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90% would recommend it to a friend
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by OpenTable Diner on January 17, 2018
Really wonderful experience, amazing food, great service, awesome atmosphere - will definitely return!
by Maja on January 15, 2018
I'm a regular customer of Pizza East and I have to say, I'm not sure I'll be going back. I booked a table well in advance for my birthday meal. We had to wait for the table once we got there and there weren't enough chairs for everyone when we arrived. This I can understand, as the place gets really busy and these things happen. However, the waiting staff were really rude and unattentive, essentially throwing our food down in a distracted and careless way, giving us a lot of attitude. And the food? Yes, it was tasty, but the experience left a bitter taste in my mouth. I would normally choose to not pay the service charge on the bill when stuff like this happens, but seeing that it was my birthday I didn't want to put a dent in the rest of the night. Really disappointed guys - I used to love you. What happened?
by OpenTable Diner on January 14, 2018
Poor really - Pizza certainly not the best and service likewise Shame had planed a visit for a while and the actual restaurant space itself very good
by Drew on January 13, 2018
Excellent pizza and mac’n’cheese, great value for money
by OpenTable Diner on January 11, 2018
My daughter lived in Bethnal Green for around 5 years and introduced me to Pizza East many years ago and it was and remains one of my favourite UK restaurants The ambience is second to none, the food is from a simple but outstanding menu, the service is great and the design is fantastic Great night
by OpenTable Diner on January 10, 2018
Food and wine was great, but a tad too loud to hear our server
by OpenTable Diner on January 09, 2018
It was average Italian quisine Way too over priced for what it was Also the ser charge is an absolute rip off..... went for my birthday, my friends and I all felt ripped off... Cocktails for alsmot 10 pound?
by clmo on January 09, 2018
Excellent pizzas and reasonably priced wine, a great place to grab dinner after work with friends. Cowshed toiletries in the loos lovely too!
by OpenTable Diner on January 09, 2018
The evening was great, with friendly attentive staff at reception, to take coats and bags. The waiting staff were efficient and polite, making sure we had everything we needed, doing it with a smile. The food was also good, both starters and mains and I would definitely return, there was a 2 hour turn round on the table, but it was enough for us anyway.
by Dimako on January 08, 2018
Great pizza, my favorite Italian beer Birra Moretti
by OpenTable Diner on January 06, 2018
It was okayyy. Pizza was soggy in the middle. Dessert was nice and cocktails were good. The service was poor. Was ignored most of the time so much so that I had to raise my arm to get someone’s attention and this to me is a no-no. 😳 Understandably it’s busy on a Saturday night but when you can see other people being given attention it’s somewhat annoying.
by OpenTable Diner on January 06, 2018
Trop bruyant !
by OpenTable Diner on January 06, 2018
Another great day at PE! Great service and great food by a great company. Keep up the good work Guys & Girls
by OpenTable Diner on January 01, 2018
The staff was great
by MikeD on January 01, 2018
What a great find -- was initially reluctant (thinking it was just another pizza joint/chain). But Pizza East was a lovely surprise: great apps, pizzas were delicious, good drinks, and amazing garlic bread. A find, for us, and highly recommend.
by Jona on December 29, 2017
Starter was oily and hard to eat. Pizza dough was ok. Truffle pizza is from paste and has industrial taste. Not sure about the mozzarella buffalo on the margarita as well.
by Rosie on December 27, 2017
Nice food (decent pizzas, large starters, very filling), good atmosphere and friendly staff. Poss a bit OTT with the chilli flakes. Accessible for a wheelchair but it was a bit of a procedure (side entrance, silly little lift where there is room for a ramp etc).
by OpenTable Diner on December 22, 2017
Pizza was good but desserts too much expensive compared to the real value
by Natalie on December 21, 2017
Pizza - Great. Dessert - Great. Cocktails - Great!
by OpenTable Diner on December 20, 2017
Very nice place with good food and nice ambiance. Staff was nice too. Overall good experience
by OpenTable Diner on December 19, 2017
Terrible noisy place with average food . I went there to catch up with a friend and could barely listen to each other!
by OpenTable Diner on December 16, 2017
it was all going well, pizza was nice, the venue is well decorated but apparently they have a strange rule. As soon as you are finished, so we didnt want a pudding, the bill was slapped down on the table and we were told we had to pay IMMEDIATELY. We were allowed to stay at the table for as long as we like but we HAD to pay. the waiter was walking up and down and up and down waving the card machine at us. we just left
by OpenTable Diner on December 16, 2017
Superb restaurant! Had never been before and chose it as we were spending a weekend in London with kids (8 and 11 yo) so thought it would be almost Pizza Express ish. Couldn’t have been more wrong, great atmosphere, amazing food and very friendly service. 5* in every respect.
by mircat on December 16, 2017
Great food and service was impeccable. Highly recommend this restaurant. The doughnuts were to die for!
by OpenTable Diner on December 14, 2017
Overall it was really good. Fun atmosphere and good service and excellent food. We were a group of 7 (the 8th person couldn't make it) and our table was far too small.
by OpenTable Diner on December 14, 2017
A really great restaurant with a nice buzzy atmosphere. The pizza is delicious but it is a little expensive as is the wine.
by OpenTable Diner on December 14, 2017
Great service!!!!
by RC31 on December 13, 2017
Enjoyed my evening out with good food, service and atmosphere. Slight delay on table from booking time and lack of seats at bar area but this is London so all to be expected. Pleasant bar and restaurant staff, clean facilities and even had a dancefloor for a private event.
