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90% would recommend it to a friend
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by MMMM on October 15, 2018
Gernally the food has been good - but the quality seems to be dropping.
by OpenTable Diner on October 14, 2018
I met with family for Sunday lunch. Needless to say members of our party were late. Very late. The remarkable manager Elsa looked after us. She truly couldn’t have been more helpful. Food was great from start to finish. Roast Pork Belly was tops for me and the Pizza is ,of course, superb. Only downside was the kid on the table behind us constantly throwing food onto our table. What a little bundle of joy he was. We’ll definitely be back.
by HannahB on October 10, 2018
Great food and service as always and very well priced for the quality!
by GrzegorzS on October 9, 2018
It’s never nice to be told you have 2h to finish your dinner at the start of your meal!
by EmilyH on October 5, 2018
Went there for my birthday, great food and drink. Loved the decor and the atmosphere
by meganT on October 3, 2018
The service was awful, our orders were messed up and delays. The restaurant is far too loud Our friend ordered a chicken dish but it actually had pork in it, which he doesn't eat, it was not mentioned on the menu that it would contain pork.
by EmmaS on September 30, 2018
Best pizza I ever had! But the music was so loud I had trouble hearing what my company was saying. Also when we arrived to our reservations we didn't feel welcome at the door, more like we were disturbing the ones who sat there and handled the reservations. (sorry we booked a table at your restaurant?) overall the food was great but the experience was not.
by JoTheK on September 27, 2018
Great for a quick bite - fast, friendly service but very lively on the Thursday night, as the weekend starts early in London. My companion was a little hard of hearing and the table is a little larger than other pizza restaurants so surrounded by chatty ambience it was a little hard to have a conversation without shouting. This, however, does not spoil a tasty meal.
by 444abc444 on September 27, 2018
Everything was great except the customer service. The food was nice, the atmosphere was great. Everything was perfect. Except the awful customer service. The waitress kept coming and asked us if we need something, every 5-10mins, after we finished our food. Even we booked the table and we just ate so fast but we stayed there only 40mis. We could have understood we just stayed there longer than as normally people expect. Finally the manager came over and if we need anything else like dessert, we should leave because some people are waiting for the table. Awful customer service.
by PatriciaW on September 26, 2018
Always enjoy this place. Never disappointed. Great for family birthdays and meeting up with my (grown up) kids. Love everything about it.
by Barbieinthecity on September 23, 2018
We let our server know that we were really hungover and really hungry and he made us feel really comfortable and food was delicious and super fast thanks to him
by Inna on September 23, 2018
Great value for money! Lively and energetic atmosphere! Amazing pizza!
by Ariel77 on September 22, 2018
I went to Pizza East for brunch in group - overall, the choices on the menu are good for brunch; you can even order a pizza if you feel like it. Unfortunately, I choose scrambled eggs on toast with smoked salmon - the portion size was the equivalent to a canape (i think one egg was used in the scramble and the toast was wafer thin) - not ideal when you've not had breakfast. Perhaps they want you to order two or three dishes for brunch? If so, this should really be said on the menu. Also, the coffee was not great considering all the great coffee options in the area and they overcharged me for the scrambled eggs on the bill - they managed to fix this but really basic admin error that shouldn't be there.
by ThomasM on September 19, 2018
The company I was with could have been better. However the food and wine made up for that 😁
by OpenTable Diner on September 16, 2018
Its my second time here and i alway love the atmosphere and the staff. Great food loved the lamb meatballs and loved the Burrata yum yum
by Joanna on September 14, 2018
Overall, the experience was good. I booked a table for 11 people and the service was good during the meal and our food came in ok time considering the party size. However, there was some issues with the bill at the end of the evening as people in the party began to leave, and paid their way. I appreciate it is hard to split the bill but we ended up definitely overpaying for our meals due to the waiters not calculating the bill correctly as people left, and them losing track of how much had been paid. This did end the night on a bad note which was not ideal, especially as it was my birthday. I had said that it was a birthday meal when making the booking and there was no acknowledgement of this when we were there - no one even said Happy Birthday to me and it would have been nice if there had been some kind of dessert on the house or if the tiny bill discrepancy at the end of the night was written off for the occasion. The pizza was really good however, as was the wine, and both were good value for money. I would go back but not with a big group and not for a special occasion.
by Rosssm on September 14, 2018
Always excellent service and great food! The wine list has some great finds- Pinot noir highly recommend.
by StefanoR on September 14, 2018
Very busy and hip place in Shoreditch. Went with kids at 7.45, it is kid friendly but probably better with kids early on. Good food in a very lively location.
by KristenC on September 14, 2018
Service was extremely poor and the waiters were very rude. To top it all off my pizza was horrible and coffee was cold. Will not be returning.
by Anonymous on September 11, 2018
Pizza East - Shoreditch is a great informal dining option with atmosphere. The food was solid, not the best, not the worst. great place for groups. Very reasonably priced. Would go again.
