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85% would recommend it to a friend
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by tornado on September 22, 2018
Outstanding service and one of the best steaks I’ve ever had. The ambiance was perfect for a date night or double date.
by RobertF on September 22, 2018
Just Loved It!! Had a Wonderful evening on our Anniversary..
by Trish on September 20, 2018
Had the best experience this time around. I had taken some out of towner first in. I requested the fountain view usually and this time I actually got it. My guests were so impress the food was decent. The steak was over salty. Even when I’ve ask for no salt on mines. The butter cake is always a favorite
by KeondraW on September 19, 2018
I've been here several times and each time I love it more and more.
by DanielleC on September 19, 2018
My husband and I dined here for my birthday last week. Honestly, they have best steak in town and awesome service!
by OpenTable Diner on September 19, 2018
Great . They checked on us plenty. The steaks we ordered were actually medium. And it’s hard to find that.
by Hawaii52 on September 18, 2018
This was my first visit to Mastro's. What a combination of surprises! The hostess was most helpful with changing my reservation to a later time due to traffic. However, once in the restaurant I was surprised at the noise level! It was so loud I had trouble hearing the waiter speak. He had a very heavy accent which made it more difficult to understand. The food we ordered was amazing. Everything was just with the food perfect! Unfortunately, the service was not good. Every time I needed something or had a question I found myself looking for or waiting for our waiter. I will chalk this experience up to the restaurant being new. I will try again but I certainly hope changes can be made that will improve the overall experience and ambiance of the restaurant. BTW, I was surprised the no one knew the name of the person in the picture on the wall behind the hostess's stand!
by OpenTable Diner on September 15, 2018
Our server was amazing. He was very attentive and I just thoroughly enjoyed the whole Mastros experience. Will be back again.
by ArtS on September 15, 2018
Amazing place to celebrate our 5th anniversary. Love the place will definitely will be going back. Food was amazing and drinks as well can’t wait to go back.
by TimE on September 15, 2018
Service was poor, order was messed up to the point our foursome barely ate together. Mgmt did give us a partial refund, but it was frustrating when paying $500 for what we wanted to be a nice birthday dinner. Very loud in the restaurant section, bar area was packed and was a pick-up scene. Not our thing.
by orlando on September 15, 2018
always a vibrant atmosphere and the food is always amazing ...we enjoying eating here often.
by OpenTable Diner on September 15, 2018
We had a wonderful time celebrating my birthday, but it was way too loud. I could barely hear my friend across the table from me.
by MirandaW on September 14, 2018
It was very nice, the only problem that we had was the server not explaining some of the things he added cost. Truffle butter was$15 added to the steaks. The other couple we was with said he asked them if they wanted it, and they said yes, he didn’t even ask me. That was &15 pair steak, I would not have ordered that. The other couple wouldn’t have gotten it either if they knew it was $15. Also, the oysters was ridiculously high, and small! I know next time what to do.
by QuincyG on September 14, 2018
The sides were nothing special kinda bland. Sides need flavor and seasoning. I went on Friday and it gets loud in here
by CarlottaB on September 14, 2018
Outstanding service and would go and will go visit a lot.
by Sara on September 13, 2018
Very loud, pick up bar inside a restaurant. The food was good but if you are looking for a good time visiting with friends do not come here. It was too loud to hear each other talk. We will probably not go back. Steak 48 dining room is much quieter and food is just as good.
by Ikeokolo on September 10, 2018
Had fun, good ambience, wait staff polite, food was good. I ll suggest they add a jumbo prawn dish to entreè options. Very good restaurant all round. Will call again
by OpenTable Diner on September 10, 2018
We enjoyed sitting near the fountain on the extended patio area which is open to nice breezes, yet is fully covered and is a more private dining area. Excellent food and service. Very pleasant and attentive staff.
by Gibuco on September 9, 2018
I absolutely love the location and the scenery of this restaurant the service is great the food is even better one of my favorite spots in Houston
by TonyaP on September 9, 2018
I absolutely loved this place!!! I finally got a reservation and it was worth every penny!!! Told all my friends and they will be visiting also. 😀
by MaryG on September 7, 2018
Great night to celebrate my birthday with friends. The table was perfect. The food was amazing.
