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70% would recommend it to a friend
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by Frequentdiner on April 21, 2018
Overpriced and underwhelming
by Vickster on April 20, 2018
Great sunset venue Nice wine list EXCELLENT FOOD
by Bruce on April 15, 2018
Service was excellent. The receptionist saved us a corner table right by the beach. Best table in the house. And she let us park in valet for free due to limited parking and said we could keep our car there while we walked on the beach. Good food, great view, nice way to spend last day in Maui!
by RhondaH on April 04, 2018
Can’t beat this beachfront location - really an awesome place. Hands down the best focaccia bread I have ever had - Parmesan crusted with Hawaiian sea salt. I would seriously go there again just for the bread and the wine! The Caprese Salad was weird (pictured below) and tasted weird too - the cheese had the texture of a runny egg and who peels the skin off a tomato...and where’s the basil? Anyhow meal was great - I had Mahi Mahi on fresh pasta. So good. A house photog came by insisting on taking our photo and then never ever returned - maybe our photo was bad lol. Anyhow great spot on the beach for dining. Service was good as well
by StephanieF on April 04, 2018
Ambiance was terrific. My husband’s steak was delicious, my mahi mahi was ok. But the tiramisu was excellent!
by Trappeur on March 31, 2018
One of my favorite Maui restaurants which I try to dine at when I’m in the Island.
by Excellent on March 31, 2018
Everything was excellent for the most part. The only exception was that we weren’t asked how our meals were. Mine was very salty which did hinder my enjoyment of the Mahi mahi dish. The server didn’t refill our wine and it was awkward for us as it was behind us. Overall a good experience but for a restaurant like this we did expect a bit more service.
by OpenTable Diner on March 30, 2018
Very average food and service was not at all what we received at other Maui restaurants. From the hostess to the waiter just not what you would expect. Very expensive and average to below average food.
by OpenTable Diner on March 28, 2018
They ran out of lot of the items we wanted. Service was not attentive and we are patient people. Would be great for sunset but we will not be back.
by OpenTable Diner on March 25, 2018
Great service. Beautiful location right beachside.
by lxarose on March 24, 2018
We arrived on time. We were given a table closest to the beach. We had multiple waiters to serve us. The wine and meals were outstanding. The Caesar Salad was a lazy-man’s, tasteless version of a lettuce wedge. The young man who took our photo was most kind to reprint our photo with 50th Anniversary title!!!
by OpenTable Diner on March 20, 2018
Everything was delicious, the views are outstanding as well as the service. Worth a return trip!
by OpenTable Diner on March 19, 2018
Service is the expertise at this restaurant. Food, not so much. Portions are miniscule, especially considering the price. Taste is ok but not in proportion to cost.
by William on March 18, 2018
Been there many times The service and attitude was not up to par
by Bert on March 16, 2018
Great Italian restaurant - very consistent - third time eating here and nails it every time. Cocktails are great!!! Valet parking! And the views are stunning, right on the water. Ciao
by live2dine on March 16, 2018
Generally disappointing, realized after the meal that one of the main vegetable ingredients had been left out. Service was efficient but no feeling of engagement just “tell me what you want and I will get it”. Definitely not up to our previous 4 or 5 visits.
by BradS on March 15, 2018
We have been coming to Sarento's for years. It is the best setting around, but the food has gotten mediocre over the last few years. The menu had few interesting options, unlike it used to. Food was cold and service was so-so. I hope they get it figured out since the location is awesome
by OpenTable Diner on March 14, 2018
Best crudo I have ever had!!
by OpenTable Diner on March 14, 2018
Amazing view, great food, terrible service.
by JLDJ on March 11, 2018
For the high rating, it was a disappointment. Poor server, table wobbled serverly, food was average, wet cloth at end was cold & environment was nothing special. We marked that one off the dinner list. Five Palms and The Mill were much more impressive all around.
by Sarah on March 11, 2018
This restaurant is literally on the beach. The food was very good. The service was very good. The menu options and specials were excellent. Amazing for a sunset dinner.
