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77% would recommend it to a friend
Noise Level


by OpenTable Diner on May 20, 2018
Food and service was excellent. Can’t wait to go back!
by OpenTable Diner on May 19, 2018
Great food and service.
by WayneK on May 18, 2018
The food is so-so, the lighting is horrible and the service sketchy. Othe Landry properties such as Morton’s at the Galleria or Vic and Anthony’s do a much better job. The restaurant is very dark with an open window bar to the West. In the evening the people on the East side of the table in the dining room look into a dark cavernous room while the people on the West side look into the setting sun through the bar area. The over-all feel is that the light bill wasn’t paid. It is difficult, at best, to see the people at the table with any clarity. Considering $600 for four people to eat and another grand for alcohol, you’d expect better. It took 20 minutes to get the car. Mastro’s is Houston’s newest hot spot, perhaps the poor lighting is intentional to make the people look better as in the “pros” and “semi-pros” working the bar. This is the place for middle-aged and older, high income men to pick up women, or for women past their shelf-life to hook-up. This is not the place to go if you are looking for good food, good service or a place to hold a conversation. Pappa’s Steak House is expensive, but by comparison a bargain as are another dozen or so of Houston’s premier steak houses.
by OpenTable Diner on May 17, 2018
Great environment in the restaurant and great service !
by macsinusa on May 16, 2018
If you want to talk to the people you are eating with this is not the place. Noise level was high. Service was not great and the tables are crowded in. Overall an attractive place but would not go back to eat. There are better steakhouses in Houston.
by NIKISHAT on May 16, 2018
Restaurant was and staff were great!.. Only change needed is the valet company. They were not customer service friendly. They never opened my door to get out of the car nor to get in when we left and we waited far too long for our vehicle to be brought around after dinner.
by OpenTable Diner on May 15, 2018
Amazing vibe, decor is beyond gorgeous, water features, the bar area, the chandelier, I loved it!
by OpenTable Diner on May 14, 2018
Everything was great.
by OpenTable Diner on May 13, 2018
Was able to secure a table last minute after our reservations at another restaurant was canceled due to a problem in their kitchen. Service was good, food was great, ambiance was great as well. As for the noise level, way too noisy for our preference. We could barely hear each other.
by JustinP on May 13, 2018
My wife’s steak was the best steak I have ever tasted. Mine was over coooked 3 levels past what I ordered, so they made me another that was undercooked. I usually order medium rare, but I wanted to try this rare plus thing. They made all the appropriate offers for the mistake, even offering to clear the table and do the whole meal over again. I couldn’t justify that level of compensation. My biggest complaint was that I ordered an old fashioned, and the waiter asked if I ordered them often. I said yes and we talked a bit about it. When he brought the drink it looked awful light in color for a whiskey drink. I tried it and it tasted like tequila, so I had my wife try it. She couldn’t tell, but I knew it wasn’t right, so I flagged the waiter down and asked him if they had accidentally used tequila instead of bourbon. He responded as if he knew he had delivered the wrong drink, but hoped I would be too ignorant to notice. The correct drink was delivered, and it was pretty good, but not the best. Which is fine, it was still good. It just struck me as weird that he seemed like he knew it was the wrong drink and brought it anyways. The second drink I had, the fashion forward, was absolutely delicious. If you ask my wife it’s her new favorite upscale restaurant. If you ask me I would rather stick with our go-to elsewhere in town. I will definitely go back, and hopefully the kinks will be worked out. A friend of mine recommended the restaurant to me, and the same issue of the over cooked steak happened. Mastros boxed up the botched meal and brought a second meal. They definitely try their best to right their mistakes, they just seem to happen too frequently.
by GaryV on May 13, 2018
Nice place and just a little costly compare with others
by OpenTable Diner on May 13, 2018
Appetizers came out before drinks. Main course was perfectly timed and then dessert was 45 minutes. Valet delivered wrong car
by OpenTable Diner on May 13, 2018
Fabulous experience.
by OpenTable Diner on May 13, 2018
Great Mother’s Day experience!
by GingerJ on May 13, 2018
Best Steak I have ever eaten in 53 years hands down! Worth EVERY PENNY! Atmosphere and Service was exceptional as well. Will be my Restaurant of choice in Houston for Steaks...Seafood from now on!
by Tete on May 12, 2018
Loved it, but was disappointed. I had asked for a table by the waterfall, and when we got there, the hostess told us there as a private party. I wish someone had called me and told me, we may have rescheduled, I made the reservation about a month ago.
by OpenTable Diner on May 12, 2018
Not a quiet steakhouse experience but a happening place for sure!