by Cubpilot on September 3, 2018
Great food, good service, too noisy to carry on a business conversation.
by CalvinD on September 2, 2018
We celebrated our 19th Anniversary at Mastro's. We had a great time.
by KENNETHA on September 2, 2018
The food at Mastros was outstanding and our server Cody was even better. He explained the menu and how everything was prepared, which wine went with the meal we ordered and even the texture of the steaks we ordered. The managers were walking around and checking on all of their guests and making sure everything was too our liking, which it was, and answering any questions we had. I love this place and can't wait till my next visit. By the way order the butter cake, you will not regret it.
by ClaudiaM on September 1, 2018
The food is a bid overpriced. Very loud to engage on a normal conversation.
by MeraryG on September 1, 2018
Food was outstanding. Service was outstanding. The lobster mashed potatoes and truffled butter are so good! I really love the atmosphere in general.
by DonaldF on September 1, 2018
To park at the restaurant was $40. But the food and drinks were PERFECT....
by Dave on August 31, 2018
Bottom line is there steaks/food aren’t quite as good as some other places in same price range. Fun spot to hang out though and good overall.
by Byronh on August 31, 2018
Very very mediocre. Bartender was great, wasn't impressed with the food
by BlaineB on August 31, 2018
I’ve been to Mastros around the country on Sundays through Thursdays and it was always a nice, high-end, quiet dinning experience. So I thought this location would be a great place to take my mother for her birthday. We made the mistake of going on a Friday night. The experience was basically having dinner in a club. The music was so loud I couldn’t hear the person next to me speaking and there was nothing the management could do about it. When you are dropping $150/person this is just unacceptable. We learned that Thursdays and Saturdays are also like this, so be advised. The food and service was excellent, but there are many places in Houston one can go for this.
by keishad on August 31, 2018
The service was exceptional, the food awesome. Every recommendation was on point. I definitely recommend the restaurant and will be back.
by OpenTable Diner on August 30, 2018
Exceeded expectations We have eaten a lot of beef during extensive travels and the chefs cut ribeye is definitely in our top 3. The sides were generous and fabulous . Our waitresses Alessandra ? Was fun attentive and knowledgeable Cannot wait to return
by OpenTable Diner on August 30, 2018
Muy buena comida buen ambiente
by OpenTable Diner on August 29, 2018
Wednesday evening dinner. Very loud environment.
by ClintW on August 29, 2018
Great venue, great service, terrific drinks and steaks ... very loud music. Now really conducive to business conversation.
by Katytwins on August 28, 2018
What a scene this place has. Very trendy, modern, dark and interesting for sure. The only problem was it was very difficult to have a normal conversation due to it being so loud in there. It's like no other steak house and worth the visit at least once. Food was excellent quality and prepared perfectly.
by Nonna on August 26, 2018
While we loved the food and attentive service, we were quite disappointed that Mastro’s was more of a bar scene than upscale dining. The doors to the beautiful patio were open, and all we could hear was the very loud band that was out there. There were televisions on over the bar—with sporting events—that added to the sports bar vibe rather than refined upscale dining. There is a sign in the door stating a dress code is strictly enforced, yet there were diners wearing jeans and T-shirts. Obviously, the dress code is not being enforced. I truly loved my meal, as did my husband, and the wait staff was great. For the high prices, however, I truly expected more of a refined atmosphere. We would have enjoyed our evening more without the loud band and television. We will try it again before making a final decision about whether it is worth having great food in an unpleasant atmosphere. I did pass my concerns on to the staff; it will be interesting to see if they are taken or not.