by LindaK on March 11, 2018
We've had a number of memorable meals over the years at Sarento's. It once was our go-to place for a special meal. We even have held a wedding reception here in the past. Our serving team was very attentive. Staff is knowledgeable about the menu offerings. Prices are rising, and quality isn't rising with them, unfortunately. I had the spaghetti, despite saying that more than $30 for a plate of spaghetti is crazy. I just remembered the meatballs being so delicious, and quite frankly, couldn't find anything else on the menu that sounded wonderful. Meatballs are ok. Not like I remembered, and nothing special about the sauce. In fact, it was really pretty bland. I kept thinking that they needed seasonings. That was actually the overall comments from our entire table. Food lacked flavor. Even the caesar salad was pretty tasteless. I ordered light dressing because most places tend to overdo the dressing. I had to actually ask them to bring me more on the side because I couldn't taste it. I thought it was because I asked for light dressing. Turns out it just didn't have much flavor at all. My husband ordered the caprese. I'm sure they were trying to be creative, but he was so disappointed when the cheese was poached and ended up having a gooey consistency. Some things are just best left simple, and caprese is one of those things. Two diners had the seafood mix, and both said the fish was bland and dry, and they were disappointed in general with the dish. This is an expensive place. And I'm happy to pay the prices when the meal is good. While I love the location and the ocean views, it's just not the restaurant it used to be. I In talking to people at our complex pool, I found it's not just me. Others say they've just stopped giving them another chance thinking it as just an "off" night. After my last two so-so experiences, I don't think of them first for a special meal. Hoping they realize and make some changes!
by Urban on March 10, 2018
Wait staff was young and a boy to eager. Food was marginal at best. Nothing special. No vegetarian options—had to ask. What they came up with did not really deliver: gnocchi w/almost raw vegetables included. It was not a good alternative. Beach view was...dark. Probably best viewed at sunset.
by OpenTable Diner on March 09, 2018
The whole experience was very strange when we were waiting for our table a man stormed out because he was waiting so long to be helped by anyone. Come to find when we finally did sit down the restaurant was almost empty. We then sat down and was given no menus and was not asked if we wanted anything to drink besides water. We had to ask for these. The price of the food was expensive and was not worth the money. The atmosphere and decor were all very strange.
by DavidM on March 09, 2018
I would have liked to have given a good review but we left before we could order. We had dinner here a couple of years ago and everything was fabulous. Food...service...everything. This was the reason we were excited to come back for our anniversary. Our experience this time was one of disappointment. We were seated and simply left alone. After twenty minutes and several tries to flag someone down we left. The waiters were sophomoric and joking with each other versus working. I’m quite sure other guests felt the same way. Perhaps this was an anomaly and might give it another shot as the management reached out to me.
by MM808 on March 07, 2018
It is sad to say that the service was the worst I have ever experienced. We had to ask for items multiple times and then still didn’t get them. I then asked to box my food and they forgot and said oh sorry we threw it out. We advised we didn’t want dessert but still had full glasses of wine and server kept saying I will have your car brought up. Twice I said we are not ready to leave yet going to enjoy our wine. I took clients to this dinner and was very embarrassed.
by OpenTable Diner on March 02, 2018
We LOVE Sarentos on the Beach. We will be back again!!!
by LuxuryQuest on March 02, 2018
Always excellent and this time was no exception. Service was perfect, food always excellent, and as always, the perfect view. Make sure to ask for a beachfront view and don’t miss sunset!
by PeterS on March 01, 2018
We had a great meal here, everything was really good. The service, the food and the lovely sunset. Definitely worth a visit.
by OpenTable Diner on March 01, 2018
Nice secluded table as requested when booked, attentive service, excellent food and wine from a wide selection. Valet parking was appreciated. Nice evening overall.
by JimK on March 01, 2018
Good food and a fantastic beach front location for watching the sunset.
by LesleyP on February 27, 2018
Some of the BEST Italian food we have had. Excellent service. We have also had breakfast on numerous occasion, just as good.
by CathyC on February 26, 2018
Have been to the restaurant several times and always great. This visit was mediocre at best! Hopefully a one time occupancy.
by LIndaSK on February 25, 2018
Right on the ocean with wonderful sunset view. Team of waitstaff that all helped each other to provide excellent service. Great food to equal the setting.
by MargK on February 24, 2018
We have dined with you before but the service was unbearably slow and when it finally did arrive my lamb was not medium well done but very pink. We were all too hungry by then for me to return it. My daughter is celiac and although the waiter was told and asked to tell the chef she was not feeling well later in the evening so assume it was cross contamination.
by Dick on February 23, 2018
Great location as the restaurant is right on the beach. Food is above average, but nothing exceptional.
by kayp on February 22, 2018
What an unfortunate experience. We’ve eaten Sarento’s several times over the past few years and invited friends to join us for breakfast, their never having been before. After our waiter took our order, we never saw him again. After 45 minutes & one of our guests needing to eat, I sought another waiter who said they were starting to make it. Within a minute, our meal was served -ice cold! Who knows how long it had been sitting in the kitchen? The next time we saw our waiter was when he brought the bill. As we left, we saw that he was tending bar. An embarrassing situation for the two of us hosting. You’ve lost 5 future customers!
