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92% would recommend it to a friend
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by OpenTable Diner on July 21, 2018
Our waiter Jason was fantastic but the food was sub par and the ambience and view made the evening worth it. Of all our Boston restaurant experiences thus far, Mastro’s ranks towards the bottom of the list but thankful we had a nice view from our table.
by OpenTable Diner on July 19, 2018
After waiting 15 minutes to be served, we met our waitress Brandy. My wife and I first thought she is going to have to work her tail to get sonething from us. Immediately she went to get a cocktail menu and provided options based on our preference. She was very personable and by the end of the night we almost forgot we had to wait 15 minutes to get served. The food was delicious. The bone-in ribeye and scallops were seasoned well and juicy to our liking. When we got to dessert, the butter cake was worth the wait and stomach room saving. The cake was crispy but yet kelted in your mouth at every bite. Overall we had a great time with Brandy and the food was worth every price.
by OpenTable Diner on July 18, 2018
Let me start by saying I don’t usually bother with reviews. We went to celebrate my boyfriends 30th birthday, and from start to finish out experience was fantastic! They gave us a little birthday card signed by staff which was very thoughtful. Our waitress Chloe was so good; professional and very attentive. Our food and drinks were amazing, and although it is extremely expensive, I found it worth it for such a special occasion. Thank you for making his birthday great!
by WabanHill on July 17, 2018
Extreme excessive price. Let you judge. Side of Brussels sprouts - $14. Ok Add Bacon bits - $14!! Old fashion drink $19 for the makers mark $5 for the club soda $5 for “$add”. Are they serious! $75 for my steak. $9.50 for scallop one $9.50 for scallop two Give me a break! I get the crazy steak price. But $10 a scallop that is smaller than a quarter
by BizTraveler on July 15, 2018
There's a clear high-end vibe as you enter the restaurant. Great views from inside or out of the Boston skyline. For some reason there was live music in the bar (piano and guitar) and it was really loud in the dining room so we moved outside where the noise level and views matched the menu. The food was quite good, but portions were enormous. We could have easily shared any entree and been fully satisfied. Overall, it was good, not great and we will likely not go back. I believe they may struggle in this location as it's off the beaten path from the action of the Seaport and not a dining destination per se.
by Uflawyer on July 14, 2018
The food was pretty good, but the service was ok. It took a while for the servers to come to the table.
by Gina on July 14, 2018
Engagement dinner
by OpenTable Diner on July 14, 2018
Every time we come to Mastro it’s considered a great experience. The food the service the location and the friendliness and attentiveness of the staff are all extraordinary
by OpenTable Diner on July 13, 2018
Tiffany the hostess was great as was Brandi our waitress. They went the extra mile to make my daughter feel special. Food was terrific as usual
by OpenTable Diner on July 9, 2018
Very nice meal. Fantastic service
by PeterV on July 8, 2018
Fantastic food and service with a great view of the harbor! It's one of the top steak restaurants in Boston - if not the BEST one.
by Uvmitsu on July 7, 2018
Wonderful dining experience. Food and service is top notch.
by JOCY on July 6, 2018
Second time dining here, the food is amazing ! Unfortunately service wasn’t as good second time around. My waiter the first time I dined here set the bar very high so maybe that’s why I was a little disappointed with the service second time around . I will definitely give it another try again with the hopes of having a great waiter as the first time .
by OpenTable Diner on July 5, 2018
They made our night truly special by writing a congratulations card for my achievement! Everyone was so friendly. The crab was excellent. The steak was by far the best according to my dad and brother. Thank you Mastro's team!
by phanny on July 4, 2018
First time experience not the greatest. We were seated with no menus, after 5 mins the waiter came over and Introduce himself. When our meal came out the manager took our side dish and gave it to the table next to us and pretend he screwed up, but we heard the table next to us asked for it. And don't come over and apologize when you don't mean it. Not worth coming back with all the other options in the seaport.
by OpenTable Diner on July 2, 2018
Our experience with Mastro’s was great ! Scott our waiter was very helpful with breaking down the Menu for us and explaining what every meal was.
by NancyV on July 1, 2018
Great restaurant! Beautiful view outside, great staff!! Very good food!!!!
by Emil on June 30, 2018
Very load and initially not very organized as it was just too crowded. Great Mastro’s style seafood and steak but I wish the atmosphere was a little cozier similar to other locations.