by Angel on May 12, 2018
To loud and dark, feels more like a bar. Food good but so over priced. Went for my husband's fifty birthday with friends. Waiter took drink order, forgot mine.....we waited hour & half for our was great!!
by OpenTable Diner on May 11, 2018
Nice play to have dinner and then some drinks, rack of lamb was great. not sure why but they close the bar early on a Friday while the place was still packed...
by OpenTable Diner on May 11, 2018
The ambiance was amazing, as well as the service. The food and drinks wasn’t worth the amount I paid for the night. Don’t get me wrong the food wasn’t bad, but for the price of the entrees it could be so much better.
by OpenTable Diner on May 11, 2018
The food was delicious and the menu was great but it was way too noisy for a four top table to hear each other.
by OpenTable Diner on May 10, 2018
Mastro’s was an absolutely amazing experience. My only two negatives are: 1) the noise level was absolutely crazy for a Thursday night. I understand a vibe and i understand having live music. My husband and i could not hear each other - the waiter couldn’t hear us either. 2) we were charged for the anniversary cake they brought us. We spent a good deal of money in there so the cost was negligible. It was just tacky. We weren’t asked what we wanted or told it was coming. If i was paying, i would’ve selected something else on the menu to make it worthwhile. The positives far outweighs those two negatives. We started with the seafood tower and selected oysters, crab claws, and caviar. Everything was delicious. Presentation was amazing. For our meals, i had a small filet and my husband went for the sea bass. Our sides and entrees were delicious! Our vintage wine was delicious and the staff was ready to keep our glasses filled. My husband ended the night with a nice scotch and our anniversary chocolate cake. The cake was pretty dry and not my favorite food item of the night. I would never get that again. Our espressos never made it to the table but we think our waiter was just incredibly busy. I needed to sleep anyway! Even as busy as the restaurant was, we felt truly taken care of on our anniversary night. We will be back in the future and ready for a club atmosphere!
by OpenTable Diner on May 09, 2018
Super loud inside and had to use the flashlight on my cell phone to see the menu because it was so dark
by OpenTable Diner on May 09, 2018
Tracy is amazing
by FOODEP on May 09, 2018
Very disappointing food...this was a business meal and wanted to bring a very good client to a new venue. So many great steakhouses in town and this was really surprisingly not good. I had been told by some colleagues that were also disappointed on their visit but thought I would be my own judge. Veal Chop was so tough and not seasoned but charred on the outside and over cooked. (I ordered medium and it was close to well done. The quality of the meat was awful. A colleague told me her Oysters Rockefeller was pretty awful too. Spinach salad was watery...not well drained and chunks of bacon so thick you could hardly chew it. $28 for a side of Brussel Sprouts...REALLY ($12 added for a sprinkle of bacon) Even to share this was not good. The restaurant was so dark and the font on the menus so small that everyone had to take out their phones for a flashlight app to even ready it. Tables are so close together that the wait staff could hardly pass through. I think the Landry’s chain (and even the Signature ones) need to rethink the quality rather than building a big menu. They obviously want the drinkers first as the crowd was not as sophisticated as I would have expected...actually it was kind of seedy. Wouldn’t visit again or recommend to anyone wanting a great meal...there are many others in town.
by Beifeed on May 08, 2018
Outstanding atmosphere, quality of food and service. Best restaurant in town.
by RSGTX on May 08, 2018
Perfect everything
by OpenTable Diner on May 07, 2018
Loved everything about our meal and the gorgeous ambiance of the patio. We were there to celebrate our anniversary and had already started with cocktails at the bar. We were having a marvelous time! Once we were seated, our waiter, Chris, came by to take our order. He was a bit pushy as we were enjoying our conversation, taking our time and looking out at the water. When I was hesitant to get menus (our table was just for two and it was already crowded), he immediately summed my husband and I up to being poor and seemed annoyed. He told us that he could send the Mastro’s house sommelier to assist us in finding “a bottle at a cheaper price point for us”. He said it with such disdain. I couldn’t believe the word cheaper would EVER be used in this restaurant. I was completely taken aback and I’m sure my face said “wow, you’re a total jerk”. Minus that experience the rest of the evening went very well, the sommelier came to our table and we chatted about different wines, we had been in Napa two weekends prior and I am also on the HLSR wine committee so there was much to chat about. Our food was fabulous, got a 12oz bone in filet, the lobster gnocchi was to die for and our other sides were superb (broccolini and twice baked potato). We had their incredible butter cake as dessert and it was out of this world! Definitely will return but would prefer a different waiter.