by Dionysia on February 21, 2018
Love this place. We have our date night here each year we visit Maui. Service and food are always fantastic. It is one of the best places for fine dining in Maui.
by DebbieG on February 21, 2018
After reading some reviews I was not sure about going to Sorentos for dinner Our dinner was wonderful beautiful view The hostess and all the young waiters were so attentive and friendly! The only thing I would say was negative was the bar tenders not real friendly. They kind of loosened up after awhile.
by DebraC on February 21, 2018
Perfect way to celebrate maui!
by dakotaz on February 19, 2018
This seems to be a place in need of renovation We had to wait for our table for 15 minute though several were empty. Instructed to sit at the bar. A strange presentation of a salad of burata and poached tomato. Nothing was outstanding. Disappointed. Had been recommended by a colleague.
by Leah on February 19, 2018
A beautiful location with view of the setting sun over the ocean. The food was very good and the service very friendly and helpful.
by stonybroke on February 19, 2018
What you are paying for is the truly excellent sunset view from the clifftop, open-air but covered dining area. The servers ate young, tentative, under-confident guys, but pokite, attentive, and well-intentioned. They gebeally got orders right. The food? Adequate but that's it: reasonably generous servings of ok salad, absolutely tasteless "Frito Misto" appetizer, not bad Seafood Mixed Grill and Salciccia Rusticana. Desserts were good, alcoholic beverages quite alcoholic but not particularly fkavorful. In other words, go for the sunset and expect so-so food.
by rhonda on February 17, 2018
Sunset was beautiful service meh food cold busboy dropped silverware on my back cappuccino came in big cup half full no froth Waiter tried to make up for it but not good restaurant anymore
by Reds on February 17, 2018
This was our 4th visit. The other 3 times were exceptional. This time the hostess was rude. My husband and our friend ordered the gnocchi and they came back to let us know they didn’t have gnocchi for a 6:30 reservation. Our other friend ordered the chicken and it was delivered 10 minutes after the other 3 entrees. The noodles weren’t cooked and it tasted very bland.
by OpenTable Diner on February 16, 2018
The food and service was outstanding!!!
by OpenTable Diner on February 16, 2018
This place used to be so very good. Not anymore. Food was eehhhh. I had a green salad. It was floating in dressing. There were supposed to be shaved season veggetables...they were carrots! 😂 My hubby had the caprese. Worst one ever. Then he got the grilled seafood on a bed of risotto. The risotto was overly sweet. Not a good flavor. I had fresh fish. Which was the best thing I ate. Fish on a bed of pasta w tomato sauce. The fish and tomato sauce didn’t mix well. Way overpriced for the quality of food. Oh yeah. Our plates sat on our table well after we were finished with each coarse. And water glasses never filled. Even when completely empty. And the restaurant wasn’t even busy. I would say 1/3 of the tables were occupied.
by Maryn on February 16, 2018
Why did they change that which was perfect? We've been coming to Sarrento's for 20 years and disappointed 3 times, now make it 4. It is no longer a great place to dine. Our server/captain told us the new chef gets bored making the same pastas everyday so several types listed on the menu were unavailable because he decided to change them that night. We ordered the Spaghetti and filet mignon meatballs which were good but not up to the standards normally enjoyed at Sarrento's. The pasta was like a linguini, not spaghetti, and not as firm as it should have been. We also had the Veal Marsala, which turned out to be the only home run! Best dish at the table! The captain took our drink order and we never saw him again during the entire meal. Someone else took our order for Gabriella's salads (not up to par). Another waiter wanted our entree order as he cleared the salads from the table. We gave him the order, plus another round of cocktails. The cocktails arrived wrong. This is not a fast food restaurant! Who takes orders for entrees while holding the dirty salad plates in their hands? This new system at Sarrento's is horrible! We chose Sarrento's to dine at an expensive restaurant with impeccable service, We could go to any "feed'em and street'em" place if we wanted that experience! It has really gone down in service and food. The captain finally showed his face again to give us our check.The new chef has also changed the brunch menu for the worse. We won't be back for breakfast, regardless of the view. Nick, the owner, showed up and glad handed a couple of people and took off. Guess he had better things to do that evening than tend to his restaurant for any length of time. It's too bad. We've always loved Sarrento's, not anymore. Try Nick's Fish Market at the Fairmont Kea Lani where you get the service, food, and dining experience you pay for and Manoli's Pizza, which is a fun great place for the entire family. They're much better than Sarrento's On The Beach!
by OpenTable Diner on February 15, 2018
Service tried to be efficient, but no warmth, especially from the waiter. Almost ruined the evening
by OpenTable Diner on February 15, 2018
One of the best views in Maui for sunset dining.
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