by PaulF on June 30, 2018
Our server Tony was fantastic. The extra servers made sure we had water, extra bread and cleared our plates promptly. Steak and scallops were fantastic and cooked perfectly. We sat outside which was a good call on such a nice evening. Picture is of a Manhattan and the Spirit of Summer. We will remember our night at Mastros for a long time. One of our top dining experiences ever.
by JudyA on June 30, 2018
The setting is delightful and it was a great way to end our Boston Adventure. The noise was deafening when we entered the restaurant so we opted for the patio seating. It was perfect. We had a great waiter who made our experience a delight. The fireworks at 9 pm was such spectacular!
by OpenTable Diner on June 30, 2018
This was our first time to this Mastros. We enjoyed our food. The service was excellent, except our coffee finally came after we had just about finished our dessert. Our main objection was the noise level. There was a pianist and singer in the bar who's sound permeated the entire restaurant. We barely heard our server. When the musicians took a break, the canned music was equally as loud. I know management is probably trying to create a certain vibe, but what a shame when you want to enjoy a meal and can barely hear those around you. I wouldn't rush back. We happened to speak to friends in Houston, who at their local Mastros, had the same concern.
by OpenTable Diner on June 28, 2018
Being a Boston foodie, I thought it was too expensive for the quality of the food we received.
by OpenTable Diner on June 27, 2018
Val made sure that everything was perfect...and it was!!
by OpenTable Diner on June 26, 2018
Too loud and service was slow
by Paul on June 26, 2018
Fantastic view of the harbor...and great food.
by LeslieM on June 26, 2018
Excellent food, excellent service, generous drinks. All around excellent.
by DiningFromIndia on June 25, 2018
Very loud and service was very slow
by Bonny123 on June 23, 2018
Amazing ! Never disappointing ! So consistent and delicious ! I had bone in filet and it was amazing ! Every bite melted in my mouth !
by OpenTable Diner on June 23, 2018
Not rushed at all, an excellent evening!
by OpenTable Diner on June 23, 2018
We had a awesome time, the food was delicious and the services really nice. We definitely go back 👍
by OpenTable Diner on June 23, 2018
My boyfriend and I went for my birthday this past weekend. The food was overall great, but that was the only redeeming quality of the restaurant in our opinion. Place is LOUD. Do not go for a date where you want to be able to talk to your partner. We were as far away as possible from the live entertainment but the acoustics in the place make it impossible to hold a conversation. Service was rough from start to finish, our waiter didn’t come by until 20 minutes after we had been seated, was disheveled and messed up our order (overdone steak, thankfully still delicious, and misheard our side order), had to have another waiter attend to us for was a bummer to be honest. We’d heard such good things, and while all three courses were delicious, for the money spent, the service, experience and atmosphere didn’t add up. We won’t be back.
by OpenTable Diner on June 22, 2018
Awesome food and service
by Bostonians on June 22, 2018
We were very anxious to dine at a 'proper dress code' establishment, as both myself & my wife enjoy getting dressed up for dining, which we always do no matter where we dine. It was disappointing that diners were allowed into the restaurant in shorts and/or t-shirts, which were not permitted per the 'web site dress code'. The meal itself was excellent, and we had a terrific waitress. The cost of the dining was very expensive, and to have patrons that did not adhere to the dress code was disappointing, to say the least.
by RachelF on June 18, 2018
Scott our server was INCREDIBLE. Made our meal so special and memorable.
by OpenTable Diner on June 17, 2018
Father’s Day
by HaliE on June 16, 2018
Wow! What an amazing experience. My boyfriend & I were in town visiting and Mastro's was the perfect dinner find! The food was exquisite, the waiter & manager were both so extremely personable & welcoming, the unique cocktail menu was a favorite as well as the live music. I highly recommend visiting Mastro's Ocean Club in Boston!
by JohnD on June 16, 2018
A real favorite of ours Consistently great steaks and seafood !! The servers are very professional and courteous! A standout in a very competitive restaurant scene!
by SHMP on June 15, 2018
Amazing food, wonderful and friendly staff, and beautiful views! I enthusiastically recommend Mastro's and will definitely be returning.
by Matt on June 14, 2018
A very nice meal, good views of the harbor, and attentive staff.