by ismini on December 13, 2017
[nice pizza] :) good for a nice datenight. pizza dough
by purpledwarf on December 13, 2017
Staff were great - quick to serve us and friendly. Food was lovely - shared the aubergine and walnut dish as a starter and had the truffle pizza for a main. The Salento cocktail was delicious!
by OpenTable Diner on December 11, 2017
Eventhough it was very busy the service was amazing, food is fantastic as always! I always recommend it to friends! My absolutely favourite are the calamari, the burrata and the black truffle pizza!
by Dimako on December 10, 2017
Everything was really fantastic! We loved our food. Italian beer Moretti was also great. Will definitely come to eat again.
by OpenTable Diner on December 10, 2017
Birthday meal for 10 people. Quick service and good food
by AllieAllieJJ on December 09, 2017
Really enjoyed our dinner at Pizza East. Very buzzy atmosphere and great food. Super waiter who made sure we were well looked after and even recommended a different wine that would save us money rather than try and upsell which was much appreciated. I would definitely recommend to my friends and will return next time in London. Thanks to everyone for making it a birthday dinner to remember!
by SMSM on December 08, 2017
Lovely food and atmosphere however I always feel rushed. Waiters are quickly clearing the table and filling our glasses so we felt they wanted us to leave quickly. The prices are not on the menu and it would be helpful to have this information.
by Cate on December 08, 2017
The food at this restaurant never disappoints. Have had the pizzas, the salads plus a selection of the other choices. It’s all good. Staff are chilled and friendly but effortlessly efficient too. Always a favourite.
by OpenTable Diner on December 07, 2017
Great fun. Everyone really enjoyed their evening.
by OpenTable Diner on December 06, 2017
Extremely noisy, dark and rude front of house although the table service was friendlier. Would not go back
by OpenTable Diner on November 29, 2017
Normally great pizzas, came at 6.45 so maybe as it was as busy yet standard wasn’t as high. Pizzas were a bit sloppy and undercooked compared to previous experience
by OpenTable Diner on November 25, 2017
To be fair it was a very busy Saturday night when we ate. While the good was good ( I’d eaten before during the week earlier in the evening- it was a much better experience). The issue this time was it was quite raucous ( stag do nearby). The staff were clearly run off their feet. We all commented on the unnecessarily grasping comment from the waitress who clearly expected that any of the change from our bill ( or check as the English waiter bizarrely insisted on calling it) to be given as a tip. We happily tip but felt her forthright demand was a little ott.
by OpenTable Diner on November 25, 2017
We went here for my birthday celebration, the quality of food was fantastic and it was a very short wait despite how busy it was, I would strongly recommend giving the Shoreditch site a visit.
by Yaya on November 24, 2017
Great service with a smile. Pizza was good, although only slightly above average. Was only a quick dinner for us so no real comment about ambience although the place was nice.
by elifff on November 24, 2017
fantastic staff, fantastic menu, definitely recommend their pizzas.
by spiral on November 23, 2017
It was ok, I had high hopes but they didn't live up to my expectations. It was too loud, the staff were too busy and not very attentive, however the food was good, but not outstanding.
by CM22 on November 20, 2017
Really nice food but when you book the confirmation says you can have the table for an hour and a half, but be prepared to be pressured into wrapping up your dining experience as quickly as possible as they want the table back way before your hour and a half is up, it's my only gripe!
by OpenTable Diner on November 18, 2017
Nothing but positives. Great atmosphere, noisy but it added to it I think. Pasta cakes are great and pizzas are traditional but done well
by Oxford25 on November 18, 2017
Booked a table for 12, the day before going I called to ask if we could fit one extra person on, making us a table of 13. I was advised we would be on two separate tables near each other. On arrival, there was a huge table free, that could have easily fit us all on. We asked if we could sit there but we were advised the table was being left for walk ins... this made no sense to us. A lady came in two minutes later and was asked if she would like to sit at the bar or this giant table, she even laughed at the thought of being sat there all alonea d rejected the offer. Our table was booked for 15:45, a quiet time, this huge table was left practically vacant the entire time. It was tempting to go back outside, queue as individuals and get to sit on the same table as a group via this odd way. When our two tables were ready (they weren’t on arrival) it seemed very easy to put the tables together, so we could sit as a group. However, we were shouted down at such a crazy suggestion of moving tables... three of us in the group have worked in restaurants before, our suggestion caused no issues for other people, we would not have been in the way. The service was pretty poor all round for a variety of other reasons too. Another example is when we ordered a mushroom pizza and they tried to give us a truffle pizza instead, when we said that wasn’t what we ordered the waitress implied it’s what we were getting regardless. After asking her manager, she finally saw sense that we could have the pizza we ordered, not the one she decided upon. The food was good, it’s just a shame the restaurant had zero desire to cater for a birthday party they knew were coming, when it could have been so easy for them. One table received fast service, the other very slow. I wouldn’t go back. You can get just as good food with great service elsewhere.
by OpenTable Diner on November 17, 2017
Way too overpriced for a sub standard pizza. The ambience is nice but very difficult to hear each other.
by OpenTable Diner on November 15, 2017
Despite having a reservation, we had to wait an extra 30 minutes for our table (and there were only two of us). We were then overcharged for our meal, but only realised this the next day and didn't take the receipt so couldn't address this with the restaurant. I used to love going here but the experience this time was awful.
by OpenTable Diner on November 13, 2017
A reliably great place to celebrate anything including just friends getting together for a catch-up. It's got atmosphere and quality ingredients and dishes - everything you could want in a restaurant.