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92% would recommend it to a friend
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by SaraO on June 20, 2018
I love Their food! And the staff is always so friendly! I love bringing my friends and my family there it’s the best place with the most reasonable priced Quality sushu in town!
by Localguy on June 19, 2018
High quality sushi at a reasonable price. Need to book early
by ScottT on June 16, 2018
Enjoyed the maguro sushi platter. Really was the best I’ve had in Hawaii. Staff was very nice and made our group feel welcome. Definitely will go back again!
by OpenTable Diner on June 16, 2018
EAT. HERE. NOW. That’s it.
by BigD on June 15, 2018
Another great meal. Good service. Fresh ingredients and professional sushi (not pressed to hard and rice at body temperature). On line scheduling makes it much easier now.
by Robo on June 13, 2018
Aloha, Irasshaimase! Katsumidori Sushi is a gem on the ground floor of the Prince Hotel in Waikiki! Truly a must for you sushi lovers. Very Japanese-millennial-ish with the Ipad screen to choose your drinks & dishes. Ian comes back with each that you selected, cool. My favorite - the $28 tuna 3 ways, wow, O-toro baby! Actually everything was great! Service great, good choice of drinks. Very reasonably priced too. Parking - $8 or valet. Enjoy! I'll be back again & again.
by OpenTable Diner on June 11, 2018
Birthday Day
by HawaiiDawg on June 9, 2018
“You have 90 minutes” Deluxe Tuna nigiri platter was AWESOME. Skip the Yokozuna. Next time we’ll get two Deluxe Tuna platters; and order individual things we like. Service was a little slow considering “You have 90 minutes” Grouchy, bell over-ringing sushi chef was very irritating Close quarters Good prices
by OpenTable Diner on June 7, 2018
Excellent service + Great food = a Good time! As soon as we stepped into the restaurant and got the sushi chefs sincere ‘irashaimase’ we got a super ‘feel good’ vibe about the place. Next, I noticed that the shop is very clean and neat. iPad ordering tablets at every table. It was our first time eating at Katsumidori but the ordering system was simple and easy to figure out. Best items that went in my mouth were the ootoro, chutoto and minced ahi negitoro combo and the salmon belly. I washed my plate down with miso soup and my belly was happy...
by SandraT on June 4, 2018
Katsumidori brings fresh, classic seafood sushi fare cuisine to Hawaii. Generous sushi to rice ratio, great combination platter options. Pass on the non-sushi items. The tablet ordering system is a great way to view pictures, customize and order at ease. Ability to speak Japanese to staff is a plus. Restaurant is small and seating can be a tight fit. The daily special meal was amazing and a great deal, almost too much food per person as each bite was rich and flavorful!
by foodie808 on June 3, 2018
Made reservation via Open Table. Arrived at restaurant, seated on time. There is a 1-1/2 hour time limit on dining time but I can see why as place is popular with walk in people waiting outside. Food is easy to order via computer screen tablet. Prices are reasonable for the quality. Would I visit again, yes.
by Young on June 2, 2018
Great new experience ordering from iPad. Very fresh seafood. Delicious and well presented. Good privacy curtains so you could focus on your group conversation. Great value as compared with other sushi places.
by KateL on May 31, 2018
We got seated immediately once the guy pulled up our reservation. It was fairly quiet and easy to talk to my friends. We got the fatty tuna, eel lunch set, and salmon. I loved all the food so much.
by mocchin on May 31, 2018
友人ご夫婦(60代)と利用しました。 私たちが東京で、みどり寿司を利用したことがあり、魚が好きなご主人のために予約しました。 マグロが新鮮で、刺身や握り巻物なども美味しかったと喜んでくださいました。 来年、早々にお孫さんといらっしゃるそうなので、その際にも利用したいと仰っていました。 ワイキキでハッピーアワーではない時間帯にこの値段だとリーズナブルだと思います。 直前だとなかなか予約が取れないようなので、それが残念ですが、コスパのいいお店は仕方ないと思います。
by OpenTable Diner on May 27, 2018
予約時間に行っても、長く待たされる。 後から来た同じ予約時間の客を先に案内するなど、きちんと順番を把握していない。味も昔に比べてひどく落ちた。 ネタが新鮮でない。 二度と行かない。
by OpenTable Diner on May 27, 2018
Katsumidori was my son's girlfriend's choice to spend her last few days in Hawaii before she left for hew job in Seattle. What a great choice! The food was excellentt, the presentation was great, and service was wonderful! The restaurant was booked solid, but the hostess graciously accommodated one additional person in our group! Our overall experience was great! Will definitely recommend this restaurant to other sushi lovers🍣💕
by jkat on May 26, 2018
Always such a great meal at the counter.