by Expensive on June 13, 2018
First visit food and service were good but prices are out of line with local alternatives.
by Dineoutonly on June 12, 2018
Slow service, too noisy, terrible fish
by TimW on June 9, 2018
We waited 25 minutes just to get a drink order in, and they were so watered down we had to send them back. The waiter was so busy that we barely saw him. Good food though!
by OpenTable Diner on June 9, 2018
Great Food and very large menu. However, service the past few times I have been has been very slow. Both the waiter and kitchen took a very long time to get back to us with drinks and food.
by KimberlyS on June 9, 2018
Overall evening was very nice. Chose this restaurant because menu that was accessed through Open Table listed broiled lobster - in reality this is not the case as it is not offered. Appetizers were very good as in most high end steak houses. Meats were perfectly cooked. Seafood dishes excellent. Side dishes were particularly good. Desserts what you would expect from this type of establishment. All in all very, very good.
by SusanFoss on June 9, 2018
The food was very good, we both had steak with French fries and snap peas. They were all very good. The restaurant is very noisy. My biggest complaint was the table we sat at was to small. You don’t have room for your dinner plates, sides, bread plate and glasses at once. The service was so so. The waiter never came over after our meal was placed to see if it was cooked to temperature. My husband wanted a glass of wine while he ate and he didn’t get to order it til he was almost done eating. We finished with cherry crisp, which was very good.
by RubyR on June 9, 2018
As with most large chains, this restaurant is missing that personal touch. The food was excellent, way above average in my humble opinion, but I did not feel as though I had a fine dining experience. Service was painfully slow. We had a 7:30 reservation, and did not pay the check until 10:30. Too much time in between courses. The waiter was not particularly helpful, had us ordering extra sides that went to waste because each side was large and generous, (enough to feed 4-6) and after our meals came never once inquired as to how we liked our dinners, was there anything else we wanted or needed. It's those small things that makes a person feel the restaurant cares about their guest. Finally I had called ahead as it was a friend's birthday and requested a table in the main dining room, not one of the side rooms. When we arrived our table was in a side room, in front of a wide screen TV. When spending $200 on a dinner, I would prefer not to have a 65 inch TV in front of me. As we were a party of 8, I did not feel comfortable complaining about the table location, and said nothing, but felt at an upscale restaurant such as this, a request should be honored or at least an apology as to why they were unable to do so. I did mention it to a manager shortly before leaving, and he said he would look it to it and get back to me. That never happened. All in all, I was disappointed in the level of service for a restaurant of this quality. They just didn't care about their guests, and whether it's a $200 a couple meal or $50, that's what makes the difference between a restaurant diners can't wait to visit again and again, and ones that you probably won't return. It's a shame too, because as I said the food was excellent, but in today's day and age there are plenty of great restaurants that care more about their guests than Maestro did.
by OpenTable Diner on June 9, 2018
Everything was perfect.
by Sam27 on June 9, 2018
Disappointing, crazy expensive and very slow service. We were seated promptly at a nice table for four with a view, which was the high point. It took 20 minutes to get a glass of water. The waiter was personable enough, but not particularly helpful in explaining dishes or portion sizes, and increasingly inattentive as the meal wore on. The salads can definitely be shared by two, although the waiter insisted that they were only single portions. I ordered the 6 oz. filet mignon, which was served on a large plate with no garnish, making it look ridiculously small. And it was poor quality meat, at that - I've had better at Longhorn Steakhouse. The other guests in our party of 4 had fish, which was generally ok, although the pan seared sole came out looking like it had been deep fried. Also, the drinks were weak. We spent 2.5 hours at dinner, which was too long. In sum, a poor experience which we will not repeat.
by Sammie58 on June 9, 2018
Table was right in the middle of traffic- waiters and hosts were talking all around us. Our waiter apologized three times for his lack of attention. For a 6pm reservation, I would have thought we’d get utmost attention. Food wAs over cooked on the 400 degree plates and our waiter asked how to spell our sons name for his special dessert - pretty hard to screw up his very simple name- and then had the busboy drop in front of him. Had high hopes and really thought the food and view would be better.
by Donccpa on June 9, 2018
The evening was great. We were greeted warmly by the maitra'd, had a great table with waterfront view, the waiter was knowledgeable and friendly and the food was fantastic.
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