.
by Peterpan on July 24, 2018
This was a pre-theater dinner, and convenient to the theater on 45th. My granddaughter wanted escargot, and so she got them, along with a huge burger that she could not finish (which looked good). All in all, it was fine, but nothing to write home about. A modest dinner for 3, without drinks, came to $100+ with tip.
by Alberto on July 15, 2018
Service was good but food was terrible. Asked for medium and the mear was rare. Risotto not really a risotto. Escargots were bad. Our son got sick later during the day. Definitely never again
by KathyD on July 14, 2018
Early enough that we didn’t have to order the prix fixe. The salmon was more steamed than seared and lacked seasoning. The burger my son ordered was good. The dessert plates were plain and uninspired. Nice service. Close to our theater.
by Lovetodine on July 14, 2018
Our favorite place befor a broadway show. Food is great, Such a cool place. Old wood bark and bottles in the window with plenty of people watching.
by barbarar on July 14, 2018
My daughter and I came for brunch. We had crepes with Nutella and strawberris. OMG, it was delicious!!!! We also shared an omlette which was delicious also. We will be back!!
by RtfireflyNyc on July 13, 2018
The food strives for mediocrity, but doesn’t quite achieve it. Service was poor to boot.
by lesbreal on July 7, 2018
On the corner of 8th Avenue and Restaurant Row, it's a great place for people watching. A friendly atmosphere and good, reasonably priced food make for a nice meal. Great for pre or post theater dining.
by catcam on July 5, 2018
Conveniently located, wonderful restaurant. I have eaten there several times and it was always good in every way - food, ambience, prices, service, etc. I would not hesitate to recommend this place to anyone, especially for a dinner before a show.
by SJF13 on July 1, 2018
Had breakfast as it was near our hotel and menu seemed appealing. Very friendly staff! Place could stand for a refresh/update. Our meals were good.
by OpenTable Diner on June 27, 2018
Play with nieces
by MissLyss on June 23, 2018
I found everything to be very mediocre. Restaurant is on the shabby side but it fits in with an old world European style. The pre theater menu at $29.95 would be well priced except that the almond cake dessert was truly pitiful. It was a small hunk of plain and fairly dry cake slapped on a plate with no flair whatsoever. The spinach tart appetizer was flavorful. The chicken cutlet entree lacked seasoning and truly just an average meal all around. No complaints on the service. We were in and out in plenty of time for the show.
by morrie on June 23, 2018
We were seated in a direct path for all the waiters, event though another room was practically empty. The dinner special could best be described as dorm cafeteria unknown meat covered with a brown sauce and mashed potatoes.
by gracek on June 13, 2018
The restaurant was well located to the theater and the wait staff was helpful in getting us out in time. We had a reservation and didn't need to wait for a table.
by Grammy on June 6, 2018
This was our first time dining here and we loved it. Perfect menu and everything was delicious. We look forward to trying it for dinner and will make this a must for pre-theater dining.
by FayeNY on June 5, 2018
Used to be a reliable go-to for pre-theater meals, but hadn't dined there in a few years. Both the restaurant and food were tired looking. The tuna on a salad nicoise was grey, not seared, and it was clearly not just-caught fresh. The salad greens were fresh but it was likely the salad, egg and potato slices were prepared in advance. Edible but not very enjoyable.
by Crisco on May 29, 2018
Pre theater meal
by Scooter on May 27, 2018
Excellent food and service. Well worth the visit. Would all then likely visit again
by LouD on May 20, 2018
Lovely atmosphere, attentive service, good food, well stocked bar, wonderful place for all occasions. Will definetley go back when in the area. Lou D.
by gemini on May 19, 2018
The Tuna and Beet Tartare was excellent! The salad was good too. The salmon on the pre-theatre menu options was... disappointing though. It was supposed to be "encrusted" with some thing. It did not appear to be encrusted at all... The Dinner Menu entree would, probably, have been better. Also, since it is "White Truffle Season", I was a little disappointed to find that only the Mac & Cheese had "white truffle" in it... and that was probably pre-mixed or just the oil? Was prepared to pay a little for some grated white truffle on... just about anything. :-) The flan was excellent though as was the multi-grain bread and the wonderful waitress. The scene from one of the many streetside windows was great entertainment too.