by StaceyM on September 8, 2018
Really pleasant experience, we were a party of 4 and after muddling up my booking I went to the wrong restaurant so we arrived late, they were understanding, wonderful and accommodating. The food was delicious. We decided not to have desert. However once we seen the menu all 4 of us had one and they didn’t disappoint. Staff are friendly, efficient and polite Thank you
by Juneborninmay on September 6, 2018
We had a great friends get together at Pizza East. Great pizzas, salads and olives with almonds. Wine was nice too. Perfect for a casual dining. The staff were lovely and attentive.
by Gary on September 5, 2018
Great casual meal for a group of 6 colleagues. San Daniele never fails.
by MariaG on September 1, 2018
Was not impressed with pizza to be honest. A lot of oil poured on the top of pizza and not much topping. Bar in the waiting area served good cocktails but very confusing ordering system, as you couldn’t tell who is the barmen!
by Jess on August 31, 2018
It was clear from the moment we arrived that the timer had begun, and one and a half hours was to be stuck to. Rushed dining experience! Not relaxing, but a nice waiter and decent value.
by MrsLeigh on August 30, 2018
Nothing special apart from being in a good location. If you like your pizzas 75% crust and everything on the menu just a few quid more expensive than can really be justified. Confirmation call the day before swiftly informed me I had to vacate the table at 10pm did I still want the booking. During the meal felt rushed through the whole thing. Wouldn't go back. So many other great restaurants out there so go there instead.
by AnnaC on August 28, 2018
Fun with delicious food, lots of different options and good for a big group. Staff were helpful and friendly. We had a small issue with one of our chairs that the manager resolved for us which was appreciated.
by Pinkie on August 28, 2018
Excellent service and the food is always delicious!
by AnnaB on August 27, 2018
I love PizzaEast - they never disappoint. I took my teenage children with me for the first time and we now have a new favourite family restaurant. The service is exquisite and the staff treat you like kings and queens (even the children are treated with respect and dignity). We shared lots of starters which was an adventure. Have already booked our next family outing here.
by SebastianoM on August 26, 2018
Great pizza and starters. Nice ambience excellent service
by km123 on August 25, 2018
Yummy pizza
by KavitaS on August 23, 2018
I celebrated my bday here Great service Great price No complaints!
by TasminL on August 23, 2018
Great breakfast for our team! We would definitely recommend and will be back!
by Vincenzo on August 22, 2018
Great for friends get together. The food is great and the vibe awesome.
by DaljB on August 21, 2018
Group of 4 booked Pizza East for dinner and had an amazing meal. Starters were exceptional... Pizza was fresh and full of flavor... Wine selection was spot on... and dessert was fantastic... Highly recommend as the best pizza place in East London
by NickyG1 on August 18, 2018
I’ve been many tines , always great , staff so helpful , great ambience
by LucyF on August 14, 2018
Great atmosphere, food and service - always enjoy my visits here
by yvonneA on August 14, 2018
really good great tamospher everything was delicious
by TamarF on August 12, 2018
lovely place, great food. nice for family and group of friends.
by melaniet on August 4, 2018
Great pizzas, good service and an enjoyable meal spent with family celebrating my son's 15th birthday. If you're looking for a vibrant, fun spot for dinner I would definitely recommend.
by JohnnyF on August 4, 2018
Really great evening here! Had an amazing meal and the service was superb... Would definitely recommend!
by 1happyfamily on August 4, 2018
Easy to book. Table confirmed the day before by phone. Food and service were excellent. We will be back!
by JCJC on August 4, 2018
Good food and excellent service. Went with a group of friends with several babies/toddlers between us and were treated very well!
by IWouldGoOutTonight on August 3, 2018
Good food and excellent service in a vibrant atmosphere. Value for money
by TomyG on July 30, 2018
Amazing food...Service is a bit poor,im not talking about waitress taking order,and placing food on our table that is good,im talking about asking 55 times for the bill,that was not correct 3 times,im talking about staff arguing with me about discount that not supouse to happen,all excuses you need to argue between your staff and managers not with customer what is what...its very busy place,and if you cant handle,remove some tables,or hire more staff who able to listen and explain about discounts for people in the begining of reservation not in the end that rules been change...
by SP12 on July 30, 2018
Favourite for group meals - love the round tables and great food. Will definitely be back!
by HannahB on July 27, 2018
Great food and service as always
by JOHN on July 23, 2018
It's good not great. If you have a keyring and get the half price Monday deal then it's well worth the money spent. I would be on the disappointed side if I had to pay full price though, mostly because I'm a regular and the menu has changed and is not as good as it once was. Starters seem to have decreased in size also. However the starters and salads were very testy. The pizzas were just OK.
by PollyG on July 23, 2018
Had a great evening! Fantastic food and amazing service as always! The staff go above and beyond every time. Will be back!
by MP326 on July 20, 2018
Food is great as always. Service was not great. The front of the house was not very friendly. We were asked to have the table back by 9pm (2hr slot) which is absolutely fine but then it took 15 mins to order drinks and we had literally shout to be serviced. Food took another 15 minutes to be ordered and they keep forgetting our order and we had to chase them. It was too stressful! At least the food is really great!
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