by JimK on August 25, 2018
We have dined at all of the Landry's restaurants in the same area and this was our least favorite experience despite us having the highest expectations. The reservation that we made was 5 weeks in advance which was a little off putting as well. The restaurant is beautiful but extremely dark (the waiters even have flash lights so that they can show you the food when it is brought to the table which is ridiculous). The worst part by far was the noise level because we literally had to scream to each other and our waiter in order to be heard. We even mentioned it to our server at one point and he said, "Yeah, we all hate it too and we get tons of complaints but the owner really wants to convey a Las Vegas environment so it's supposed to be loud". Interesting concept but it makes no sense! The food was pretty good but honestly came out too fast. We shared 6 appetizers and I ordered them in rounds of 2... and our meal was complete in 38 minutes (we hadn't even finished our bottle of wine yet!). Afterwards we thought we would go check out the bar for a drink but there was barely walking space, no tables or seats available and the noise level was even higher... so we left. We will not be returning.
by BrynnaF on August 25, 2018
Very good service. Steaks were decent at best. Not very flavorful. Very overpriced. They also serve the steaks on a 400 degree plate so your steak keeps cooking once served.
by PaulF on August 23, 2018
Bad experience. We brought a bottle of wine, server opened it up and went to get glasses. Manager came back and said outside wine is not permitted. So why did they open the bottle? Food took a long time, server seemed disinterested, she was awful. Restaurant is extremely noisy, difficult to have a conversation. Food was excellent. I have been to Mastros in Beverly Hills, LV, Malibu and now Houston. I will not return to Houston location.
by benp on August 21, 2018
Sushi looks/tastes store bought with thick rice. Quail was good, yellowtail sashimi was amazing, lobster mashed potatoes and crab cakes were good but I expect shell to not be in my food. You go here for the ambience and the service, not the food.
by Lookingforgreatness on August 21, 2018
Perhaps the finest seafood meal I have had!!! Quality and presentation were exquisite!!!
by DTHouston on August 21, 2018
It was my first time to Mastro’s and so excited to treat my guests to an amazing experience. I’m so bummed it was not a great experience. One of my guests ordered a glass of wine. The person poured a small pour and then came back with a new bottle and was not going to offer a new glass. Then was put out when we asked for a new glass. So my guest had two half servings of wine. My guest felt she had done something wrong and upset the server. Then no one checked on us after the food was served. And another one of guests’ steak was overdone. Needless to say you expect too notch service and it fell flat. Although we had a fun evening the experience and food were just okay. Maybe my expectations were set too high.
by OpenTable Diner on August 20, 2018
It was quite loud in there between the guests talking and the band. The band singing was awesome though. The food was fine in general except for the salad which was a bit limp.
by Cherie713 on August 19, 2018
The band that performed on Sunday, August 19, 2018 was OUTSTANDING. Apparently, two of the members are brothers. The music selections were accommodating to all audiences and their energy was lively. Mastro's should keep this band in their regular rotation. Also, the wait-staff was attentive to our requests. We were more than pleased with our dining experience and look forward to returning soon.
by Tex5100 on August 19, 2018
3rd time I have been there and this time was very disappointing. The music was turned up as loud as it would go even though we moved tables to get away from the band and ask a manager several times if they could turn it down a little bit. Nobody at the table could hear each other. One meal had to be sent back 2nd and third, average in mine was good. For those prices I expected more.
by OpenTable Diner on August 18, 2018
Steak very over cooked
by WineSnob on August 18, 2018
This was our first visit to Mastro's, and it was about what I had expected (but hoped for more). The service was efficient, but very pushy -- trying to get us to order things we didn't want, suggesting specials and toppings, etc., while all we wanted was a good steak and some nice wine. There was also an obvious attempt to get you in, take your order, serve the food, and get you out the door to free up the table. The food was generally good, but my steak wasn't medium rare as order - closer to the well side of medium. The asparagus was overcooked. However, the champagne and wine were both served at the correct temperature.
by OpenTable Diner on August 18, 2018
It was 7 of us celebrating a friends birthday. The food and service was very good. The noise level was extremely loud. We could not hold a conversation without practically screening. It was so dark you could not even read the menu. Server only offered a flash light to pay the bill. Because of those 2 things I will not be going back.
by Wrightstar on August 18, 2018
Best food, drinks, and service in the City of Houston!
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