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93% would recommend it to a friend
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by PamJ on November 15, 2018
Welcoming, friendly, professional staffing from front entrance to all servers. Food was excellent although very expensive. Worth it for special occasions.
by Disappointed on November 13, 2018
Very disappointed in Mastros in Palm Desert. I have been to Mastros many times in Southern California and always had phenomenal meals, drinks, and overall experiences. I ordered the bone in Ribeye as per usual and ordered it medium. It came charred on the outside and not cooked on the inside to "medium". I think they knew i was going to be disappointed because the manager was pretty much right behind the waiter after he served it to me. I told him i couldn't believe you would let this out of the kitchen and they took it right away to make a completely new steak. The next one came back fine but i had already lost my appetite and the rest of my party was already done with their meal. They did NOT offer anything for the inconvenience or take anything off of the bill. I took a couple bites, passed on Dessert and we left very disappointed in both the food and the service/response from the waiter and management.
by OpenTable Diner on November 11, 2018
Very good, my favorite Steakhouse ever
by JeffM on November 11, 2018
Excellent food quality with great service. Will definitley go back.
by Steve on November 9, 2018
Wierd crowd. Old guys young women. Great steak. Pricy
by Mark on November 9, 2018
Always great food in an upscale environment. We love it!
by OpenTable Diner on November 9, 2018
Worse waiter ever. Ran out of drinks, ran out of food, he was clueless. I tipped him $1000 to quit and find a real career.
by MarleneA on November 7, 2018
Great food, the staff was very attentive, love this place for special dinners.
by eatout on November 3, 2018
So looking forward to this special evening out, but greatly disappointed! Salads came out wilted and soggy, special vegan salad ordered and came out with blue cheese, set aside and regiven a second time. One salad that was ordered never came out at all and after several reminders we gave up and just had it taken off bill. Salad also given to wrong guest at wrong time as it was an entree. While guest waited to eat her salad while others were waiting for entrees waiters came back and took her salad and gave it to someone else at our table. Luckily she had not eaten it. 2 steaks ordered and both came out completely undercooked. One was actually cold. They recooked same steaks and brought back out later. One Glass of wine ordered, waiter brought out a bottle with 2 glasses. Veggie rolls ordered, but they were made of rice with a tiny speck of something in middle. It was basically a roll of rice only. It went from bad to worse. Highlight..... being with family and friends! For a 6 oz. filet at 45.00 we were expecting great service. Servers had no idea what was going on and who ordered what. Interesting enough bill came out correct. No comps offered after mistake after mistake!
by ToiS on November 2, 2018
We had an amazing time at Mastro’s! We had a special cake since we were celebrating our anniversary! The food was delicious and we loved the band!
by JohnCF on November 2, 2018
What fun! Great restaurant with great food and excellent service. Lots of action and people clearly having a great time. Good music and lots of attention from the staff. Be preparred to open your wallet wide as a place like this does not come cheap. Save your pennies and then splurge on a fun meal and lively experience.
by TonyP on November 1, 2018
Great all around creative food, service and ambiance! You you love steak, seafood, salads, this is the best!
by DianaD on October 28, 2018
I ordered my steak “medium,” and it was served well done. The scalloped potatoes were under-cooked and not creamy and cheesey. The “signature” warm butter cake dessert was coyingly sweet with an over-sweet ice cream served on top (the ice cream topping was not described on the menu). The dining room is too dark (I couldn’t read the menu) and at 6:30 pm on a Sunday evening, when one wants a quiet and relaxing ambiance, they had canned music playing in the lounge in the next room, with a boom, boom jungle beat; when the live entertainment began that was too loud. Overall, the dining experience was disappointing and too expensive—at Mastro’s prices, everything should be perfect.
by FredoG on October 27, 2018
Great food and service...! great location and music is always fantastic...
by LeoB on October 27, 2018
Amazing place to eat! Service is impeccable, food is flavorful and fresh. You gotta try the butter cake, it’s divine. Highly recommend this Mastro’s for dinner, dates and celebrations.
by AdrianL on October 27, 2018
All was great except the steak came out on the colder side, so we had to send it back to have it heated up.
by OurAnniversary on October 27, 2018
We always enjoy our evening at Mastro's...Thank You
by Meachele on October 27, 2018
I Love Mastros! Fantastic service, great food and the butter cake....OMG!! So good !