by OpenTable Diner on May 12, 2018
Great start in the day. Perfect service
by TomF on May 4, 2018
Mediocre experience. Other places on restaurant Row or a better choice for pre theater dining
by Dukekoop on May 3, 2018
I should have realized when at 630pm in theater district this place was mostly empty thalt the food probably wasn't going to be good. Ordered the wild mushroom soup and seafood risotto. I sent the soup back after one taste. Basically hot water. The seafood risotto looked really good when placed on the table, but I soon found most of the seafood to be overcooked and rubbery. If the food was good their prices would be acceptable but this night it wasn't worth eating.
by TheatreLover on April 27, 2018
We were 5 women having dinner pre-theatre. The menu is varied so everyone was happy with their order. The service was very good and our server answered all questions regarding the menu. It's a great place in the heart of the theatre district.
by OpenTable Diner on April 19, 2018
A delightful pre-theater dinner. Very delightful service, quite good food..overall very pleasant and a very good value. .
by OpenTable Diner on April 18, 2018
Very good food, good service.
by Juicerbud on April 18, 2018
The restaurant was under staffed. They had two servers. We waited a very long time before the server even stopped at our table. The order was rushed and each person was not able to finish their order without being cut off for taking too long and the next person having to go. No smile. No hello. We did not see our server again. The food was just okay.
by LaurenL on April 15, 2018
Food was fair at best. Appetizers took almost an hour to arrive. Floor and walls looked like they are rarely cleaned. Never got around to ordering entrees because of the delay with appetizers. We went for Sunday brunch. Skip it.
by JodieC on April 14, 2018
Went for pre-theatre meal. Service was fast without feeling rushed. Three of us had burgers, which were very good. The 4th had steak tartare which was a generous portion for an hors d’ouvre. The warm chocolate cake and chocolate mousse were wonderful
by chrisR on April 14, 2018
Came here for a pre-theater dinner as it was one of a few restaurants that still had reservations for the time slot I needed. We ordered from the pre-fixe menu which needs some serious work in my opinon. The pita and spread appetizer was very big and very tasty, though I had to quit eating before it made me too full for the main course. We each ordered the slow cooked beef entree, and to our disappointment the beef was very overcooked and dry, and we had to load it up with salt and pepper to get any flavor out of it at all. The flan desert (what they called cake with caramel) and the crepe were both pretty awful. Honestly its pretty hard to make a bad crepe but they certainly found a way. Overall wouldn't based on the pre-fixe meals, though the spot itself was gorgeous and the wait staff was exceptional.
by hopingformore on April 11, 2018
We ordered the prix fixe theater menu, which seemed good value at the time. Food was mediocre at best. Service was attentive, but food was really quite sub standard, despite the glowing descriptions on the menu.
by Hipgran on April 1, 2018
The tables are kind of worn-looking, which is a turnoff if you're bringing someone special - looks llike you didn't really make an effort. However, for dining or brunching pre-broadway shows with friends, it's convenient and fine.
by FoodCricket on March 27, 2018
Excellent value for pre show dinner!
by OpenTable Diner on March 23, 2018
Buen servicio. Buena carne. El pulpo también está bueno. Tiene una carta suficiente. Recomendable
by JackieN on March 17, 2018
Loved the ambiance and at the service was great. The menu had some of my favorites that I rarely find. Excellent food and I could not believe how affordable it was. Excellent.
by barbEH on March 8, 2018
Very good for pre-theater
by OpenTable Diner on March 7, 2018
Perfect place to meet up before a show and grab a quick bite. Food isn’t anything special but it’s perfectly adequate.
by NormaK on March 2, 2018
The restaurant is great for pre-theater. Very close to all. Food is fine but not consistent. Some meals were great, others were solo.
by Claudius on February 24, 2018
Good food and service. Flan dessert was tasteless; Napoleon slice was equally tasteless and not as expected (round and pastry to hard and thick).
by OpenTable Diner on February 15, 2018
Had dinner here with my daughter prior to going to a show. Conveniently located in the theater district, but the food was absolutely awful. I would avoid this restaurant and we certainly will never go again. The food looked nothing like the nice meals shown in the photos. Beware, false advertising. The appetizer tasted funny. Our main courses were precooked and then heated-up prior to serving to us. The deserts were not fresh. I don't know how you mess up steak frites, mac and cheese, or apple tart but they did. Too bad, because it is a lovely setting, nice ambiance and well-located but don't eat here!
by FoodLVR on February 14, 2018
The look and feel created a nice quiet hideaway next to the busiest block in America. The service was quick and my glass was never empty. The food was decent; nothing bad, but nothing good to say. The prices were extremely affordable for NYC.
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