by Rabbit on May 23, 2018
Wonderful, food excellent
by char7683 on May 23, 2018
ハワイでなかなか予約取れないと言うことで期待して行ったが‥‥。 日本のレベルの高い握り寿司を期待したらダメ! 単なるネタが大きいだけの寿司。 日本の回転寿司でも、この店以上の店舗は 山ほどある。残念だがリピはなし!
by Palomino on May 22, 2018
I made reservation far in advance as we were unable to dine here when last we were in Honolulu. What a disappointment. We have had sushi all over the world including Japan and so we thought that Katsumidori would be one of the best seeing that it caters to many Japanese staying at the Prince Waikiki. The service was great, the ordering quick using their iPads but the food was subpar. We ordered toro, miso butterfish, hamachi and salmon skin salad all of which left much to be desired. Will never return and I can’t understand why this restaurant has received so many 4-5 stars.
by deborahk on May 17, 2018
Great experience! Loved the food, great service, ambiance. Will definitely come back again and again. Will recommend to all my friends!! Thank you! 👍
by foodie on May 17, 2018
Sushi was delicious but wish there were more combo platters available to choose from, although you can select the individual dishes.
by OpenTable Diner on May 15, 2018
Excellent value for very fresh fish and Omikase
by Dreturn2014 on May 15, 2018
Our waiter's customer service was amazing. He first brought out a tempura platter on the house for waiting too long. We actually didn't feel like we did, but we felt very appreciative of this kind gesture. The tempura crab wrapped in shiso leaf is highly recommended along with the chicken karaage and salmon skin salad. The Deluxe Bluefin tuna and Roll set was actually a great value. Overall I would eat there again.
by Jessi on May 13, 2018
Outstanding food in best quality. Server was quick and very friendly.
by OpenTable Diner on May 6, 2018
The food , the dining and the service was really great and had a lot of selections for sushi. It was well worth it.
by Tinman on May 3, 2018
While the food is good, but they DO NOT HONOR the point ($) that I earn from Open Table. I am going to file a complaint to Open Table about this.
by yuri on May 1, 2018
昨年ワイキキプリンスに宿泊しこちらのお寿司が美味しかったのを思い出して、今回も予約を旅行前から入れておきました。人気のお店なので予約を入れおいて良かったと思います。 料理は、タッチパネルでお好みで注文しました。ハワイで「日本のお寿司」と考えるとコストパフォーマンスはかなりいいと思います。 行き帰りは、ワイキキまでのホテルのシャトルバスを利用したので大変楽でした。 またハワイに行ったらリピートしたいお店です。
by OpenTable Diner on April 30, 2018
by FrankA on April 29, 2018
It was our second time dining here for Sunday lunch. Dining experience was exceptional! The new tablet ordering can be exhausting as one of the menus has 25 pages to scroll through! Special props to our server Jason P. for our exceptional service and dining experience!
by Joshiba on April 29, 2018
This restaurant was recommended by a friend who claims this is the BEST Japanese sushi place in Hawaii, and, yes, it was the best overall! They even had garlic chicken and butterfish! Yum!!!! Will definitely be returning again and again!!!
by OpenTable Diner on April 27, 2018
Administrative Day
by HawaiiRes on April 26, 2018
Not worth your time, money and energy to dine here. Go elsewhere. Food is terrible--they say everything is "imported fresh from Japan," but all that really means is that the fish they serve is old (takes time to ship from Japan), was previously frozen for who knows how long, and defrosted before ending up on your table. This place was great for a short time after they opened, but they now rank as one of the WORST sushi places I've ever been to in Hawaii. Oh and don't waste your money on their Omakase either--not worth it.
by OpenTable Diner on April 25, 2018
Had to ask for check repeatedly. Still no avail after 25 minutes. Restaurant was not overwhelming busy. Finally had to go straight to cashier desk to get check. After finally getting check was erroneously charged for multiple items not ordered.