by DavidK on October 26, 2018
Everything was top notch. Food outstanding. A little noisy and kind of hard to hear yourself think sometimes but all in all a great evening.
by JohnT on October 21, 2018
Can't fault the food or the entertainment. Special mention to our server Chris who looked after so well both during and after our meal.
by OpenTable Diner on October 21, 2018
Great food and great service. The butter cake was exceptional.
by JulioF on October 21, 2018
Great Food Great Ambiance . Lots of attention to detail
by CharLes on October 20, 2018
We have dined at Mastros Ocean Club in Scottsdale many times with exceptional food and service. While planning for a conference I was excited to see a Mastros not far from the hotel in Indian Wells. Three of us went for dinner and left very disappointed. The service was lackluster - we had to ask for lemons several times and were offered a bread basket while ordering that only came after we asked again later in the dinner. Our steaks came out seriously undercooked and we could not locate the waiter to send them back, so we just tried our best to eat them. After realizing the service was poor, the waiter comp’d a desert, but that was not enough to make up for the overall experience.
by Chrissy on October 20, 2018
Another wonderful experience! Our waitress was amazing and food was delicious as always. You guys do it right..had a birthday card waiting for me on the table and you knew it was my 45th birthday without me telling you.
by OpenTable Diner on October 20, 2018
Mastro’s never fails on their delivery. Food is always served elegantly and beautifully presented. Prime steaks are just that. Bartenders Tend to be highly skilled. World class steakhouse – and I’ve been to them all over the country.
by Faizah on October 19, 2018
Thank you for hosting my friends bachelorette dinner! Everything was amazing and your team was extremely attentive and helpful during our visit. Thank you!
by canamfoodie on October 19, 2018
Bar was full with folks watching the Dodgers game and that was understandable, however the music was extra laid and spilled into the dining area. There were not a lot of people in the dining area and yet the service appeared rushed, with salad, soup arriving kind of bang bang. Should have been more measured for a restaurant of this type. Food was good and the steak was done exactly as expected.
by Hapazap on October 17, 2018
Mastro’s staff were very polite and responsive. The food as always did not disappoint. Mastro’s serves a delightful meal (al a carte) of course... the filet was glorious and topped Oscar style made it even more flavorful. And who could forget their famous lobster mashed potatoes... to die for! They topped off dinner very nicely with a complimentary dessert in celebration of our wedding anniversary. Well Done Mastro’s! And that’s not all, the manager followed up a call to me ensuring my satisfaction. That folks is supreme customer service and ensuring a return visit!
by John on October 14, 2018
This is one of my favorite restaurants in the valley, however last night they were way off their typical 5-star standard. If last night had been my first time there, I would never return. That being said, all good places have an off night. I hope that that is all this was and I’m always willing to give a great place like this the benefit of the doubt.
by MonicaS on October 13, 2018
The food is always amazing at Mastros however our service was not the best. Our wines glasses were abruptly removed from the table when there was a miscommunication regarding ordering a bottle versus the two glasses we received. Several of our water glasses were not filled throughout the night and we had to request new dishes for our shared salads. We were charged for the birthday dessert that we did not order and had to ask order coffee. Overall it wasn't the Mastro's dining experience that we were use to.
by KentD on October 12, 2018
As soon as i arrived, I was welcomed with a cold shoulder from the snooty staff. They had me waiting while they shmoozed the high end clients that were greeted with open arms and ushered back to the private dining space by upper management. I was eventually seated at a four top (which had table settings for four, so staff had to lean over me and my guest to remove all the excess utensils, glasses and plates.) We were seated adjacent to a noisy bar with live music and drunken people dancing. I requested quiet intimate seating and this was what I got. Moments later, four loud drunken men sat next to us and carried on loudly while they were gawking at some women sitting next to them at another table. It was difficult to concentrate on my meal with all the distraction around. Fortunately, our server made the best of the situation and lightened up the tense experience with prompt service. The only thing that was weird was that he didn’t mention any of the specials for the evening. I only knew about them because the server that was helping the loud group next to us mentioned the specials to them. Go figure. The food, as expected was delicious. However, there were some inconsistencies: my medium rare filet ended up being completely rare but my dining guest had a perfectly cooked bone in ribeye. We ordered the king crab gnocchi, which had little to no king crab in it. I could also hardly detect the truffle in the dish, as well. The sautéed asparagus was good, the king crab leg and Kumamoto oyster appetizers were fresh and delicious. We finished things off with the iconic butter cake to celebrate my birthday. They get an extra star for acknowledging that. Overall, I had an ok experience but the thoughtlessness of the management & staff and the loudness of the space we were squeezed into made for a less than stellar experience I wouldn’t want to endure again.