by OpenTable Diner on May 05, 2018
Very disappointing. Steak was mediocre but the side dishes were so ordinary. Cream corn , cream spinach, and Brussels sprouts was so bland. Steak 48 and other steak places are far superior in food quality. Only thing going for this restaurant is location and nice decor.
by oscgon on May 04, 2018
Muy buenos cortes, musica en vivo. Buen ambiente.
by TXGal on May 04, 2018
We celebrated a friend’s birthday. Loved being seated outside. Great service and our steaks were cooked perfectly.
by CBWalkup on May 04, 2018
Dropped over $1,300 last Friday here, SHOCKED they don’t accept Landry’s Select Club card, Staff is too snooty, seating is too cramped, Way too dark (every table was turning on cell lights to read menus), the four side items we ordered were average at best, the filet was excellent, HATED the large TVs IN THE MAIN DINING RM that shined a neon glow around the very dark room as if we were eating in bed at night, amazing Tillman approved that. V&As is tremendously better all around than this place.
by OpenTable Diner on May 02, 2018
The food was terrible. The service was great. I honestly don't think I'd go back. So many better steak restaurants in Houston, this one does not make my Top 5 list. I had to use the salt shaker every course of my meal. I have not used salt for 6 years. It was just bad food.
by BigMac on April 30, 2018
Service was incredible which was good since there was NO light to see anything. Wife loved the lamb. Guest liked the steak. I liked the peppered, Pittsburgh steak. Tried marrow appetizer. It was different. Will be back after I work 2-3 jobs....ha.
by Prettycaseface on April 29, 2018
The wait staff was very nice and friendly. Very attentive. They had a band which made it very loud. The pretzel bread was good. I had raw oysters (ok) crab cakes (dry) scallops potatoes ( very rich and cheesy) asparagus ( good) and Chilean sea bass ( eh). This restaurant did nothing for me. It seems very hyped up and overrated. There are a lot of other restaurants in Houston that I will go to before this one. However I’m glad I experienced it.
by LuisD on April 29, 2018
Restaurant did no respect the time of my reservation. Had to wait 30 minutes for a table.
by kandicdes on April 29, 2018
Loved the menu options, the ambiance and the food was phenomenal. In addition we enjoyed our drinks. Looking forward to going back.
by Keesmi on April 29, 2018
You won't be disappointed!! This place is everything and then some.
by AngieV on April 28, 2018
This posh restaurant is amazing. The contagious atmosphere will have you over the roof. The seculent food will have you licking your fingers and the handcrafted cocktails are to die for. I will most definitely return to this establishment.
by Trisha14 on April 28, 2018
Mastro's is an overall excellent dining experience for occasions. The restaurant was uniquely gorgeous, waiters were extremely attentive and professional, ambiance was lively and energetic (which I prefer), drinks were amazing, and most importantly the food was delicious. The portions sizes were fairly large and fitting for groups. From the moment we arrived to the moment we left we were treated very well! This is a must try if you have not been!
by HH072113 on April 28, 2018
Service, food, and atmosphere where impeccable. Although the restaurant was bustling, our waiters treated us like we were their only customers. This was the best birthday dinner ever...Thank You! 😊
by OpenTable Diner on April 28, 2018
We took a table in the bar area. Not sure why they said we didn’t show up? We were there.
by JulieN on April 27, 2018
Great service! Scallops and seafood tower was amazing!
by OpenTable Diner on April 27, 2018
Such a fabulous experience, top notch service paired with a dark and classy atmosphere. The cocktails were thoughtfully crafted with excellent presentation. Food was incredible to say the least- starting from the bread basket all the way to dessert!! Wow. Pro tip- order the Lemon Drop and Buttercake for dessert. There will be zero disappointment.
by OpenTable Diner on April 27, 2018
Celebrating our 14 year wedding anniversary (with our kids). Sat outside by water feature. Fantastic scenery and amazing meal. We had filets and salmon.
by OpenTable Diner on April 26, 2018
Great food ,service was prompt and on top of things! Was my birthday celebration and they were kind and brought me a delicious cake :)
by OpenTable Diner on April 26, 2018
Amazing food Great service Fun atmosphere
by GregM on April 26, 2018
Seemless. Great dark space with drama. Food was great but proportions were too big. The Onion Rings were great but we got enough for a table with 8 people but there were just two of us. Will definitely go back.
by KirklandW on April 25, 2018
Great service at a top notch location. I’ll definitely be going back and I highly recommend this restaurant. Very classy!
by Loyd on April 25, 2018
Great food and service It is loud!!
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