by yukilovehawaii on April 25, 2018
i love it quality of sushi is one of best in island ❤️
by GlennS on April 22, 2018
Your recommendation list above is missing great food. So basic, you left out this selection. The service was poor. Upon arrival I head to the men's room while my guest was seated. When I sat down there was only 1 menu that my guest was going through. There were single sheet paper menus of the special for the evening on the table. I asked my guest to view their menu when the waiter showed up. He asked about our meal and had to ask for another menu so both myself and my guest could make a dinner choice. The waiter returned and took our order. My choice was the special sushi dinner which came quickly. Two plates were delivered to me before my guest received their first plate. My water glass was empty before it was refilled. The table to my right was given tea, we were never asked about tea. After ordering dessert and I asked to see the paper menu with the specials. I then mentioned to the waiter that I did not receive my miso soup. He looked at the menu and was about to point out that the soup was only offered as part of the special sashimi dinner special when I pointed it out on the special sushi menu. The waiter then brought out my soup and also serve miso soup to people to my left who ordered the same special as I did. I enjoyed the food but the server was not good at all.
by OpenTable Diner on April 18, 2018
I had a fantastic meal here, ordered the dragon roll, which looked amazing and tasted just as good. I got the deluxe tuna nigiri and roll set, not the best toro I've ever had but it was still very good and extremely fresh. Ordered the seared salmon and miso roll, which was very good. One of my favorites was the yellowtail sashimi, extremely fresh. Prices very reasonable, I'm definitely going back.
by HKim on April 16, 2018
The food was super good! We got two set menus from the lunch menu, one spicy tuna roll and sashimi. Sashimi was great! If you are a sushi/sashimi lover, you should try here!
by OpenTable Diner on April 14, 2018
Fresh sushi with reasonable price. The restaurant looks clean
by TeruoM on April 12, 2018
雰囲気も掛け声も大きく、日本人が、行ってもなんの支障もありません。。 オーダーも、英語と日本語を選べるiPadで簡単に注文出来て素晴らしいです。 是非お勧めします。 行って損はないどころか素晴らしいと思います。 私は超新鮮な港町で育ったので、最高級の魚ではありませんが、一般的には美味しく新鮮なネタでした。
by BigD on April 10, 2018
Nice place with good attentive service. The sushi is good value. It’s now our go to sushi place. Don’t take chances and book reservations. It’s usually quite busy and people with out reservations wait a while.
by bill on April 9, 2018
Excellent food and service! The best sushi I have had in Hawaii.
by RicoI on April 7, 2018
The nigiri sushi was large and a good value. Quality tho wasnt the greatest. They need to list what is in and on the sushi rolls. One our rolls came out with ketchup on it and it was disgusting. We wont be going back.
by dymdineur on April 5, 2018
Good selection of sushi, fresh fish from Japan. Order via iPads from tables. Traditional sushi bar section also present. Sushi was fresh and tasty, with decent size servings.
by Scotydog on April 3, 2018
It was awesome. Very close to tokyo quality.
by Empress on March 30, 2018
It is not as good as before. Quality had gone down since it opened. Most if the items on the Yokozuna set was defrosted. The uni did not taste like uni and the color was strange. The abalone was hard. Service was terrible. We checked in early and told the receptionist that we will wait outside since there was no open table. She never told us that the table was ready. We had to check in again. The waitress did not refill my water and tea even though she did for the table 10 ft away. I had to ask. Since ordering is done on the iPad, it is hard to get questions answered.
by OpenTable Diner on March 30, 2018
Open table asked if we had a special occasion, but it's not something the restaurant recognized. We were given a time limit, which is fine, but we weren't told how to order food. By the time we put our order in, the food took half an hour to come.
by takubon on March 28, 2018
正直 期待はしてなかったので ハワイであることを考えると ネタも新鮮で、美味しかったです。この値段なら、コスパはいいです ハワイですから、、、 オーダーと違うものがきたときも、召し上がってくださいと、対応もよく、わざわざハワイでお寿司を食べなくてもと思う気持ちが変わりました!また早めに予約して行きます
by OpenTable Diner on March 27, 2018
Servers are very attentive in refilling beverages and clearing tables of dishes. Sushi tasted great and definitely worth what you pay. Highly recommend making reservations just so you can secure a table. I can’t wait to come back.
by SharenW on March 23, 2018
Extend restaurant dinner hours - either earlier or later - so that diners don't feel rushed. Food is excellent - service sometimes slow so 1-1/2 hours is not enough.
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