by EdmundG on October 12, 2018
Third dinner for my wife and I. The service, food and drinks are top notch! Love the ambiance, music overall experience. Thank you
by JohnM on October 12, 2018
We don't typically go to restaurants of this caliber, so the a la carte prices were a bit of a shocker for us! I should have figured that we were in for an expensive dinner when I went to the site and they did not display their prices and they had valet parking. However, since we were celebrating a birthday and our anniversary, we decided to go all out! The area in which we were seated was fine, a bit dark and we could hear the live music in the other part of the restaurant. However, it smelled like old grease in the dining area and it was a bit chilly. Reservations are recommended as this place was hopping. Our waiter was great! He was friendly and knowledgeable. He and the other wait staff were attentive. Our water glass never went empty and when we were done with our meal, dish were whisked away quickly. As for the food, there was plenty of it. We had caesar salads, rib eye steak and seasoned chicken. The salad was nothing special, the steak was cooked exactly as requested and was huge and delicious, and the chicken was plentiful and very moist. Unfortunately, one of the herbs used to season the chicken is rosemary and I am not a fan of that herb. (Not the chefs fault!) The couple we were with had informed the staff of our celebrations and we were surprised with 2, yes two, extremely large pieces of chocolate cake!!! Delicious?? Absolutely!! Thanks to the staff for this wonderful gesture! All in all, we had a great time out that evening. I would recommend Mastro's Steakhouse for those very special occasions or if you have the extra spending cash and want to splurge!
by JohnT on October 6, 2018
The food and service was outstanding. From the oysters to the steak to the butter cake, Mastro's is simply the best. I would recommend this spot to all my friends. We can't wait to go back.
by CarolSB on October 6, 2018
This is a great place to enjoy perfectly prepared steaks, sides and dessert. Drinks are excellent and wine selection is great too. We celebrate many of our special occasions here. The shrimp cocktail is out of this world.
by OpenTable Diner on October 5, 2018
The food and ambiance was good as usual. Unfortunately both me and 2 of my guests were sick all night afterwards. 2 got sick at the restaurant and I got sick on my way home.
by PJS3 on October 3, 2018
We had a very nice dinner celebrated my husbands BD it was special thanks to Marco and Daniel, dessert was great. Thank you for a great evening we highly recommend Mastro’s.
by GhassanN on October 2, 2018
Outstanding food and service. The Wine list is amazing.
by CarmeloF on September 29, 2018
I had my anniversary there. They addressed my special request for roses on the table, the food, service was impeccable. Hands down the best restaurant I’ve been too.
by MichaelM on September 28, 2018
Great experience as usual. Only thing missing was the jumbo lobster.
by fancypmg on September 23, 2018
Very dark restaurant.
by Bryan on September 23, 2018
We had a great time!
by OpenTable Diner on September 23, 2018
Great service, great food, perfect night!
by Eileenzy on September 22, 2018
A very lively scene. The place was packed. Good live music in the bar area. Tuna appetizer was delicious! My filet mignon was cooked to perfect and our server was very attentive. She was an excellent server. It was an excellent overall dining experience
by ElijioV on September 22, 2018
Food, drink & dessert were delicious. The butter cake is my favorite. Our waiter Bill was a sweetheart.
by Fortes on September 20, 2018
Poor service, not great food for price ambiance of lovely live music ruined by football game on 4 TVs. Terrible, may as well be a sports bar.
by ronderickh on September 19, 2018
Very thing was great about this restaurant. It's a little bit costly than what I'm use to paying, but the food was outstanding and it was a special occasion. Even eating the leftovers the next day it was still great. I recommend this place and will be back. Oh and they showed special attention to my wife, the birthday girl. She was made to feel special, like she is. Thanks
by JulieW on September 18, 2018
Amazing! Food, service, wine and entertainment.
by OpenTable Diner on September 18, 2018
Everything was amazing! My steak and my husbands lamb were cooked to perfection and Cliff was wonderful! All of the staff was friendly and attentive. Can’t wait to return! Thank you!
by OpenTable Diner on September 17, 2018
Great service great food but i think music was a bit loud
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